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This depresses me deeply. I'm a huge fan of Logitech wireless trackballs. Have bought a dozen of them.

I use them at work, and on the half dozen computers in my house, including laptops. Have extras on standby for when I inevitably wear out the first mouse button (I'm an aggressive gamer).

I pray they don't go to straight shit.

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I'd hoped we were at least at the point that such a small panel could offset the self discharge. That's literally all I wanted. Didn't even get that.

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Thanks! I'll look into this and an external solar panel. Even if she can lay it out on her dashboard in emergencies, that works.

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I currently have an Anker laptop dock that resets everything every 45 minutes. Can't remember the last time I got something from Amazon that wasn't shit.

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How the hell was that disproportional?

If a thug leaps across a counter to rob the place in front of MULTIPLE witnesses, I'm for fuck sure going to assume he's armed, and not sit around and wait to find out.

POS got exactly what he deserved, proportionally.

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Yep, item is still there.

What brand/model have you had success with? I need something that can be put in the back of a car, but trickle charge with the sun coming through, to be used in case of emergencies.

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Fakespot gives it a "B" rating and says it's overall good. Which it's very, very much not. So I'll pass.

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There's a ton on Amazon for $23 claiming 36K mAh. I ASSUMED that by going for the one that was nearly twice the price, I'd be able to avoid the scams.

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Yeah, I'd not intended to bother with the hassle of the return since I didn't keep the original packaging.

After having my review deleted though? My ONE fucking outlet? Fuck Amazon, I'm getting my money back no matter what. Gonna tape the shit up with packing tape and nothing else and slap a label on it.

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"to get shipped for practically nothing"

To be fair, the shipping costs the same, it's just that we, the taxpayers, are paying for all of it now. Not China.

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Don't forget that Oculus has also hinted that the hardware itself will force you to watch ads prior to all of the games. So you pay for the hardware. You pay for the software. Then Facebook still forces you to sit through ads on your own equipment, to play games they don't own.

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Instagram and Whatsapp were written first, THEN bought by Facebook. Nothing Zuckerburg has personally been involved with creating has ever had solid code. Only reason Facebook gets away with the shitshow is because it's a simple HTML app. A 3D MMO Universe? Not a chance.

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In literal other words:

"The use of tools to prevent the government from restricting what you're allowed to see could reduce the government's ability to restrict what you're allowed to see."

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"Single mother of two has one go off the rails."

This is my "shocked" face.

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