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documented since ancient civilizations

As demons.

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For God's sakes people still eat margarine and that's been a known scam for forty years. The average person is dumber than hell and unfit to make decisions past their own nose.

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Normies worthy of the title will just go right along and fall for the next obvious bullshit. Because they're stupid.

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I didn't say they were inherent. Simply that they're the best at it. I've been to Africa. They're about two bad years away from drinking blood for fun. When the gravy train of Western food and medicine stops, millions of them will die.

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Thomas Sowell is an example of excellence, period. "black excellence", like "white privilege" grammatically means something inherent about the race in question.

There is nothing inherently excellent about the black race, unless you consider rape or cannibalism to be worthy of the term.

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It's also allowed to tell falsehoods apparently. There is no more dire oxymoron than putting the words "black" and "excellence" in the same sentence.

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Or, hear me out here. We gatekeep any deviants like that out of society itself. No tolerance means no infiltration.

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Oh and speaking of norms. She was an accomplice to Whedon molesting the other women in the cast, because of course a man who looks like that is a prolific pervert.

In case anyone who was unbanned from twitter wanted to toss that in her face.

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Talk about getting high on your own supply. She's the literal first example of the "tiny women tossing around grown men" trope. As a superhero she is responsible for a lot of the things people hate most about female characters in modern fiction.

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We sedevacantists prefer the term schism. But yes, Bergoglio is a vile heretic and the sooner he's in the ground the better. May he burn in hell.

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How has anyone not figured out yet that he's a total fraud? Was the meth addiction and subsequent coma not a red light?

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If they're kids, the parents and doctors should be promptly put to death. Financial liability is a distant second to permanent punishment in terms of a deterrent.

And that really is what we're talking about here. Deterring evil behavior.

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First off, not enough burning at the stake.

Secondly, this empowers the perverts even further by pretending like they're victims rather than demonic instigators.

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I'd bet a month's pay that the freak molested the son. It's damn near a guarantee.

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It's interesting to see you pretend to ignorance after the sub has had like three discussions about why on earth you still insist on using Reddit's rules.

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Somebody did, and it's pretty easy to guess who.

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I did have a reply. I asked you whether you enjoy gaslighting people or if it's just habitual.

Unfortunately for you, people here aren't as stupid as you would like. You're actually here expecting them to believe that just because arabs live in the area now, that that's always how it has been. This despite clear historical records about their misbegotten race only controlling it at all right now through centuries of conflict.

Your lie isn't just transparent and obvious to any observer, it's so much so that it's almost insulting.

So I asked why you're here trying to gaslight people.

You won't answer of course. For obvious reasons.

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