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Oh BS - they only know 6 MONTHS because they've been tracking people that took the vaccine SIX MONTHS ago and, gasp, discovered they could still produce antibodies.

Before they did this study they thought people would need boosters because the studies of people that had it didn't have COVID antibodies after THREE MONTHS. (But they never tested if the body would produce new ones quickly!)

Never mind the fact that ALL KNOWN IMMUNIZATIONS LAST IN ORDER OF MULTIPLE YEARS. Covid is just magickally different.

It's f-ing clown world by our so called "learned" leaders.

Again, following the model of the 1918 Spanish Flu (so insensitive), it lasted 18 months and died out on its own from herd immunity with NO VACCINES. That's roughly labor day THIS YEAR and, yes, there was a 4th wave in the spring of 1919.

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Shush - you're going to ruin his socialist utopian fantasy!

Picard's vineyard contradicts TNG's WRITERS who would spew vapid ideas about moving beyond the "needs of money" while simultaneously pontificating on "pursuing lofty goals of personal betterment and society". Completely ignoring the facts that money is a TOOL to facilitate trade - that trade NEVER goes away, even in a communist society - that the writers think their writing stories is as important if not MORE important to trade than the necessities of life like... food... medicine... house building, etc; (all of which the writers waive away with "replicators" that provide all the needs and comforts a human could ever want and which idiots, like this OP, have even written thesis on a "post scarcity society") and you see that the writers for the ST:TOS episode "This Side of Paradise" are far FAR more smarter than anyone writing ANY "commercial" fiction we have today.

(McCoy is resting under a tree, with a tall glass of mint julep in his hand.) ELIAS: Well, Doctor, I've been thinking about what sort of work I could assign you to. MCCOY: What do you mean, what sort of work? I'm a doctor. ELIAS: Not any more, of course. We don't need you. Not as a doctor. MCCOY: Oh, no? Would you like to see how fast I can put you in a hospital? ELIAS: I am the leader of this colony. I'll assign you whatever work I think suitable. MCCOY: Just a minute. You'd better make me a mechanic. Then I can treat little tin gods like you. (He punches Elias) Sorry, Sandoval. I don't know what made me do that. ELIAS: We've done nothing here. No accomplishments, no progress. Three years wasted. We wanted to make this planet a garden. MCCOY: You can't stay here. You can't survive without the spores. After you've cleared at the Starbase, you could be relocated. It depends upon what you want. ELIAS: I think I'd, I think we'd like to get some work done. The work we started out to do.

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It's funny - before TNG had reallly taken off I took a philosophy course in college from a devout leftist who decried TOS Star Trek's "imperialist and colonialist" thinking.

TOS was not and is not "communist" - Roddenberry was a classical liberalist back in the 60s before believing his own mythology and turning socialist in the 80s. TNG is undoubtedly socialist if not communist in its run and sequels.

Many of the TOS are, if anything, stricly anti-Communist (see the episode - This Side of Paradise where spores turn a colony into effective communists with no needs or wants) or "The Way to Eden" (aka the Space Hippies episode) which, if anything, shows that AntiFa of yesterday is the Hippies of yesterday.

Does THIS sound like communism to anyone here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deq6_p47g54

Meanwhile TNG went into meaningless and inspid platitudes of "We've moved beyond the seeking of money or fame" - which is utter, contradictory BS - why else shove everyone into a grand starship for exploration... for "fun"? While simultaneously supporting the evil methodology of wiping peoples memories to protect the prime directive (a tactic which Babylon 5 rightly mocked)

No, sorry Virginia, Star Trek is NOT communist.

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I've seen the future. Do you know what it is? It's a 47-year-old virgin sitting around in his beige pajamas, drinking a banana-broccoli shake, singing "I'm an Oscar Mayer Wiener."

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“New level of cringe” ... You keep using that phrase... I don’t think it means what you think it means...

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Running man.

Soylent green surprisingly enough...

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“Put me back in the matrix!”

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I don't believe there was supposed to be one.

I've actually searched around for this myself because I (and a lot of others) swear this idea sounds familiar. But I've never turned anything up and that might just be a false memory on our part.

At the time the movie was made one of the big "social justice actions" of the day was to "save the trees". Unironically it was this movement the led directly to paper products being replaced by plastic and plastic casing. This was far FAR better for the environment because plastic was recyclable and biodegradeable! Long story short, we see how THAT turned out and now there's a race BACK to paper products.

Anyway - I think the whole point was the typical meta "replace what works with an ideological solution that's more complex, less effective and sometimes nonsensical"

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ha ha ha - he doesn't know how to use the 3 seashells!

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Lots of parallels to today here... But they've splashed in Alinsky's rules for radicals, keeping the "True" leader hidden.

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How so? My results with DDG are about 90% the game with Goolag's differences adding about 1% different links and 9% more ads.

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Propaganda - they're pushing these stories hard along with the "I'm sooo sorry for what I did" stories from others that were "caught" -

but burying any stories of kids turning their BLM parents in, ignoring the ongoing and real insurrection in Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis.

We're in a full on culture war and they're trying to shame you for a 3 hour riot on the capital that pales in comparison to the summer of BLM love that's caused billions of dollars of destruction (and continues) which the press WILL NOT talk about.

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Then why doesn’t she open Starbucks in ghettos?

Likewise - all the Sam’s clubs near me are in affluent and, dare I say, WHITE areas of town.

As a racist she likes to talk the talk but about “using her platform” but she doesn’t actually DO anything to help the black and minorities neighborhoods.

And for all her talk - she still do like White man’s money.

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And yet not one list for Pelosi and Zoe and Schumer et al who supported all the riots and looting and destruction last summer.

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I don't think they ever released an official blu-ray of SotS - from ANY region, let alone a DVD.

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They could just leave it as a Fox property then and Deadpool would have some additional fodder about STILL not being allowed "in the club".

Heh - could even start with the 20th fox fanfare and Deadpool popping up and cracking some joke about being in an alternate reality - maybe even segueing that to a joke about having a Miles Morales as Deadpool on infinite earths...

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Has Iger stupidly forgotten (what am I saying - of course he has) that Eisner created Touchstone pictures to give “Disney” creators a more adult production arm they could produce for?!

It’s how Miramax - aka Harvey Weinstein got its start in Hollywood!

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Huh huh huh - the community is pissed about ABDL.

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I'm not surprised.

This will promptly be followed by another article - Why are nintendo smash girl chars healthy and fatphobic?!

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It's just further demonstration of white privilege on the part of Harry Reid

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