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Sometimes the only "research" they do is asking their grandma and taking her word for it. Just like what happened with Cleopatra on Netflix. They even defended it.

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If I were that preacher my first thought would be "Yes! I'm triggering satanists!" and my second would be "I look forward to saving souls from prison."

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Love is not an accomplice to sin.

A good dad loves their son; but when their son scribbles on the wall with crayons after they're told not to, that dad is going to punish them so they won't do it again. And if you message that to people who think love means to support someone in every single thing they do no matter what it is, then chances are they will mentally blue screen.

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What do you notice?

No garbage strewn around, nobody panhandling or wretchedly sitting anywhere, no shouting, no gawking, nobody pushing anyone, no gang graffiti, no morbidly obese people, nobody blocking the sidewalk having a conversation they could be having anywhere else in the entire city, no transsexuals or any kind of pride flair, people dressed civilly...

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Reminds me of when Netflix released Cleopatra. I still can't get over the makers defending their actions! "Well if my grandma said such-and-such then it's true. Period." I wonder if the devs will do the same stunt here.

If I were a historian I'd be so miserable knowing this crap goes on all the time from movies to games to social media.

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"Noooooooo it comes from the 2% who make Russian bot farms and pretend to have a much bigger presence!!! I wish we could just ban Putin and ban toxic men from playing games forever so that we can usher in a new golden age of diverse and brave gaming!"

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The silver lining for me is enjoyment watching the Critical Drinker eviscerate that content in his reviews.

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They leave in silence and don't make a fuss.

The people who do make a fuss tend to make themselves look like clowns anyway because of either the overdramatic acting or the low IQ room not understanding them.

I quiet quit out of a chat group in my area during the lockdowns because I got tired of all the woke children in adult bodies having daily breakdowns and tantrums. I learned a few years later from someone who was still there that a few months after I left, it reached peak crazy and splintered into as many as five groups which never fully reintegrated. And of course each group was run by people determined to make it their personal echo chamber.

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Apogee/3D Realms always has a special place in my heart for the Duke Nukem IP. Loved the 2D and first 3D games.

I think the second 2D game started with Duke Nukem being on Oprah Winfrey pitching his book "Why I'm so great" lol!

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Girlfriend: "Why won't my boyfriend share his deepest feelings with me?"

Also girlfriend: "My boyfriend is so cringey when he shares his deepest feelings with me. Why can't I find a stoic man?"

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If it fails, they're going to try again in 2 more years or less. People are only getting more upset with things, and the divide between them and their government can only get so wide before enough officials believe that legislation is necessary.

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The MSM probably: "71% of Americans are racist bigoted homophobes. We need to do better!"

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Mine doesn't qualify either but I never get nagged about it. I do expect to be nagged when Window 10's end-of-support happens next year, though. It may as well be off support now because every Win10 machine I have isn't fully up to date because Microsoft royally screwed up one of their updates. I'm sure as hell not jumping through any hoops to manually install it.

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If you really want to hurt them below the belt, take away their security clearance. Then the swamp will cast them away like lepers. Of course denying their pensions would be the icing on the cake....though many of them probably qualify for treason charges.

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Would be nice if at least some of them change their mind about voting in November because they don't think Biden is on their side anymore. He'll still probably "win" but at least it will make the election riggers have to work harder and raise a few more eyebrows when 400% of the population of some counties voted for Biden.

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I still relish the story about a bar that lesbians frequented where men were not welcome. At some point, transsexuals began showing up and hitting on the lesbians. The lesbians were pissed that their "space was invaded" but none of them did anything to stop it. They didn't want to be seen as intolerant, and they knew the shitstorm that would come down on them if they tried.

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Obama working with the MSM was I think one of the most successful propaganda campaigns in history. The media always painted him in a positive light except when they were throwing the political right the occasional bone to look "objective," pop culture wouldn't treat him like a politician, comedians wouldn't dare make fun of him; and anyone who didn't tow the line was accused of racism.

I know a number of people who were exceptionally talented at their technical jobs, yet believed everything they read in the NYT and heard on NPR. They think that he made zero mistakes and navigated the country through a time of historic prosperity...and that the only reason things weren't better was that evil Republican in the corner of the room trying to cause trouble because they were butthurt about being in the minority.

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A stunning 51% of Americans now support mass deportation of undocumented immigrants.

What's stunning to me is that the number is below 95%. I guess everyone else is okay with ignoring existing laws even if it means destroying the country.

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They must have worked on Smart TVs because they're practically unusable. No clear feedback on where the cursor is? Check. Banners that are also buttons? Check. Going to the global Settings menu to log out of an app instead of doing it from the app? Check. Reacting to a remote control press several seconds later? Check. The power button not actually turning off the TV but putting it in a sleep mode so that later it wakes up with even worse performance and other issues? Check.

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Not to mention there are people out there who get that knocking on their door and think they deserved it.

I won't forget the story of the entrepreneur who posted pro-BLM stuff on his store windows because he supported them. Then BLM burned it down during a riot. Then the owner reacted by claiming he just didn't support them hard enough and that he would do better.

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I intend to be good on supplies before Election Day this year. I have no proof of any kind of imminent chaos, but I'll sleep a little more soundly.

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