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It's a done deal. My local comic book store's western comics take up precisely one row of shelves at the absolute back end of the upper floor. It's been that way since 2015.

All through the 90's and 00's, it was the entire upper floor, save for the tiny manga section. Now the situation is completely reversed. Japan has utterly crushed western comics. People would rather read shit in black and white, backwards than read western comics. That's how shit western comics have been for the last 10 years.

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You know what's also funny? More and more mangaka seem to be super secretive about their identities, even huuuugely succesful ones. Like the Jujutsu Kaisen dude and the person (I suspect to be a woman) who did Demon Slayer.
In Japan, it's just like... yeah, this person wants to be anonymous. In the West, idiots claim they must be genderfluid and non-binary and such.

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SJWs project their obsessions onto the mediums they consume. It’s no more blatant than in the entertainment industry. If you were to study the US based on a tv show and targeted commercials you would be driven to the conclusion that half the country is black, half the country is gay or lgbtq, the majority of women are overweight while the men all have six packs. This is the projection that must be maintained we are “diverse”, we are “gender less”, and only women are allowed to be “beautiful at all sizes”.

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If you were to study the US based on a tv show and targeted commercials you would be driven to the conclusion that half the country is black, half the country is gay or lgbtq,

See also: the relevant Gallop polls.

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Let's be real, western comics have been shit for a lot longer than that.

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Yes, they started turning to shit in the 2000's. It was slow at first, almost imperceptible.

Even as late as 2011 the art was still competent, but by that point, but a certain intangible quality was gone. It didn't have the boldness of the 60-70's, or the attitude of the 80's-90's. It didn't have... anything. It was competently executed nothingness, which in my experience, is what you get when you ask a professional artist to draw something they have no interest in. You get technically good work that has no soul and ends up looking like cereal box art.

The 2010's basically saw all of the artists who'd come to prominence in the 80 and 90's either retire or get quietly, or not so quietly driven out of the industry.

Today, western comics once again have artists who are interested in what they're drawing - but they are no longer professional artists. They are instead amateurs with connections. The result is art that is as ugly as the souls of its creators.

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I tried to get back into comics several times with the various reboots. The only series that really pulled me in were the lesser known titles like Animal Man, not the big cinematic names.

You're right about the artists. American artists have basically come and gone. "Artsy" tumblr garbage is what's left. That's why you're seeing more and more South American artists who grew up on the old style and are able to emulate it quite well, along with their own flair.

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At my local comic book store the back issues are booming. Especially early 2000s and back. Manga has taken up more space as well.

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Most manga and anime is pagan garbage, but even THAT's preferrable to modern American anything.

Check out Pageau's God's Dog

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Most manga and anime is pagan garbage

But that's what makes them so great

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Compared to the nihilist/materialist garbage being produced in the US, yes.

Cowboy Bebop is a PERFECT example: the original was a masterpiece with a clear-cut ending of self-sacrifice. The new one was cancelled after 4 shows for bringing nihilist bullshit into the story

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Most manga and anime is pagan garbage

Someone fetch Varg.

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Varg = communist pedo

EvanGRogers -1 points ago +2 / -3

I don't know who varg is

Steampunk_Moustache 6 points ago +9 / -3

Varg Vikernes, you fucking newfag.

God, are you a glowie still learning the ropes?

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LOL, incompetently and arrogantly shoving your propaganda down everyone's throat is how you lost the culture war and caused this mess in the first place, and now the left is losing it for the EXACT same reason. And despite contributing to the fall of the west, you CONTINUE with the same strategy? If you Christians were actually competent in advertising your values properly, the world would not be in this mess.

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I teach Japanese, and I read manga. But let's be honest: half of it is mindless "I get stronger when I yell", "oh no! now there's an even MORE powerful bad guy! What will we do?!", or "Kyaa, senpai!"

You argue that "Christians aren't showing their values properly", yet I'm a convert to Orthodoxy from atheism. There's currently a massive flood of people doing the same - every Orthodox church is saying the same thing.

There are the occasional break-outs, but you almost always have to stop watching/reading them half-way through because there's no story mapped out (Death Note is a great example, Great Teacher Onizuka is another example).

Those are the very nature of paganism: the strongest will is law, there's no real end to the story, you can bribe the powerful to have them do what you want, and the sort.

Believe me: it's better than the shit America's pumping out currently, but you have to understand that we're living in the times of the Nativity. There's a giant push for a census (global vaccine passport), and there's not enough room for everyone (hospitals are "overflowing"). The savior is being born, and the King will soon work his magic, be persecuted, die, and be reborn.

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half of it is mindless "I get stronger when I yell", "oh no! now there's an even MORE powerful bad guy! What will we do?!", or "Kyaa, senpai!"

You say this like its a bad thing. I dont always want some epic on the human condition. Sometimes I want to just turn my brain off and watch two dudes punch each other at light speed so hard that one of them is sent flying to the literal moon (or did you think it a coincidence that One Punch Man ended up being extremely popular?).

And its not like anime is devoid of shows with serious topics. Fullmetal Alchemist deals with war crimes, government conspiracies, death cults, and an evil lead by an eldritch abomination. Demon Slayer is about an orphaned child going through hell and high water to keep his only remaining family alive, even though she is technically now a demon. Hell, even the ones that seem like jokes on their face can be serious. Fire Force has significant amounts of fanservice and joking downtime, but the main plot revolves around (spoilers) >! an extremist religious cult mass murdering people to perpetuate their own religion. !<

Which is the main reason Anime is so popular, IMO. It can be serious, or it can be fun, or if they are skilled they can walk the line between both. The amount of American media that can do that in this day and age can be counted on your fingers.

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You seem to be kind of intolerant to Japanese media.

Death Note didn't have a clear part mapped out because it's part of the game. That's exactly the fun part. The goal was clear from the start, that L gets uncovered. HOW is just the question. How and when does he make a mistake that blows his identity as the perpetrator.

If you don't like shonen manga, that's fine. Most of them I don't like either. The beauty of it is that there is SOMETHING for EVERYONE. Do you like school drama? there are tons of those. Do you like down to earth fantasy? there is also some of those. Or just ridicules over-the-top but still realistic modern military action vs medieval infantry in GATE. There is even a 2 season anime about food ... yes, food.

The savior is being born, and the King will soon work his magic, be persecuted, die, and be reborn.

what? I don't speak biblical, sorry.

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Unless you mean almost entirely metaphorically, which would be an odd thing to do in casual conversation, most people would consider what you're saying to be nonsense. And this is coming from someone who respects the impact Christianity has had on the west, and who lives in an Orthodox Christian country.

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Which part is nonsense?

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You pagan scum are responible for kids being indoctrinated with lgbsgwg garbage, communist indoctrinatikn, critical race theory, amd blm. Communists couldnt have asked for better goons tgan the pagan retwrds who sacrifice kids to thor for crops

todiwan 7 points ago +8 / -1

Meds. Now.

DoritoBlizzardPence 0 points ago +1 / -1

You pagan scum litterally sacririced kids for "better crops". What, molech/baal never happened? Fuck offm

Every single pagan irl is either a commie, lgbbq or a pedo

todiwan 0 points ago +1 / -1

What did I say about meds? Don't make me come over there, mister.

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As the article says, manga and anime is just so varied.
This is something Western SJW types don't understand; to attract a wide range of potential audiences, you have to actually make something that appeals to them. Some people do not want loud leftist political messages and doom and gloom.
Manga and anime goes all the way from high concepts to super everyday stuff, but it also has a bunch of specialised, niche topics. Like anime about... a freaking high school swimming team. Or about a boy going to agriculture school (this is a super down-to-earth series, from the author of FMA, a high concept series).
With SJW Western things, you have ridiculous, nonsensical sci-fi/fantasy (a world where woman can only say a certain number of words and such bullcrap) or very low concept, but that's always about the characters being "queer" or "BIPOC". They have nothing interesting going on, just being a lebian with a shaved head. So they lose their purpose; there is no story, but also you can't just relax to it, because it's fearmongering bullshit and pity porn.

Anime and manga also have a way broader spectrum of allowed topics and ways to handle them. Western media at this point is ridiculously limiting.
Talking about FMA, Scar is a character who is portrayed as scary. You can understand he is a traumatised person who was seriously wronged. But he did horrible things because of his rage and that makes him complex. Not all of his decisions are great and he has to go through an arch of realising and changing his ways.
Do you think SJW types would wrtie something like that? A victim becoming the aggressor, then realising he is a monster and changing his ways? No. Their pet victim characters can never do anything wrong, their actions are always justified.
They don't dare to do emotionally conflicting things and so their sotries lose weight. Remember when Kamala Khan, a civillian, created an illegal prison with her friends and kidnapped people for actual THOUGHTCRIME and we were supposed to yass kween?

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This is something Western SJW types don't understand; to attract a wide range of potential audiences, you have to actually make something that appeals to them.

Very true and the rest of your comment does a great job describing why that is. There are huge chunks of anime/manga that I don't touch because of my personal tastes. But there is something for everyone and that is what makes it such a great medium for storytelling.

It really does feel like Western media is streamlining to such an extant that it is becoming complete bland. It is all about obtaining maximum market share with every thing they put out because they value profit above all or they value the propaganda above all. Those often go hand in hand because hollywood/games/music don't really seem to operate strictly on profitability, at least in the traditional sense.

Anime/Manga is really a passion project by their creator and you can feel it in the writing and storytelling. It is more individualistic then media in the west in strange ways.

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Right? In the West, every single piece has to appeal to everyone. Meanwhile in Japan they seem to be content with reaching a more limited audience, in exchange for creating an authentic piece of a story.

Your last point is interesting, especially when it comes to how communal and societal duties are valued higher in Asia than in the West, but they still have an industry that is far more individualistic than Western media. It's fucked, I tell you.

I actually think a huge reason why Jujutsu Kaisen is so successful is because it knows its own bounds. It's super competently done when it comes to everything is does, but it also doesn't try to be more than what it is. It's not mean-spirited and doesn't try to insult anyone. Yes, it is self-aware when it comes to shounen as a genre, but in a friendly and loving way.
Which is why I think it's awesome.
Only seen like 15 eps of Demon Slayer, so I don't know much about it, but I suspect it's something similar.
Also, with both, I just love how the main characters are such good kids. Simple, nice, not bratty or conceited. Most of my entertainment is books, I am a literature slut, but the way Western authors write teenagers is fucking awful. They are such nasty little shits and they have no consequences coming.
So that's why I find Yuuji Itadori to be hugely refreshing. Kid is such a little brother type, it's insane.

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I just love how the main characters are such good kids. Simple, nice, not bratty or conceited.

That's one of my favorite things about anime really. It's seems like most of the kid characters at least try to be good people. I was just having to explain this to some family last weekend. I've got one little cousin who's into anime and also really shy and when she's not around they talk about her like she's some weird freak. They were saying she should watch "normal" shows, so I had to educate them a bit that anime is full of good stuff for kids. Demon Slayer funny enough is her favorite show, and it's full of work hard to earn what you want, do the right thing, fight for those you care about, etc. Waaay better than the awful western stuff aimed at that group.

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Right? I absolutely love how in that story, the love between the boy and his sister is a central point. it's so adorable how he interacts with his little sister, who is basically "sick".
Funny enough, that should be a message normally SJW type scream about supporting; supportive and loving relationships and understanding towards people who are disabled/ill/have issues.

Also, it's so pretty. No noodle limbs, no intentionally repulsive art style.
The patterns and colours of the clothes are so gorgeous. All the characters have their personal pattern/colour combos. I totally get why it appeals to young girls.
(it's also marketing genius, so much room for subtle and everyday-life-compatible merch)

cccpneveragain 8 points ago +8 / -0

I saw some of the merch in person too, you're spot on with that. Cousin was wearing a Zenitsu hoodie, which to generally everyone is a colorful yellow sweatshirt. Although I'm pretty sure I made her day when the first thing I said was "Zenitsu". That wasn't all of it either, so if one kid is any indication they made some good money off selling that stuff at Christmas.

BulbasaurusThe7th 7 points ago +7 / -0

That's so cute, she sounds like a good kid. Back in school I was thretened by some other girl for being a weeb shit (she wanted to "kick my ass"), so I guess it's good at least the merch is less cringe now.
My friend saw some kid on a beach wearing a shirt that had the main dude's pattern. It was cool, weirdo took a sneaky photo too. :D

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Meanwhile in Japan they seem to be content with reaching a more limited audience

Sometimes but it also includes the broader appeal in other ways.

Using some of the more popular Anime/Mange out there, Naruto, Bleach, and MHA all have far, far larger cast lists than most Western Comics do these days.

Justice League is 7 core members with the occasional cameos of what is the Justice League "Unlimited" members showing up as needed by plot despite those characters always being present. There are even spinoffs like Justice League Dark dealing with magical stories that the main comic doesn't really touch on but overall it's still the same collective group they just get compartmentalized for Western consoomers.

Meanwhile Bleach had the core characters of Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, Chad, Uryu, and eventually Renji, the vice captain of the 6th Division [of 13, plus the Kido corps and "assassination" group which one of the 13 Division captains also runs]. So roughly 5 "main" characters floating around the protagonist. Then you have as secondary characters every other captain and vice captain of the remaining 13 Divisions, so that's roughly another 26 characters, then the occasional 3rd seat for some Divisions who were recurring, like Yumichika, then you had the Espada and later the Wandenreich creating a massive character list that the fandom knew all the names of.

Same thing happens with Naruto and Boruto since it's essentially "Ninja School: The Musical Shonen" . Main team of 3 including the titular protag, their captain, several other teams of classmates, their captains. The various bad guys they fight over the years including some that were only around for a few issues and were at the very, very start of things.

MHA again does this since it's an actual classroom format, so the protag's class of 1-A has 20 "main characters", their teacher, whatever mentors characters in the class have amongst the staff: All Might, Endeavor, Hawks, Best Jeanist, Midnight, Present Mic, etc, other characters: Mirio, Nejire, Amajiki, Eri, Hatsume, etc. Then there's their neighboring class 1-B which shows up from time to time and gets more facetime as things progress. And then finally there are the villains. One of the most beloved "minor" MHA classmates outside of the main protags is Mashirao Ojiro because he ticks a lot of the traditionally honorable traits that Japan favors. He recuses himself from an ongoing contest after he feels the way he progressed through previous rounds was done in ways that meant he hadn't actually done anything or was ethically fair because he was literally mind controlled onto a winning team.

"I know this is a great opportunity. And I know how stupid it must seem to throw it away... but this final tournament... everyone else made it here by their own strength. Yet I'm standing here, and I don't even know how or why. I just can't take it."

He's the closest character in the series to the Monkey King/Son Goku/Sun Wukong trope so many Japanese/Asian stories cover because of his appearance and behavior at times [his superpower is a literal prehensile tail he uses for combat]. Readers love him something fierce.

And that's just three of the bigger series which are like this. Anime/manga casts are massive compared to a lot of Western media and quite often those massive casts are recurring throughout a series from start to finish.

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I would argue the opposite. The West is NO LONGER profit based. It's focused on GIBS from Larry Fink and NGO's and there is no longer an ideological distinction from the market and the State. When there's no free market there's no incentive to have anything of quality. The East is likely not far behind.

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Anime and manga is also a lot easier to get into.

As huge as One Piece is, all I gotta do is grab Volume 1 of the manga or Episode 1 of the anime, and that's it.

I haven't bothered with comic books since I was like 12 because there are so many iterations and pieces and one character can have multiple writers so the quality goes up and down and then there is the quagmire of wanting something like Spider-Man but it's no longer Spider-Man but Black Spider-Man or Female Spider-Man - clearly not the same characters but they'll use the same name because that's what people recognize.

All the "BIPOC" (every time I see that word I gotta finish with: The Islamic Shock Hussein Superallah Obama) shit is just virtue signaling and posturing and dammit I just want a story. I don't want characters with their hands on their hips lecturing me about how racism is bad and America sucks and Orange Man bad. That's what I especially hate, they're not even creative enough to come up with a metaphor that's accessible to all audiences, they just pull out some "durrrr police brutality" shit over and over and it's tiring. It feels like dumb fanfiction that they're only interested in sharing with their little friend group, only this time they're using the IPs of things OTHER people like and using them as hostages.

Yeah I liked Fullmetal Alchemist. It dealt with war and war crimes and racism and religion in a very thought-provoking manner. It had characters hurt by past wrongs, and they felt sympathetic. And I kept rooting for the characters to find solutions and make the world a better place.

And I know people rag on isekai for being shallow wish fulfillment bullshit but there's a reason that sells. People WANT escapism! People WANT to have a fun romp! It's funny how the crowd that sucked Harry Potters dick until JK Rowling stood up for female rights is incapable of understanding that when one of the reasons why Harry Potter got so insanely popular as it did is because HP hits so many escapism/wish fulfillment needs: finding out you're special on your 11th birthday, going to a cool magic school instead of boring normal school, getting a wand that is specially customized for you, getting a pet, getting put in a special house/club with other kids who are similar to you so they're more likely to be your friends, learning fun magic, etc.

I have plenty of friends who only started liking superheroes because of all the Marvel and DC movies. And you know what? None of them are interested in the fucking comics because it's either confusing as shit to know where to start, or if you're into Iron Man and you pick up an Iron Man comic there is no Iron Man just dumb stupid black bitch.

BulbasaurusThe7th 11 points ago +11 / -0

That's what I especially hate, they're not even creative enough to come up with a metaphor that's accessible to all audiences, they just pull out some "durrrr police brutality" shit over and over and it's tiring.

It also assumes some kind of a universal "fate" where no matter the setting, the exact same shit happens. Like black-ish looking people are always victims. Women are always victims.
Like you can build up a whole planet from 0 and it still ends up with the exact same people getting the exact same outcome. Does that mean they are destined to suck?

Holy shit, HP is almost isekai, I just understood this and you blew my mind a bit. :D

Killroyomega 8 points ago +8 / -0

Like you can build up a whole planet from 0 and it still ends up with the exact same people getting the exact same outcome. Does that mean they are destined to suck?

You accidentally stumbled into one of the oldest and most divisive philosophical arguments.

Does a man choose his fate, or is it chosen for him?

Much of what the SJW types write is unintentionally based because they will unwittingly touch on the truths of reality without realizing.

Blacks and women are glorified children without agency and are subject to the whims of the divine.

Strong white men have the ability to break divine conditioning.

Compare and contrast the story and plot setups from recent comics between something like Iron Heart (black female child iron man) and the Red Skull. It's hilarious how blatant it is and the writers have no clue what they're doing.

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goes back to at least Alice in Wonderland and probably a lot further

A lot further considering Lewis Carroll wasn't born until 1832 and other stories such as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were around before then. Snow White was published back in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm and Sleeping Beauty can stretch as far back as the 14th century.

While not entirely embracing the isekai concept of "character finds out they are special and gets a fantastical life" the aforementioned stories still revolve around the protag being special in some way that the story revolves around them and isn't even limited to such romance stories like those above. The 'Kingsman' films are the male equivalent where a random young adult male finds out he has a special life and gets whisked away to become a super-spy because of the secret life his father had.

Spoilers ahead.

Sure the Kingsman story still requires the protag to put in the effort to get through the training but the basic premise remains that "a good man suddenly finds himself in a new world because he's special". Even his failures repeatedly end up being merits considering his crappy life is only crappy because he drops out the army to take care of his family, and he fails the training because he's empathic and doesn't want to shoot the dog he adopts which then ends up leaving him as one of the few people left to actually stop the world domination plot.

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One thing that irked me with western comics: I would buy a book/magazine to read certain stories, but then the next issue would feature a skip in chapters because the in-between part was featured in some other character's magazine.

I don't want to read 26 different magazine just to follow a single character/theme/hero

APDSmith 16 points ago +16 / -0

Do you think SJW types would wrtie something like that? A victim becoming the aggressor, then realising he is a monster and changing his ways? No. Their pet victim characters can never do anything wrong, their actions are always justified.

I don't think SJW authors are capable of the depth of thinking necessary. Either they're good, in which case, why did the author portray them making a mistake - everybody knows good people don't make mistakes, because good people follow SJW ideology, which is at all times flawless - or they're bad, in which case why do they get a redemption? There is no redemption in the SocJus pantheon, merely somebody you've not completely destroyed yet because they retain some utility.

BulbasaurusThe7th 12 points ago +12 / -0

That's just so sad. They don't want to be conflicted or really think about their morals and where they exactly stand.

APDSmith 10 points ago +10 / -0

Well, obviously, that's only my impression of them, but you tell me - that sounds pretty accurate, doesn't it?

And of course they don't want to think about their moral system. Their moral system is a cult and is designed to shut down independent thought in order to retain compliance.

MetallicBioMeat 10 points ago +10 / -0

There is no greater crime than THOUGHTCRIME, for it spawns saboteurs and wreckers which will hinder the glorious progress we are making towards a better tomorrow and even worse it will spread like a disease among the feeble minded, how can you argue that they should not be locked up and behind bars...

Anyhow yes I remember the insanity which infest the modern comics industry, And its gaze is looking east to devour all competition, domestic or foreign, it is the only method in which it can survive.

EvanGRogers 3 points ago +5 / -2

Check out Jonathan Pageau's "God's Dog"

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BulbasaurusThe7th 15 points ago +15 / -0

I'm a person who really cares about characters. So to me, Western superhero comics are no go, specifically because they just reboot and rework and rewrite the same fucking characters.
Like UWU, this one is still Wolverine, but now he is a high school girl who acts nothing like Wolverine. So why would I care? I cared about the person he was, not the costume.

throwawayaccount2037 3 points ago +3 / -0

the question is, why would Marvel Comics or DC waste that much money on these idiots?

Because in the globohomo agenda, they don't care about money... they care about saturating the message, and the message is literally EVERYWHERE in Western media. That's the point.

cccpneveragain 19 points ago +19 / -0

A few years ago I would have laughed at anime. I thought it was nothing more than Japanese kids cartoons with that anime girl artwork the "weird" girls drew when I was in high school. Was never into any sort of comics so didn't have exposure to that.

That's until I got bored with western stuff being just not good anymore. At the time I didn't hate it for the wokeness because I hadn't paid enough attention to that, but I just knew the shows were getting really shit. So I decided to give it anime a try. Here we are at the end of 2021 and I'm not sure I watched a single series of anything close to a modern Western fictional series the entire year.

BulbasaurusThe7th 11 points ago +11 / -0

Any anime you would recommend?
I used to be majorly into anime, but then shit happened and I'm out of the loop with current stuff.

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BulbasaurusThe7th 5 points ago +5 / -0

I'm so reading JJK next year. The anime was so good for someone like me, who used to be into all the old 00s shounen shit. Like all that nostalgia, but it is actually good. :D

Watched the first couple AoT seasons, I just feel the answers were a lot lamer than the questions we started out with.

Made in Abyss looks so very good. Pedos can fuck off, they see something like that in everything.

SpectacularWeb 4 points ago +4 / -0

My biggest problem with Demon Slayer is once I get into the groove of watching it there's never enough episodes. It's like fucking heroin. Watched all of them a few months ago and I was looking around for any info for more. The art style is so incredible.

Also, if AoT finally done? I thought they were finished, watched the whole series through the new season only to find out they split the "final season" into two and had serious blue balls so I've been giving it a wide birth to make sure they didn't come out with some shit after the finale to milk it a little more.

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CarmenOfSandiego 3 points ago +3 / -0

Also, if AoT finally done

The "Final Season" as mentioned by DarkRooster is incomplete, there's still a lot to come and that's going to be in "part 2" of the 'Final Season'.

However the ending is... controversial to say the least and will cause a lot of discussion when the anime finally gets to it since that's what happened with the manga.

SpectacularWeb 1 point ago +1 / -0

Any word when it will be completed?

CarmenOfSandiego 1 point ago +1 / -0

No idea, I just know it's going to be a shitshow one way or another since that's what happened with the manga.

cccpneveragain 3 points ago +3 / -0

I've been trying to get into Re:Zero. Seems like something I'd like based on what I've read about it. I'm struggling to get interested because like you said it seems bland. I'll keep giving it a go at least through the first season maybe will grab me.

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Cazarosta 2 points ago +2 / -0

I watched ReZero a few years ago, but your comment was so full of compassion that I'll have to go read and the source material now lol.

My current fix is the Mushoku Tensei web novels.

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Cazarosta 1 point ago +1 / -0

Oh ye I watched season 2 when it came out earlier this year. I might pick up the Light Novel - sounds like a lot of important details weren't included in the show, well I suppose that's true of most novel -> show adaptations. One of the things that draws me in the most to a series is the world and the details the author has placed within it.

What's funny is I rated season 2 higher than season 1 on MAL without even realizing it.

Kingarthas2 3 points ago +3 / -0

Theres some pretty great moments but i felt the same way about it tbh... I powered through the first season though and it gets better, theres some pretty fucking powerful scenes/moments but like... man. It does get better though but it feels like a whole lot of nothing happens for a while until it picks up.

Killroyomega 2 points ago +2 / -0

I thought Arcane was really mediocre and the only reason people think it's good is because it's league and because it's not the normal dumpsterfire shit that western studios pump out these days.

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What genres are you interested in?

Fantasy, scifi, historical, comedy, romance, etc?

One that I recommend to everyone is Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It's a very political space opera. If you're here on KiA2 I feel you'll have enough knowledge and interest to get sucked in to the story. LoGH is also extremely based.

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I love fantasy the most. Action-focused things, steampunk is always a plus. Not really into romance and harem and such.
I also generally love stories about historical/semi-historical people and events that are just odd and lesser known. I'm really excited about starting Golden Kamuy, if that makes it clearer what I mean.

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Ascendance of a Bookworm (Honzuki no Gekokujou)

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle (Maoujou de Oyasumi)

Princess Principal

To Your Eternity (Fumetsu no Anata e)


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I just realised Dororo =/= Dorohedoro.
Which also looks fun as fuck, but yeah.

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I thought Dorohedoro was bad. The story was all over the place and random, the animation was bad, and it has a weird degeneracy in it. However, my opinion of it is not typical. It was well received.

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Chainsaw Man has... odd scenes too. Not sure what do you mean by degenerate, but yeah. Sexual and weird.

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To Your Eternity (Fumetsu no Anata e)

Honestly just watch the first episode of this.

It's a masterpiece in how to successfully tell and animate a self-contained short story.

That episode is one of the things I show to people that think anime is nothing but weeb waifu shit and children's shows.

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Ranking of Kings is kino and its a new anime that came out Fall 2021. And mieruko-chan is another good one that came out this season. A tiny bit of fan service (not much at all) but really good interesting story.

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Mieruko-chan looks interesting. I already feel for the poor girl lol.

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Oh man, I feel so bad for her every episode just about. It is a great show.

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Second mieruko-chan.

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Most of what I've watched is super-mainstream and/or old really but looks like others have you covered. I'm still really new into it and I play games and do other things a lot more than I watch TV.

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Higurashi/umineko if you like a nice mix of slice of life/incredibly fucked up murder mystery. Higurashi specifically has 4 20+ episode seasons though... although 3 was more of a soft reboot of sorts until like... the last quarter. Space dandy is pretty fucking good. Rising of shield hero (although season 2 keeps getting fucking pushed back.) Uzaki was pretty good/has another season lined up. Assassination classroom was really good (don't know how far back you quit watching stuff tbh, just spitballing stuff here). Great pretender is actually really good for something netflix churned out. Dorohedoro was really good but really fucking weird... it works though, nice mix of comedy/mystery/action but holy hell is it weird. To your eternity is supposed to be fantastic, haven't watched it yet. Danmachi is really fucking good too. And tbh, i just got into anime this past year outside of basic toonami shit as a teenager... theres so much shit i'm sitting on i haven't watched yet, and most of the stuff i listed i've watched during the pandemic. A silent voice is a really good movie too.

Just saw someone mentioned konosuba/made in abyss, cannot reccomend those two highly enough, god damn. Combatants will be dispatched is from the guy behind konosuba if you enjoy that too, protag is basically a carbon copy of konosuba's but in space and he gets money for being a dickhead.

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I keep googling stuff and I am realising how much of it I have seen before without context.
Space Dandy was made by the Bebop/Champloo dude, right?
Yeah, I am reading Chainsaw Man now, that could potentially lead into Dorohedoro when it comes to weird and just... ugh.

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I think, i dunno. I'm a pleb when it comes to this stuff basically and get most of my recs from random shitposts/imageboards tbh. I know dandy is made by some "uber western" type guy, i remember that much which is why a lot of people say it works so good with the english dub... Just a goofy space bounty hunter trying to find new alien species and love along the way... and a pretty feels worthy episode in season 2. Pretty fucking funny show though.

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I never laughed at it, but never got into it either. More often than not, co-workers at my lunch table talk about Anime. I just nod my head while I think about the interesting bits of actual history I learned from a book the day before.

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Yeah, similar case here. Me and my mate few years back, we never even considered giving anime a try (probably would have not laugh at it, but it was too foreign/weird for us). We both watched a lot of western series, but our most favorite ones were usually quite old (e.g. ST:TOS, ST:TNG, Red Dwarf, Farscape, Star Gate). Nowadays we watch anime daily and very rarely anything from the west (for me probably just Orville which is currently the closest thing to the spirit of star trek). Personally, I consider most sequels/reboots (ST, SW, Doctor Who) as dead to me, they just changed so much, became racists, sexist, preachy, lore-breaking for no reason, with bland and characters and uninspired predictable story, simply boring. Effects alone cannot carry a movie/series if everything else is garbage.

Slightly off topic question - does anyone know about some site with "wokeness" meter or some other kind of such rating for movies/series/games? I don't watch many movies (a few per year, usually those which are lambasted by "critics" and praised by fans), but in games it's slowly getting worse and it looks like anime is the next target for the censorious crazies.

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Rejection of your native culture, because that culture has turned against you and seeks to exploit you as an enslaved producer and servant to useless parasites.

Those actually looking around and seeking a more compatible culture are the motivated ones. The people that will get up and do something about their situation.

Those that submit and make excuses for their native, broken culture are natural slaves. They seek to be put into servitude and be provided with a predictable, mostly safe life.

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Heh, that last bit of the article:

Look, manga is successful and isn't being held to our standards!

So close to a bit of self-realisation, then takes an abrupt left turn

That's problematic and they should be held to account!

Or "Why SJWs want to be hegemonic totalitarians, part 94."

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Its a matter of time before japan falls. Definitely within the next 10 to 20 years. Chinese and western money/influence is trying hard to turn it into a woke toxic pool. Netflix and disney are trying to buy anime and manga rights.

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They've been trying for years and failing miserably. It's a low cost industry to enter and with the internet the bottle neck of distribution isn't a thing anymore. Anyone can start a website and if their art is good enough go viral with no mainstream help. This is why they are trying to centralize the internet and control it.

Us being on this website is proof their plan is starting to fail. People are seeing them for what they are and starting to reject it.

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If lurking in MMD/Doujinshi culture has thought me anything, then it is the fact that there is always a subset of creatives who will vehemently reject the english speaking gaijin.

There will always be that MMD modeler who will manually veto people via twitter DMs to check if he's actual japanese or a google translate gaijin in order to keep them away from their exclusive MMD models.

And for that I am glad they do because it means they do what western gamers should've done.


This way I am sure their content, while may be described as inbreed, does remain inherently japanese and exotic.

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Ultimately, it’s 2021 and the unprecedented accessibility of entertainment allows the audience to be the final judge.

This is the part the proverbial they are going to attack. They hate that you even have access to something that isn't approved by their commissars.

All leftism, even the slightest bit, is tyranny. Every liberal is a Bolshevik.

nmff 4 points ago +4 / -0

I always cringe when I see how the word "liberal" degenerated into the complete opposite ಠ_ಠ.

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This is what most people think, or the Jews when the 1st show ended with it's own ending because the manga wasn't finished.

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I mean the article didn't actually say the author said that . Also i thought it was Jews. Cause FMA looks like fictional Germany and Ishvalans were also an ethno religious group.

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again it didn't actually say the author said it. Its only the person who wrote the article that actually said that. And i thought it was Jews cause there's the ethnic religious part, there's the semitic appearance , there's the name itself that sounds a bit like "israel" and FMA is very clearly based on Germany and the author herself interviewed ww2 veterans for accuracy. And yes they do have their own and there are actually some manga that have stuff on that which were early anti war manga.

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You are just in denial at this point. The author interviewed ww2 veterans for accuracy, the show is very clearly based on Germany and the Ishvalans are an ethnic religious group that look semitic and the name sounds like "Israel" and you can't see it.

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"which is more than i have presented" i presented clear story elements that you still can't accept. If you can't see the parallels between a fictional Germany and the ethno religious semitic looking group called "Ishvalans" (clear reference to Israel) i dont know what to say.

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I never watched anime until recently but I'm glad I started. The complete garbage coming out of the west is appalling, especially the scifi stuff.

Not only does it generally have good characters and plot but it also touches on subjects western media would be terrified to touch. Like a few episodes of Black Lagoon with a pair of exploited children.

Finished The Irresponsible Captain Tylor recently. It did something that Western media has failed to do for so long. It made me laugh and not even in a "this is cringe" way. Just a good fun show.

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I miss the days of femininity and masculinity in animated movies!

Lost all interest after they destroyed heavy metal and fire and ice.

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I'd be totally fine with a woke message if it was good. I want a good story rather than a political message with a sloppy story.

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Warms my heart to see all you fellow weebs in this thread. 頑張って、みんな。絶対諦めるな。

Realchebz 5 points ago +5 / -0

It's not just comics, same thing is happening within gaming industry... who tf plays western MMOs anymore? I imagine soon will be happening to movies too.

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Never been really into the capeshit, or Western comics generally but that's due to ignorance and for a big chunk of time not growing up in a place with comic shops or what have you. That Mobius guy has cool art though from what I've seen over the last few years.

I also dig the art of whoever did the 30 Days of Night comics. A friend had gotten issues of that on a trip into the city and I've always been interested in dArK stuff like that.

Other than that, definitely more into manga; for the numerous reasons already mentioned in this thread. American comics need to git gud

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The 2017 ‘Ghost in The Shell’ adaptation, while admired for its stunning visuals, left many viewers underwhelmed and drew heavy accusations of ‘whitewashing. Many viewers had an issue with Scarlett Johansson being cast as the protagonist, Makoto Kusanagi, who, as the name implies, was supposed to be Japanese.

No, she was supposed to be a fucking robot. (Literally fucking, in the manga.)

And "many viewers" were all dumbfuck woke faggots.

And the name (pseudonym) is Motoko.not "Makoto".

The only "real name" is Major anyway.

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Both anime and comics are made to appeal to the soyest of soyboys.

Schmendrick_Lamar 9 points ago +9 / -0

Would it be a futile exercise for me to try to change your mind about anime?

Maybe I can find some soy-free material for you if you give me a list of what always disappoints you.

Trolldozer -3 points ago +2 / -5

Oversexualized minors is my main problem. Doesn't help that the average anime fan is an obese 30-year-old basement dweller with whatever the anime equivalent to a funko pop is and a body pillow featuring a schoolgirl.

Schmendrick_Lamar 6 points ago +6 / -0

That is indeed a thorny issue, which I'll concede for our purposes. I'll also concede that the most visible English-speaking fans of anime are very often rather grotesque and obnoxious.

Anyways, I'm not here to convince you to watch a hundred episodes of Naruto or anything like that (I haven't watched it either). I'll be satisfied if I can take you from "It's all garbage." to "It's not for me, but it might not all be garbage." So let's cut to the chase. Your criteria: -No sexualized minors -No pitiful soyboys

To which I'll add: -A minor performing a competent and compelling role in the story -Compelling and traditionally masculine characters that aren't portrayed as soyboy buffoons

Golden Kamuy immediately comes to mind - an adventure story in the classic mode. A courageous soldier returns victorious from the Russo-Japanese War to the frigid north, where he hears a rumor of a hidden stash of gold. Soon he encounters a young girl of the Northern tribes whose father was murdered over the secret of the very same gold.

The two team up and agree to split the treasure, but several other interested parties are already hot on the trail. Along the way he benefits greatly from her knack for survival in the frozen forest, and she likewise benefits greatly from his knack for sensing a pointed rifle from hundreds of meters away.

Surely any pajama soyboy would soon perish under such circumstances.

If you'll allow me 3 more minutes of your time, here's a clip.

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Hello biden, dont you have some stairs to trip on?

Trolldozer -2 points ago +2 / -4

Cmon man!

Johan_Liebert 4 points ago +4 / -0

Name checks out.

Telia 2 points ago +2 / -0

ConsumeProduct is that way >>>>>

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We are worried about what 'type' of comics are prevalent? None would be the best solution. Infantile millennials, zoomers, genx, genz. Geez louise

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That's the same problem people had with professional baseball 150 years ago. Grow out of your childrens' games and learn to drive a team of mule, or go get a job at the steel mill, or if you want adventure go work for a railroad company. Just don't think about baseball.

Telia 3 points ago +4 / -1

you are in the wrong place if you are upset over people talking about comics and the like here. This is specifically a forum meant for talking about nerd hobbies at the beginning.

rowboat 1 point ago +1 / -0

Huh. Must have missed the sign back there at the exit........