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Their main objective was not Kiev.

For someone who pretends to know anything at all about military matters, you're pretty dumb.

Is not big surprise.

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That faggot Zelensky is so lucky that Russia is doing all they can to avoid full-scale war or his precious city would already be rubble, just like he's done to almost all the Eastern cities.

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Literally every single paragraph you just quoted refers to jews as a different race with a variable admixture of Southern European.

These studies do not in any way infer that jew is the same race as Southern or Northern European.

An apparent North African ancestry component was also observed as was present in the Sephardic groups potentially reflecting gene flow from Moorish to Jewish populations in Spain from 711 to 1492.

Hihi you wuz niggaz.

 you took the Egyptian civilization out of the Caucasian history.

The ancient Egyptians were White.

You are a jew. You are not White.

Seethe more Avi.

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You are absolutely retarded if you think you have even the slightest chance at victory before your country becomes a smoldering crater by way of Chinese ordinance.

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It's why he's asking which is more important.

To which you respond:

The why is very important. It's because this post is retarded.

You just agreed with my post and called yourself retarded.

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I did, I cited two papers proving what I said.

No you didn't.

You lied about the contents and refused to elaborate or quantify your position.

The papers I quoted showed they are Caucasian.

No they don't.

Stop lying.

Their genetic makeup is of Caucasians. Just like Arabs are, and Hindus, and Greeks, and Italians and slavs.

Also wrong.

You're really bad at this.

I was joking when I called you inbred

Do I need to post the screencaps of your videos?

Man you just can't stop.

You just lie over and over and over and pretend you won the argument.

"Gradually, I began to hate them."

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You gave no facts, idiot.

You're a jew.

Jews aren't white.

That's a fact, which up above was proven.

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"Intersex" or hermaphrodites or biological chimeras do not account for 2% of the population.

They do not account for 0.2% of the population.

They do not even account for 0.02% of the population.

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I'm saying you're an idiot and just because you ignore reality and attempt to interject with your own doesn't magically make it true.

We all see right through you.

His evidence is correct and his conclusion true and justified.

Your delusions and lies are just that; pathetic attempts to redirect discussion in your favor.

You are wrong, jew, and you are not White.

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There is nothing inaccurate or out of the ordinary of this depiction of a character.

I made no claim on that one way or another.

My post is entirely directed at Imp and his spiralling descent.

What his question is doesn't matter. It's why he's asking which is more important.

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His post proved you wrong and showed a clear demarcation between jew and European.

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Why do you only show up these days to attack white women and defend jews?

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I want to repost my response from further up in that same thread.

His statement:

I'm arguing that the idea of birth rates being an issue is a communist invention, created by a Jewish individual. Two things the main retards that talk about them supposedly hate.

My main response:

Your "point," and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, is that some random jewish bankster's son invented the idea of birth rates in the 20s and therefore wanting to have more children is jewish propaganda?

Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you? You're arguing out of both sides of your ass. Somehow you're trying to both claim that jewish conspiracies are lies while also peddling a jewish conspiracy.

The man actually tried to make an argument against jewish conspiracies by creating his own jewish conspiracy.

I really want to know what was going through his head with that one.

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You know that when you have no idea how to subvert an idea you can just stop engaging, right?

I know you're a legitimate retard but surely they at least gave you a wall poster with a flow chart?

This post you just made is bad and you should feel bad for having made it.

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Even your writing style is breaking apart.

You need to relax and take a break from the internet.

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Advocating for a second holocaust is perfectly sane?

If this modern world is considered "sane" then I shall wear the mantle of "insane" with great pride.

I think what I do for the same reason Cuban immigrants hate communists.

Cuban migrants were directly hurt. Many tortured and family killed.

You say you've not been hurt, so how are you at all the same?

I don't know, you tell me. 

How many times has this been told for you, only for you to ignore it and ask again the next day?

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That's not even remotely the same.

Prove it.

So is giving women a medal for having eight kids, as well as the full value of their home twice over.

I'd love to know how they planned to sustain this ridiculous situation.

Despite what Hollywood wants you to believe, the German goal was not endless expansionism. They did not want the "eternal growth" that Keynesian and other economic models demand.

The reason why the NSDAP had a policy of paying for children and paying off homes was to remove the individual debt of the populace, to create foundations for generational wealth, and to create a future generation to gift that wealth to.

What you are talking about was a depression recovery mechanism which has been proven to work. It was never meant as a permanent measure.

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The fuck they definitely did. Don't lie to me.

You're unhinged.

Yes, and it always changes based on what feminists told you to shill this time.

Show me on the doll where the middle aged secretary touched you.

If Jews ran all the gay organizations and changed the name to put themselves first like feminists suddenly started to, your cult would be ranting about it for weeks.

Hey boy, riddle me this:

How many of those feminists are also jews?


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Find me someone talking about replacement rates before this then.

How do you think taxes were collected in ancient times?

In both east and west the nobles held records of their fiefdoms births and deaths. Controlling the amount of serfs was vital to the health of the holding.

I'm saying that to be ideologically consistent, that's what the far-right should believe.

That's not ideologically consistent, that's retarded.

I have personally explained this issue to you multiple times in a completely logically and ideologically consistent manner.

You just ignore what you're told and run off to lalaland.

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