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I own two $300+ skins that I got for free.

No point in selling them. What am I going to do with Valve cash? And trading for real money is sketchy

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Soulseek for any music downloading you'd ever want

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Say what you want about the man but when he was in charge we didn't have movies led by walleyed, fisheyed, indeterminate race hambeasts

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Loudly and determinedly announcing why you're boycotting. It worked with Bud Light until people cucked and took one (1) cowboy commercial as a good enough apology.

The company has to see financial pain and know exactly why if you want any hope of enacting change. But again this is ideological driven and not financial, so it likely won't do much if it isn't deafening

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Absolutely is not a financial decision. Even if it was GW would be the absolute worst one to make it given that a decent 3D printer nowadays costs less than a full army

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No it's not because Joker 2 is a movie made entirely because the chuds enjoyed Joker too much. Joker 2 is going to attempt to be a deconstruction of everything that made Joker good just to spite the right-wing dudes who appropriated the film. To do this, (((they))) need to not turn people off from seeing it in the first place with ugly sheboons.

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Yes, it was the cloudiest day I had seen in months right in the path of totality here

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Not reading the article, but according to a friend who's been playing it in Jap. It's more typos and lack of proofreading than lack of localization.

kaede is supposed to say "a long paper wand (the thing the miko wave around at festivals) comes out of the altar on top of the stage like this"

but she actually says "a long paper wand comes out of the altar on top of the squad"

because 部隊 what she says and 舞台 (stage) are both ぶたい

the other one people are mad about is "holy tree" 神木 which is しんぼく got turned into 新木 like 2-3 times randomly

but people dont understand how they got 新木 because that word is never read "しんぼく" its got a weird reading cuz its a name (あらき)

in Korean it would be read "simbok" which clearly has similar etymology to "shinboku", so they just like picked two Kanji that would never be read that way in Japanese because it's a homophone in Korean

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Most likely, you

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Okay as a first step, but ultimately we need to ban all Indians and Chinese from the Internet

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I feel the same but for people who subtitle/closed caption videos with the word appearing on screen when it's spoken. Straight up against the wall.

Write out a full sentence or don't caption at all.

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Illegals aren't American. They have no American rights

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Sounds like any modern technology. Every search engine is hot garbage nowadays. I get the best results half the time from friggin Yandex

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30% swing in blacks

LMAO. Will never happen. Blacks don't actually vote, their names on the voter rolls exist for leftists to harvest for their candidate

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