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Feel free, I didn't invent that by any means lol.

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In 2014 a CIA backed coup against the legitimate government of the Ukraine occurred, conducted by paradoxical Jewish neo Nazis.

They didn't want the government they had so they got rid of it illegally and violently. Then like the snakes they are, they immediately unhinged their snake jaws and screamed that the people and regions who didn't like it absolutely had no choice in the matter and weren't allowed to leave peacefully.

It's easy to tell who the bad guys are here.

And I'd happily trade most of those states for a handful of beads. I'd like to keep Michigan for the soda factories. Best ginger ale on the continent.

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This is one of those where even if it is true, nobody actually cares. People who support the man won't give a shit, actual racists won't give a shit, and liberals already chose the wrong side.

There is literally no point in publishing this unless they believe that adding to the noise will help them defeat him somehow. They think the media is a magic password to alter reality.

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You ever find one and want to have some fun, ask them if pedophilia is wrong or not in their eyes. Most of them have at least attempted to fuck an animal in their lives, so you can see the mental struggle in their eyes while they grope for a response.

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Did you put a fedora on after that last paragraph? I half expected you to call her ma'am.

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I just want to go ahead and summarize your progression thus far.

First you declared that my wife must just be fat. Then you declared that she's imaginary or a body pillow. Then you tried to say she's not female, and also that her two year old account is a fresh sock puppet.

And now you're saying "yeah but the thweater! We can't thee her tiths!" when she's got an E cup even a sweater can't hide. You're desperate to make something stick, because this kind of thing is out of your reach so you cope by pretending it's not real.

Just take the L dude.

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Unable to cope I see, therefore choosing to continue. Also she's like five three and her hands are tiny, so swing and a miss.

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Frankensnatch, I'm stealing that one. That might be even better than front hole.

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yet you felt the need to tell me

You replied to a comment posted on a public board. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm glad it triggered you so hard, but your thought process is broken here.

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It won't be long before furries are demanding their turn as pervert of the week. A more porn obsessed group of people I've never encountered. Knew a dude in the Army who was caught watching furry porn in formation once, then was punished for doing it again while being written up for it in the first place.

Besides a negligent discharge I've never seen a senior NCO get so mad.

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Warner so probably same devs, I dunno. I do know that it's been overused for years and I never liked that style of combat to begin with. Feels too much like the whole game is a QuickTime event.

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It's relevant, and I wasn't bragging until you decided to be contrarian(I was simply taunting the uggos with the one thing they hate most, real women).

Feel free to assume I'm lying. I don't give three fifths of a shit for your opinion.

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Damn right it is. It's hilarious to me, she gets hateful glares from every woman we pass.

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Hate to tell you, but it's true. Take a few cup sizes since she doesn't have balloon tits, and that's her.

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The lore is flagrantly retarded, full stop. The gameplay is Arkham Knight(which I personally hate). The most interesting thing about the series is the nemesis system, which in my opinion is wasted by having garbage wrapped around it.

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It turns out that dumpster fires only get bigger when you throw a pile of green paper on top of it.

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Yeah it has nothing to do with more than a century of corrupt governance that was only broken for a decade by Giuliani. It's those pesky mortgages.

Lots of love to NY pedes, but it's time to abandon ship.

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