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Ultimately she made the “empowered” decision “that was smart for both of us,” he said.

What utter BS!

If she had had the child maybe you would've been GOVERNOR!


Retards in power that have no business being there.

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Remember how the left was adamantly against fascism and the oligarchy?

They're now actively promoting it.

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When your cuck husband snips himself to assuage your sense of morality...

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For some additional content - The Clone Wars (both the 2D and CG Cartoon Network series) was excellent and Rebels was good. But Rebels is as far as I go with Disney's Wars - none of which I count as canon. Frankly, most of it is unwatchable. I've never even seen The Rise of Skywalker. If you had told little me that I wouldn't even go see a Star Wars movie...

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No - GOOD parents protect their children from engaging in stupid ideologies, nurturing their lives and not letting them he groomed.

Everything these parents failed to do. Grandma was right.

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A donation was made to The Okra Project, a Black woman-led collective that addresses food insecurity, mental health and financial barriers faced by the Trans community.

WTF? A collective (not an organization so you know it's all about grift) devoted to collect money to hand out to people with self-made problems?!

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That's nice.

But I'm done with them - forever. No more blades, no more shaving cream, NONE of their related products!

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They're out of legacy stories.

What are they going to do now to attract an audience?

"y'all be raciss for not liking my shnizzle" is NOT a marketing strategy nor a way to build or promote a brand.

I mean, obviously Empire Strikes Back was a total flop because racist white people didn't want to see the black man in that movie betray Han.

No... wait... Star Wars was a flop because racists hated the black man, Darth Vader, in that movie. (hurr durr, Darth Vader is white cultural appropriation!)

There's an interesting corollary to this - There's been a push in art/architecture for years to build ugly pieces of art under the guise of "minimalism" or "brutalism" but it's obvious that you have hacks being paid to do subpar art (see also the Obama presidential portrait) but there's another school of thought that this has been an influence of marxism to destroy the concept of art and beauty in the western world and keep it all subverted. Same thing coming to movies and TV now?

ugliness is beauty.

freedom is slavery.

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As opposed to how the far left took control of DC and all national media’s response to the shootings?

This is pure communist agit-prop - there’s only the party’s viewpoint and nothing but the party’s viewpoint.

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That’s what Biden said…

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Soo... he's recreated communist reading rooms from the 50s and 60s and thought himself clever?

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And where is AntiFa?

Why are they not protesting not only the US support of literal nazis (aka fascists... whom they claim to hate) but giving them military weaponry and BILLIONS of dollars?

Putin has sided with AntiFa here and claimed that's why he's invaded Ukraine... to stamp out the fascists here...

Like Code Pink of the W Bush era, once the "right" party was in suddenly not only was war ok but war atrocities were ignored and all the anti-war protesters suddenly vanished into the ether...

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From her wikipedia page:

In 1996, Newitz started doing freelance writing, and in 1998 completed a Ph.D. in English and American Studies from UC Berkeley, with a dissertation on images of monsters, psychopaths, and capitalism in twentieth century American popular culture.

Just wow...

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So Russell thinks burning masses of people to death with fire is preferable to guns because “magic isn’t real” (or because that’s an AntiFa tactic?)

Tell me you blame CoD without telling me you blame CoD

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Proving once again that leftists only use “civil rights” and “power to the people” to gain power and then, like Castro, Mao, Chavez, Pol Pot, etc; will smash down any and all dissent to their enlightened rule.

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