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Lmao deadass Tony you got me bussin frfr no cap bro we in this shit together

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Doesn't change the fact that he works for a jew and shills for Israel at every opportune moment.

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In hindsight it seems that was all prefabricated to string us along in believing something might happen that we like!

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Subversive leftist

By what, saying that racial tendencies exist? Most leftists deny race, so sounds to me like you're making shit up.

Trying to impart into people that this sub is dedicated to your retarded white separatism

Why would I do that? I know most people here are Libertarian / Paleocons and it's mostly about politics, real world events, and gaming journalism. Not seeking to change that, but if we're just going off my most recent reply to Imp it's easy to say that most people here also see racial tendencies.

When did I try to pretend Imp hasn't been here before? My very first reply to him on this post implies I think he's delusional because he can only ever see faults in women, so I'm partly playing off the meme of him.

You don't have arguments

My argument is race is real and imp denies reality. Was that so hard to understand?

Gaslight Imp

If by gaslighting him you mean make him realize there's more to the world than evil women and feminists then yes. Frankly, it gets old seeing him say the same thing on every post. Guy has some issues.

Lie to others

I only seek the truth and to impart the truth upon others no matter how I have to microdose it.

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You're not better than them

That's a fallacy, I never claimed superiority. I claimed they hated me (and if black, commit more violent crime) so I think we should live separately.

You're lumping me in with this Aryan brotherhood type out of nowhere. That's another fallacy, you attacking my person and not my arguments.

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I'm simply aware of their tendencies, their in-group behaviors & preferences, and alphabet agency statistics regarding their crime rates.

I wouldn't have a problem with em if they didn't hate my guts too and just stayed in their part of the world and I in my mine.

Causing to me what seems to be the slow degradation of European culture and the replacement of its people.

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Nah, I can clearly see that women have issues in our society too. He just takes it to an insane extreme and ignores all other statistics and facts.

Also I originally came to KIA2 here from the reddit. Found ConPro after being on here a while.

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I mean, he posted original content that is rarely posted here that is also pretty interesting and gives us a behind the scenes look at how reddit operates. Of course it's going to get more engagement than a title+archive link.

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Funny considering DeSantis' is already openly supporting Israel and jews.

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Isn't that the guy that would leech off Ice Poseidon too? Seems like he's desperate to be famous.

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Anyone ever seen LotGH? Its massive character ensemble all look like real people like the style on the left. Even anime has fallen from that decade. The original Berserk animation had similar detailing.

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Ah they gotta transfer more wealth to themselves quick before the collapse. I'm sure similar things happened like this to Rome

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I'm not even sure. Probably the general hivemind thought process and smugness that comes with being an npc liberal-leftist.

I used to browse popular subs like askreddit, askhistorians, and a few others. But I slowly cut it down until it was just KIA2, 4chan sub, the redpill, and a couple gaming subs.

Just browsing r/all for a few minutes is said to reduce your braincell count. Beware.

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I detest most of them unless it's something traditional like Joy to the World or Holy Night.

They're not Christmas songs unless they're about the celebration of the birth of Christ. Otherwise they're wintertime songs. They've also been playing them on repeat at every store for decades because THEY hate Christ.

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They'll ignore it cuz they good goys

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That explains why mine looked weird since those are also my top two

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Guy has been banned so much I'm surprised it hasn't been a perma

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Everyone knows those rules are retarded and worded to give him justification to remove whatever he dislikes. They were also just copied over from reddit.

The entire reason this place exists is so we can talk without reddit admins getting mad we use words like tranny - which you still can't say on the subreddit without it being auto removed.

He's clearly become biased in his rulings. There's probably a thousand examples on here of people saying: "Blacks are prone to murdering, raping, and stealing" yet he never removes those posts.

I've ve even made a comment denouncing blacks and jews saying they were genetically predisposed to act certain ways - his course of action was to remove my post and say "fuck your Judeo-Bolshevism", because apparently what I said about blacks didn't matter.

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ethnically jewish

Okay, can you prove that

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