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No it isn't you FAGGOT leftist. Everything really is that woke--that's how much propaganda is being thrown at people. Normies (not you because you're a filthy faggot) need to wake up to this. No one is immune to propaganda and it is poisonous to watch / interact with this media.

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Man I was thinking about doing something like this. Very cool that someone else did. The best way to fight back (at the moment) is by educating people.

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Lol exactly. I think at least once an hour someone will post a black man white woman post with something like: "what do you think of this white man?". Or a tranny with: "Isn't it time you stopped hatting trans folk anon?". And now the vax: "GET VACCINATED!!". It's a disaster

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8chan is absolutely disgusting. Honestly. The worst people.

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You are such a pathetic cuck it's unreal. Especially considering what these people have done to your country you craven coward.

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There is a sea change coming. People are waking up moshie.

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A little too much truth there. If I mentioned the lavon affair would that be a ban? Come on man, don't you feel a little greasy?

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Right right, the red pill is actually estrogen than tranny-fies you yeah? And the "matrix" is people wanting you not to turn your coooming sessions into a whole lifestyle / identity?

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