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So true. Hutts get pregnant too, but nobody talks about it. Glad a representative of the species was able to remind us of this.

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Any charges against them will be quietly dropped in a few months. There will be a small outcry from a few conservative commentators who are still following it, and that will be the last we will hear of it.

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Trannies ruin everything.

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Damn, RIP

I normally don’t give a shit about something like this, but tumblrinaction getting banned feels like the end of an era. I remember when it was created. Looking back on it, in many ways its creation marked the start of the current culture war that we are in.

I haven’t used TiA in like 5 years, so this doesn’t affect me at all, but it does make me feel nostalgic.

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I think it’s great that they had something to celebrate on Father’s Day for a change.

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The dead giveaway is that it says “a hole where their penis used to be”

Actual wokes would call it a “neo-vagina”

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As a rule, I don’t have any sympathy for these people.

Trannies treat everyone like fucking garbage. He complains that nobody told him he would end up like this, but if someone had, he probably would tried to ruin their life for “transphobia”

I have never once seen one of these detrans people apologize for being scumbags. They just want sympathy, and they’re not going to get it from me.

Edit: His closing tweet says this:

This isn't even the half of it. And this isn't regret either, this is grief and anger. Fuck everyone who let this happen.

You’re the one who let this happen to you, dude. You signed the consent forms. This is your own fault. Take responsibility for your own actions for once in your life.

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Second time this year, I think

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I just caught Covid this weekend for the first time. I am completely unvaxxed and don’t wear a mask. Tested positive on Friday and I’m already better.

I can now say with first hand experience that Covid is a nothing burger. I have been much, much sicker from the flu. Can’t believe we blew up the economy over this shit.

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That is somehow even more disgusting than I expected 🤮

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Where does “gentle urbanism” even exist?

Cities that have that level of population density don’t typically have very many trees.

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GamerGate was the first shot fired in a culture war that the left has been winning by such a large margin that it isn’t even really close, and it still isn’t enough for them.

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Leftists go on shows followed by millions of people and call for conservatives to be murdered and then wonder why we want guns.

Trump tells people to be peaceful and to go home = insurrection, banned from twitter

Leftist tells his millions of followers to murder conservatives = YouTube approved and probably monetized

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The roosh thing is pretty funny. He’s the male version of the slut who fucks 100 guys in her 20s and then becomes a “trad wife” after she hits the wall and nobody wants to fuck her anymore.

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I don’t look up who the shooter is anymore, I just look to see what the cynical leftist twitter narrative is.

It’s gun control, must be inconvenient demographics for them.

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I think most infectious diseases disproportionately kill men because men tend to have weaker immune systems. So, if they want to kill off a lot of men, they wouldn’t necessarily have to make some anti-male super virus. They could just bombard us with pandemic after pandemic after pandemic.

Anyway, after Covid, it’s impossible not to have tinfoil hat conspiracy theories about this shit, and all are on the table as far as I’m concerned. The only only theory I consider improbable is the “official” one from the US government.

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Apparently he “planned” the attack on discord and streamed on twitch.

The feds forgot to update their 2018 script.

The “far right” doesn’t use discord or twitch anymore. Those are the tranny platforms. Would have been much more believable if he planned it on telegram and streamed it on Odysee, rumble, or cozy.

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I fully agree with this sentiment, but I’m a little bit surprised to see it coming from you.

I know that you are pretty anti-Islam, but I thought that you have said in the past that you are an atheist.

Are you a Christian or do you cynically support the “deus vult” stuff because you want Christians to fight your battles for you?

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How far in his timeline do you think I’ll need to go before I find a tweet where he calls conservatives nazis/fascists?

(Less than a week: https://twitter.com/DBarkhuff/status/1522369090404458498)

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Woman see marriage like men see employment

Not exactly true. Men get employed to get paid to do what someone else tells them to do. Women get married to get paid to be the one telling people what to do.

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