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"Those claims are false, and they distort the very goal of our work," the Salvation Army wrote in the statement.

Those claims are absolutely false. We didn't ask anyone to apologize for being white, we just told them that to be white is to be racist and being racist is anti-Christian.

That's some snopes level doublespeak.

"The truth is that The Salvation Army believes that racism is fundamentally incompatible with Christianity, and we are called to work toward a world where all people are loved, accepted, and valued. Our positional statement on racism makes this clear."

Christianity is a fundamentally racial religion and encourages an in-group/out-group split.

There is absolutely nothing in the bible commanding man to "love and accept" all people. In fact it's quite the opposite. The book commands that you do not accept certain people and that you hate evil. There is no place for homos, nor adulterers, nor those who defame Jesus. There are many such precepts like this.

Modern Christianity is such a joke.

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I made a rule review thread maybe half a year ago at this point.

Nearly everyone agreed that the rules were bloated in one way or another.

Nothing was ever changed or fixed.

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I'm pretty sure New Zealand tried to do this a few times and were laughed out of the room every time.

Maybe Australia is big enough to matter but I kinda doubt it

It'll just end up with most sites banning Australian IP addresses with the tacit understanding that everyone is just using a VPN anyway.

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Then you have the smart whites that put a police or fire union sticker on their rear windshield, memorize a bullshit story, and get out of nearly every traffic ticket.

It's really not that hard.

The other way requires being a lawyer and giving something that identifies you as a lawyer when asked for ID.

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He's got a lot of built up ego issues.

AoV has built his identity up around a rather hardcore take on civic nationalism.

For example; he acknowledges that whites are under attack, yet cannot ever accept that there is a racial group that acts as a conglomerate function to attack whites.

Surface level takes are fine but the moment you start to dig deeper and notice patterns or connections you've gone too far and are now a stormfag and are evil, for some reason.

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Seems pretty clear to me.

Whites having a positive sense of community is bad and must be undone.

Federal agencies are already captured and so therefore are now okay to adhere to.

There's no destruction of the terminology in my eyes. It has always and will continue to morph to meet the ever changing needs of anti-white ideology.

What is white supremacy? What is racist? What is white nationalism?

It's very simple:

Anything that appears to benefit the white race in the long term.

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I think we're in a lull period between major tech adoption milestones.

After the coming civil war is resolved, depending on who wins you can enjoy either a Matrix-type VR dystopia or a renaissance of innovative new tech in interdimensional space flight sims.

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White women will become brown women after white men are thrown to pasture.

Brown women offer no threat whatsoever to the hegemonic structures.

Why would those who are interested in the downfall of western society ever go against the ridiculous whims of unshackled women? Those in power are playing the long game.

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I got beeped on R16 for directly quoting AoV for 15 days, and then as soon as I was unbanned got hit with R2 for walking the line on FED posting for another 30.

This forum will remain heavily sanitized so long as that awful list of "TEMPORARY" rules exists.

Just like "two weeks to slow the spread," the idea of a temporary carryover ruleset from reddit was of course a lie.

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Those are the soulless masses who live their lives according to social convention.

Go to school, play sports, get a degree in whatever, work a meaningless job. Every day do no more than is expected. Sports team won! Celebrate! Did well in work, promotion to meaningless managerial position. Happy!

Never question. Never wonder. Never explore.

It's an older description of the classic NPC. Those who exist yet are not alive. Robots who simply and surely follow all instructions without question.

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I am filled with a great pride in having gotten even just a handful of men to read these most important of writings.

I have no other comment than this:

Learn the lessons your forebears chose to impart. They did so for a reason. Do not assume you are unique, or that the world is somehow different.

You will live as a slave and die as a slave unless you choose to live as a man.

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Yes please.

While the vaxxed's hearts gradually give out and die from the irreversible damage caused by their lord and savior, the vax, we Pure Bloods can create a new nation unbound by cuckery.

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The majority of the country was opposed to women's suffrage, so it had to be forced on us at gunpoint. Most women were heavily against women having the right to vote, and only came to do so years later under the understanding that if they didn't then their husbands vote was voided.

They don't teach you that fact in school.

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But there's also a higher chance of sub 75iq men too..

Grug may no be smart, but Grug can still haul boulder.

Can Grugette haul boulder?

Haha Grug think not.

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Only Alex can stop da mafias an kill dem forever.

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