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here's my take on this... I really don't care. This whole tranny bullshit was brought on by women. Yes they overwhelmingly vote this crap in and promote it on social media. When I've used to have facebook and gay marriage was a big talk of the day I can remember almost all women in my feed virtue signaling on this. And as expected gay marriage turned into LGBT into trans "rights". And now women are suffering for this. Why? Because trannies don't want 2nd class status of men, they want privileged status of women. And they will invade female spaces virtual or real. Look at the JK Rowling being canceled. Look at women sports being taken over. Same is probably happening to gender hiring quotas and women getting pushed out by trannies. Women got what they've asked.

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"SJW" honestly doesn't have much of a meaning anymore. Because pretty much everyone in Western entertainment industry is an SJW. Comics, movies, games... they're all for diversity and inclusion. Western culture is becoming SJW culture sadly..

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It's not just comics, same thing is happening within gaming industry... who tf plays western MMOs anymore? I imagine soon will be happening to movies too.

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honestly I agree that niggers should teach nigglets, or whatever it is called in a zoo. I've seen videos of majority black schools, and they made me question whether there's a difference between them and a pack of agitated chimpanzee. I don't think they've evolved much.

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"express no disgust" - it's a boiling frog effect. They've been escalating degeneracy and anti white/anti male hatred slowly for decades. If you would take people from 2000s and show them TV today - they would all be outraged. But if you condition them, slowly and carefully over long period of time - then they wont see anything wrong. The only question is I really don't know why they are doing these - this always leads to civilizational collapse.

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I think I have this one


Just charge it at home once and leave in car for emergency, or buy solar cell on its own like this one https://www.amazon.com/25000mAh-ADDTOP-Portable-Waterproof-Compatible/dp/B07FPHHNDL/ref=sr_1_4?crid=2VFXM4PVQN52W&keywords=solar%2Bcharger&qid=1639691737&sprefix=solar%2B%2Caps%2C187&sr=8-4&th=1 and charge off of that.

I literally found my powerbank in storage 2 years after I last used it and it had 3/4 charge indicator.

I think powerbanks with integrated solar are garbage - leaving it out on a sun and thus heat for extended periods of time is probably a bad idea, and the solar cell they have is far too small and shitty to make any difference anyway. But I am not an electronics expert, just my opinion.

edit: sorry typo in original comment: "I got one without solar and remote charging" - just plain powerbank without any additional crap.

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Is the item still up? Funny I've had very similar experience around 5 years ago with very similar powerbank - it stopped working within a week. Solar panel was a joke, it didn't charge jack (even if it worked, the amount of power it's generated was negligible), in fact I think me leaving it in the sun is what caused it to die. I would recommend getting a powerbank without all these bells and whistles. I got one without solar and remote charging, and it's been working like clock since then... and it kept charge for years!

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While I am interested in VR, I dont want to looks at cartoons. Give me real Matrix!

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dude should just change his name, grow beard and get a new life. Otherwise he's never going to have peace in this fascistic country.

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I don't know, but he's a prince dude. Doubt whatever he faced was 1/10th of what regular guys did.

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what the fuck does this dipshit know about mental health or working? And who cares what he says? I am not even agreeing/disagreeing with the article - but its like saying "toad farted at 12 pm - hence it's good at telling the time".

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he's not a monster, he's just a dumb black animal. Media told him "white are bad, attack them" so he did what he was told. Now he's dumbfounded why isn't he given a treat and a pat on the head and called a good boy.

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I wont be able to find it now - I've read it like 15 years ago, but the point he was making is jews basically caused a lot of poverty/alcohol addiction in villages because of speculation and various money lending schemes that left people with nothing or having to work off debt (basically slavery).

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Is there any question why Jews are disliked in like every country they spread to? I remember reading late 19th century Russian author and he was talking how they were destroying flourishing communities back then.

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it's not women... not entirely that is. You have to realize the companies (or specifically employees) making these games are woke... and I mean WOKE. Take a look at their team photos (doesn't matter which AAA company) - rows of balding soyboys with purple/green hair sprinkled here and there. And overlording over them are the "diversity officers" that every big company now hires... and they make all these rules, while the grunt soyboys implement them into the game..

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eh its woke af bud. Haven't played 5th by 4th certainly so. Just one glance is how they plug 'muh diversity' into every hole possible.

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To be or not be mudafakka.... sheeeeit.

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