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You fucking moron.

Embassies are not to be touched under any circumstances if you want to retain even a semblance of peaceful negotiations.

Consider for a moment that foreigners in the embassy were not combatants.

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Both come back to the same thing.

Happy men are enthusiastic and energetic. Enthusiasm and energy eventually turns into a positive act and any positive act improves and builds up a man. The happy man grows and the ugly debbie downer keeps fermenting his soul away in their negativity.

The ugly debbie downer passes the happy man on the street and the ugly debbie downer is instantly reminded of his own character faults than prevent them from becoming the happy man they just passed.

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The Iran embassy just blew itself up on its own right?

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They call themselves "God's choosen people" and refer to outsiders as "goyim" (cattle). What do you think?

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Call me nutcrack but is Baltimore placed in a purple state that can swing either direction?

Does the bridge in question happen to be connecting working places of blue collars republicans with voting venues?

Am I reading too hard into this? Probably.

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Daily reminder that USA is a result of insurrection against the British Empire.

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You say that but it makes me wonder why people choose to congest Tokyo so hard. Any sufficiently strong tsunami or earthquake would cripple the country if it hit Tokyo. Putting eggs in one basket and all that.

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I wonder if Japanese decide to do a little trolling and deliberately invite foreigners to regions known for high risk of tsunami/earthquakes.

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As you should be.

Winners write history and they sure as hell don't write themselves as villains.

It's funny how in all wars waged it's always the good guys who win, what are the odds eh?

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This is new.

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able to eat alone without being judged

Is that a thing somewhere? Whenever I were in Poland or UK I would just grab a kebab at the nearest booth, sit on a nice park bench and enjoy the meal without ever being interrupted.

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Sometimes the process is the punishment. Her money might be near infinite but her time left sure is not.

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Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action

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I'm no bridge engineer but if the collision caused enough stress across the entire structure to the point of causing fractures in underwater foundation blocks then I'd imagine they might have to dismantle them as well.

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I think you're using words that are too heavy and loaded. What you call art is just a hobby and what you call talent is simply pursued interest. Most people are just dumb consumers, is all.

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Some people are naturally born expats who have no sense of gratitude or appreciation.

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If there's anything I can trust with 100% confidence is that kids will vent their frustrations and if they cant do it online then they will do it offline.

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I classify him as HR male harpy in higher position. Purge him as well and my answer is yes.

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Of course they're going to say that you gullible fool. It's called putting up an act. That's how they keep their job. Same way how Everyone in PRL said socialism was good until they didn't had to in 1989.

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Nah. Remove the HR harpies and all the male developers with healthy libido will churn out beauties again.

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That's the thing mate, we didn't. We are decentralized and only share a sentiment. There is no chain of command in GamerGate. Everything happens spontaneously. We all chill and rant on this forum from time to time until someone with more agency then the rest of us decides to make an unexpected move.

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