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That's because they don't want to be "feminine". They want to be a pedophile, and to force acceptance of that via their particular ruse.

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No surprises there. Watch reddit's twelve thousand comments of outrage simply disappear in the next day and a half.

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An illegal alien and a tranny, whose now deleted social media is full of "muh abortion rights" nonsense.

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It's actually pretty easy to tell who is a pedophile. Just criticize pedophiles and watch them circle the wagons.

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No one said it's always the case. But an outlier does not disprove a general rule. Nor does the existence of a general rule nullify the possibility of an outlier.

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I absolutely won't touch a show with a black female lead. Nor will most consumers. Black women are, on the whole, obnoxious, self entitled apes.

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Of course they do. They're evil. It really is that simple.

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Yes it did. It's nigh impossible to get aids from vaginal sex. It's spread via anal sex, eating monkey meat(which is how it came about) and via infected blood.

The latter is how it jumped to women, since fagtivists contaminated the blood supply.

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I've said for a very long time that our system treats blacks with kid gloves. This is just the metastasization of that cancer.

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And you look like you have non human ancestry. Possibly a combination of pig and chimpanzee.

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There's another good barometer. Anyone that you or your butt buddies call a Nazi, is most likely a decent, civilized individual.

Heck at this point I'd be suspicious of anyone you haven't called a Nazi.

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The most reliable barometer for evil on this board, is whether you pop up to defend it.

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ingestible pills

Ingest these nuts, you poison peddling freaks.

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This is unironically a great idea, and is something that should be instituted once the mass deportations begin in earnest.

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Halo ended at 3, as far as I'm concerned.

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Coal burner sodomites manage to resurrect a disease from the 1800s and you think women must be to blame.

You know, nothing is going to fall off if you find a way to admit that blacks and gays are fucked up all on their own too.

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Mindy Kaling

So the question isn't whether it will suck, the question is how bad.

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