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Meanwhile in the board room: "It was the fault of everything but the quality of our programming. Next quarter we intend to release a whole new lineup stressing diversity and equality."

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I think a lot of people will still be wearing for a while for various reasons: The media pushed the fear into their souls hard, they don't want people to think they're Republican, they don't trust the CDC...

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That was one of the points Rush Limbaugh made on his show not long before he gave his talent back to God. The left always blows it eventually.

But things are so bad right now that it's not as reassuring as it ought to be.

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I see a lot of 4chan posts that are butthurt about anything right-wing. Making a pro-Trump thread is pretty much begging for an Internet fight. And usually there's at least one anti-right-wing thread at any given time.

But it's also one of the few places I know where it's almost never a total circlejerk.

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And nothing like this for Mother's Day? Clearly sexist.

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Illegals be like: "Don't worry, we'll make up for your declining birth rates!"

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The plot should not have gotten any traction in the first place. But that's what happens when we think we can just laugh at and otherwise ignore evil, insane people.

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Looks like critical race theory training is unearthing all kinds of hidden, latent racism rampant in so many workplaces!


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Everyone in my city and my hometown seem to care a very great deal. Although they think things are getting better because the government and local media told them so, they're still unwilling to give up their masks and distancing despite being vaccinated.

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The stunt double was white.

SJW's: "This is confusing...can someone tell us whether we should be offended?"

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I'll take "movies I'll never watch, and will bomb at the box office" for $400, Alex.

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And when we've come full circle back to "Only this race can drink from this fountain" and civil rights being ignored, normies will sheepishly comply and the left will celebrate the country coming one step closer toward "social justice."

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Every mortal human being who ever existed will be judged by God and answer for all of their deeds.

Many of them are going to Hell. They cannot talk their way out of it. They cannot bribe their way out of it. They cannot fight their way out of it. They are getting exactly what they want: an eternity away from God's presence.

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The last time I was on the dating scene, I seemed to be a real catch for the 40-something-overweight-and-irresponsible crowd because I was none of those things. I refused to match with any of them, but I bet desperate guys and blimp chasers would. The ones who weren't overweight had pretty crazy bios or looked like they wanted their guy to fly them to fourteen different countries all expenses paid.

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Sadly that's all it takes to censor someone these days. And these people have the gall to say that censorship is the "free market" at work!

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And that "look how smart I am because I'm gazing at him intently" look on that journalist's face.

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I don't know why, but trying to read a news ticker in a language unknown to me is amusing. Maybe because it looks like someone is just mashing a keyboard.

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We really do have social pressure. Last night I thought I'd say hello to some old friends in a voice chat who I hadn't talked to in a very long time. Not five minutes into the small talk one of them said "Did you get your vaccine yet!?!?!?"

This dude is a long time friend, but he's also a "liberal techie." So I simply said "No." When they asked what I'm waiting on, I just didn't say anything. Fortunately another friend broke the silence with "I'm getting my next vaccine on Saturday..." and nobody cared that I never gave an answer.

Had I told them that I had no plans to get one, the conversation would have turned really sour real fast.

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I wonder if the left were ever true. Once Nobel prizes and Field medals started popping up, I imagine scientists wanted that sweet sweet recognition, fame and fortune. Heck, I wouldn't mind recognition in my field either. They are human after all.

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I want to know what the "Back the Blue" crowd has to say about the bleeding woman.

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People making 400k+/yr be like "No problem, I'll just review the tax code with my CPA and find ways around it."

Business owners making 400k+/yr be like "No problem, I'll just make my products more expensive and pass the costs on to the consumer."

Consumers: "Looks like I'll have to tighten my belt a little more."

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