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I’d have no problem if they all go heavens gate either

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The death rate in my state now stands at 2.4% and is FALLING (from 3.5% earlier this summer when several nursing homes got swarmed) in spite of several weeks of large infection increases.

If the trend continues it'll be well within the statistical error rate of the normal seasonal flu death rate and this doesn't even include the errors in the testing or those who got it and were never tested to begin with.

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And you KNOW that BLM is NOT concerned about "black lives" because, like Biden, there hasn't been one peep of outrage from the "official black" community

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We’ll always have Andromeda reruns!

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Isn't it fascinating that 4 months ago NOBODY had heard about DE&I policies and companies didn't care.

Now overnight every company is rushing not only to implement these policies but hiring "divesity" (cough, communist political, cough) officers and requiring mandatory "diversity training" (cough, communist struggle sessions, cough)

It's almost like this was all planned.

And Glassdoor sucks btw. They force their users to give them personal information if they want to see anything and, like Yelp, will either add or remove bad reviews based on if a company pays them for their services.

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This is the very definition of holding an OPINION.

Further encroaching Marxism - YOU are not allowed to have strong beliefs unless the state allows you.

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It’s always been this way - what different now is that the press will go out of its way to silence and threaten you if you point out their falsehoods.

I’m not even sure that’s “new” for the US either as I’m sure that probably happened during various periods in US history as well - but it’s certainly new for this era

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These are the same journalists that will whine that Trump is hunting them down but were completely silent when Daniel Pearl was beheaded because it didn’t fit the narrative.

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That's a lot of overcomplicated phraseology to say "I like it because without the darkness we can't see the light".

Ultimately he IS a postmodernist, or more precisely, a catholic marxist

Postmodernism calls into question this presumption and, drawing on a rich tradition of cultural criticism going all the way back to St. Augustine (whom may of the postmodernists admit as an influence on them—especially in this area of cultural criticism), argues that terms like “reason,” “liberty,” and “progress” have been thrust onto us to veil the realities of continued exploitation, oppression, and tyranny. Calling exploitation, oppression, and tyranny reason, liberty, and progress doesn’t make it so. It merely masks a more immediate reality which subsequently blinds us when we drink the ideology of Whiggery.

He just hasn't figured it out yet.

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As a white person, I have - twice. One time an HOUR at a polling place that was a ghost town during the primaries.

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The correct response is FU

I am AntiCom hear me roar

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Trump wins Hurr durr Trump is the same President - he isn’t the next President. I’m so smrtr then u!

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We're all inclusive and support a diverse and open community - BUT TRUMP SUPPORTERS MUST BE DESTROYED!

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Ironically it was last year on the instapundit site that one of the bloggers posted “when did we win the culture war?”, noting that it was the religious right in the 80s that had been promoting the removal of sex and radical ideas from the media and the left had constantly castigated them and called for free speech and... now... the left is effectively the religious right with me too and the removal of women as sex objects

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C'mon man!

Not that i would advocate listening to him - but it's his declaration of the "Biden Rule" he made.

That the constitutional process should always be followed so long as the Senate is consulted about SC nominees.

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C’mon man!!

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Murkowski has already tweeted she won’t vote for SC justice until after the election.

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