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Legacy of The Force was a great series, Bloodlines & Revelation really pushed the series into my top 5 EU series. How you’d like the first book?

Rereading the X-Wing series right now, haven’t read it over a decade. On the Wraith Squadron book currently. Could’ve been a phenomenal show is someone had accurately adapted the series. That goes for a lot of the EU books, like Kenobi, but they just had to bait & switch and turn into a large scale galactic level adventure, instead of making the more personal ground level story it needed to be. SMH

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So did the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender when they heard what they were gonna do with that and it’s not even out yet

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Probably going to use this as a talking point for when Iger runs for President as a Democrat. The idea that Iger put Chapek in place to take the heat during CV in exchange for a generous exit package isn’t that far out of the realm of possiblity. Plus Iger never really left he was still there for at least a year+ “advising”.

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Yeah, felt that one

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Comcast pulled the plug on their 100 Million Dollar investment

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Same with me for the Nextflix part, tried to get my family to cancel Netflix after the Cuties fiasco, but that turned into a no go.

Just one point I forgot from earlier, I even got a VCR for original versions of the Star Wars movies.

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