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Carhartt has stopped catering to the working class in the last few years. They're chasing tranny money now. Never buying from them again

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shifts momentum to this side

Lol. It's all more psyops. We're not winning, they're just gearing up for Biden to declare victory over covid at his State of the Union in March. They're already starting to change how they report wuflu cases and deaths

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Cobra Kai was good, then they just let it go to Netflix

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It's been years since I read the books but I don't think Mat's actions would have been too influenced by his marriage tbh. Unless I'm forgetting a major chapter or two where he's absolutely pussywhipped.

He's definitely the type to go gallivanting off for whatever struck his fancy, the only difference is he'd be coming home to the wife. He has little respect for authority so royal blood wouldn't mean much to him

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My gripe, iirc, is that Sanderson essentially turned him fully into a comic-relief type character. Like, "oh what adventures is this rascal getting up to now" when we've already had 10 books of him maturing beyond his early prankster ways

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is there ever a single point where a woman in Wheel of Time truly respects a man as an equal and a person

Yes, Nynaeve. I won't spoil how or when

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Sanderson does Mat dirty. He clearly doesn't grok the character.

Other than that pretty good at finishing someone else's work

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Nynaeve is best girl. After being worst girl for like 6-8 books

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I'm stupid and could probably be coerced into being mentally ill. When does the FBI give me some ammunition? I'm perfect for their homegrown white terrorist narrative

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Oh no no no no no.. ahahahahhahaha. Look at this dood

He's unironically doing the whole "I used to watch Sargon and almost became a neo-nazi but Breadtube saved me"

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It's literally just a stay on it. It's going back to the Sixth Circuit for a ruling where we might have to go through all this again

And they refused to stay the Healthcare mandate. This is nowhere close to done with the bullshit

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Yes. They opened the can of worms now they can live with its consequences. If you are not willing to inflict upon your enemies 10x the horrors they would do to you, you will lose.

"Oh but what about the people who just became labrats because they didn't want to get fired?" Cowards, the lot of them, and they can die a coward's death.

There is to be no hand-holding and singing kumbaya with those who are less than human. And willingly signing away your autonomy and rights definitively means you are not a human being

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I miss the days of pressing mute when I didn't want to hear some squeaker get mad when I told him I fucked his mother

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Yeah he definitely didn't, or didn't understand the point. I'm no film/book analyst but imo Kreese represents unchecked power/aggression. While it is inherently a good thing for men to embrace their masculinity and be aggressive, the important thing is knowing when and how. You still want to strike hard, strike fast, strike first, put an end to things with no mercy, but only when it's really warranted. Part of being mature and having strength is knowing when to be a fully destructive force and when to hold back.

Johnny's Cobra Kai still embraces the ethos and inherent good of teaching boys how to be men through effort, struggle, and harsh criticisms

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You have forsaken your right to complain about 4chan with that answer

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It truly is astounding how mass infiltration of institutions has become so noticeable so quickly. Pope is a South American communist. Your schools are run by communists. Your governments by communists. Your entertainment, journalists, media, all communists. All at once everywhere. Truly stunning coordination

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Implying Matt "the only thing worse than Trump is Trump supporters" Walsh is conservative

Never forget who these people are

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Same. Psilons were the best, outside of a custom race that you also bought the Creative trait for

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Starcraft is an RTS. Would be up your alley if you enjoy Age of Empires.

Stellaris is good, maybe slower paced than Civ.

I've also heard good things about Galactic Civilizations III but never tried it out

My personal favorite turn-based sci-fi game has always been Master of Orion 2

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When fedposting is no longer just posting in minecraft

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