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Meh - I run it in the background while reading theDonald

Like talk radio.

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Conservative commentary on pop culture and the neverending war against SJWs and cancel culture!

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White people is racist. Not political. Black lives matter. Not political. Capitalism is evil. Not political.

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Which brings me to my warning: if you are an Open Source developer and own/lead a project, and have an established name, brand, logo or trademark for it, please think twice about joining this "commons" that will become the owner of your work's identity; the part of the Open Source software that makes your project yours. Don't think you are too small of a developer to be interesting; and don't think you need a lawyer to own a trademark (all that takes is doing some research on previous uses of your brand name, and if not in conflict, simply publicly making a claim with intent to actively use the trademark (TM) and defending it if someone tries to steal it from you). Don't give away your IP, certainly not to the likes of an org that seems very heavily Google-influenced and Google-sourced! As far as I can tell they will be able to, and likely will, hold your trademark and brand hostage.

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It’s so over the top I have to wonder if it’s a cash grab from suckers...

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This man (so called) brings his pseudo intellectualism of trying to figure out who the culinary were in battlestar galactica and thinks he’s smart enough to pontificate on sociological theories using that same fan style that he read on Facebook.

It’s BS.

First off white and black ARE COLORS - not indications of race. The only time you can actually being color into this is because Crayola called their “pinkish” crown color “flesh” which is an insinuation of melanin color! Notice the goof ball here doesn’t even realize he’s made a racial statement because he thinks only white and black count as race and NOT the “red” cards which have always indicated Americans (you May have heard of the “redskins” controversy?”

Secondly - the depiction of women is pop culture style, period. You need only go back to the early 1900s to see that FAT women were the desired ones (because they were healthy and matronly, skinny women were right out.) You’ll note he also glosses over the depictions of males where “heroic” men ares tiring and athletic and “evil” men are sniveling thin enough dudes.

As for the “everybody knew the card wuz raciss” - no. The card is not “raciss” the card is invoke prejudice and I will bet you GOOD money that the artist originally drew that picture as a klansman with white robes. A KKK member attacking people. What other imagery perfectly represents “invoke prejudice”?! But once it hit the editors that probably threw up red flags (there’s that color thing again) and so he changed it to dark robes to suggest it in clever fashion. At NO time does MtG say “prejudice is good” if anything the artwork maintains its bad connotations.

But alas, intelligence and cleverness and open thinking isn’t a hallmark of the SJW.

Lastly this stupid twit has been playing MtG from its creation. 26 years. Including the racist color scheme and card and over sexualized women and it’s all irredeemable from day one.

Cept he played it for 26 years.

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It’s called free speech people! Welcome to America!

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I don’t understand how government is supposed to work in her world without loyalty or reliability.

Because it’s “the LAW?!” Why should a government honor that without LOYALTY? How does a government provide services without RELIABILITY?!

(Although it would explain the massive failure of socialist governments)

Bet she’s got a PhD in black studies too.

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Check these guys out - conservative games/media commentators live streaming and ranting about the cancel culture and destruction of pop media! (and entertaining too!)

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This story got disappeared real quick. This was the only article about it and the incident was forgotten.

Meanwhile they’re constantly rehashing the drivers that drove through protesters and the investigations against the police.

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Theredpill was showing the same issue. But it seems to be a bug (probably introduced by an ex journalist) and not a legitimate censor tactic.

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Nice to see we're living in the age of the Crucible again. A nearly 20 year old accusation where no actual touching or rape occurred being judged by modern day ethics.

Good grief, I got beaten up on by guys regularly in my middle school - can I go and out them all now and get them fired?

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Demand these companies support Hong Kong independence.

This is all being driven by China - force them to own up to them being Chinese lapdogs

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Not the Pokemon trading card game - that's a loot box and ergo, gambling.

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If it were just mindless blathering/ranting I wouldn’t have bothered.

Heck - my friends say my catchphrase is “this game sucks!”

I thought his arguments were on point and done in a clever fashion, especially the part about the crystarium system

And this is coming from a fan that’s played ALL the FFs from 1-15 and even the bad 13 spin offs!

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"Why are we racist after all?"

"Lookit me - I'm white and not racist at all and as a woman I've been very oppressed by men that just look at me as if I'm nothing more than my perfect boobs and ass!"

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If loot boxes only provide cosmetic affects (like Overwatch) then i don't see them as gambling. Anymore than collectible cards or kids vending machines.

You use this loose of a definition of "gambling" then, technically, GRINDING in an RPG game is gambling.