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You’re not wrong. There was an manga company that had their CEO say that the manga needs to cater more to “American sensibilities” and something about racism. The CEO had to make a public formal apology and return somewhere in the ballpark 25-50% of salary.

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Nah it’s Superman’s kid that’s the gay one, it’s more “future state crap”.

Fingers crossed that DC goes under and someone who actually likes the character get ahold of it. Don’t know how likely that is to happen given that they’re owned by WarnerMedia, they’ll probably just eat the loss and keep publishing crap until it becomes to great just to hold onto the IP for movies/ shows/ etc.

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Erasing the “Timeless Children” would be a good start

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He forced them to give up complete creative control, gives me a feeling a retcon is coming. Creative control wouldn’t matter if he was sticking with the BBC’s course. Only reason he’d need creative control is if he was going to do something to make the NPCs would Reeee. Will it work 🤷‍♂️, I’m 50-50

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Ha just saw that AOC’s was nominated for 13 awards and won 6 😂. It’s on the IMDB

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Fun fact I gotta add since I saw Blinken’s name in there. He’s the stepson of Ghislane Maxwell’s father’s personal Attorney

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He worked for McKinsey & Company, they’re deep state training ground, check out their alumni list


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They made a documentary on him, like that BS AOC documentary a couple years back

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Don’t forget future-state Blackman, I mean Batman, is also black 🤡🌎

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