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I mean just drop the bar. Pretty sure that's a safety bar literally designed to be shoved back off your shoulders in that situation. Bumper plates on it too

Hoe is either stupid or just wanted attention

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Crunchyroll should be despised even if they weren't pozzed. They hosted fansubs for ages then decided to go "legit" and put all of it behind a paywall. Literally killed fansubbing in a few years

>Streaming anime


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Anime every week

Guitar Pro 7, finally upgrading my pirated GP5

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DeSantis sent him the diarrhea checks

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Brother you literally use sources as spurious as the daily beast when you post your Trump polls. What exactly do you call linking some Twitter rando?

Pull your head out of your own ass, I know it smells like DeSantis in there but it's not a good look

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It absolutely was in comparison to newer writing

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I still think smartwatches are for dweebs. Up there with people who willingly put wiretaps in their home

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They killed Abe for actually improving the birth rate so globohomo can import browns to Japan

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>Lose job anyways

Wowee, you think he would have learned by now

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I make a new one every month to call some retards with truly atrocious ideas faggots on 2007scape then promptly get banned

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I hope WOTC really rams these people up the ass. Won't affect me, I'm still playing TSR's DnD

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Biden said he was running again in 2024. This is the deep state making sure that cannot happen so they're able to select their new puppet. If you're surprised you haven't been paying attention

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Texans suffering through this right now

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Terrain is fairly cheap to make without 3d printing. Hills can be carved from polystyrene (24 sqft for ~$10 at a Home Depot). Cut some blocks, stack them roughly to the right height, and then just cut off some of the sharp edges. Coat in PVA glue so you can give it some primer, paint and cover in the model flock of your choice as you would for your dudes' bases. Works for craters too. Back in the day when you could get free AOL CDs, they worked great as a base for craters. Buildings can be made from thin cardboard, cereal boxes, etc.

Aquarium scenery is fairly cheap from the pet store and roughly the right scale. Some neat tropical plastic plants in the aquarium section too. If you've got a general hobby/crafts store, like the kind that sells model trains etc, they generally have model terrain that's reasonably priced, good for getting a bunch of trees on a card base for forests.

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These niggas didn't learn from the US 2 years ago. Go all the way or don't bother, because you'll be ruined as if you went all the way and failed

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