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These folks were taking notes when they watched the hunger games. They all look like fictional characters.

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Louisiana is super "diverse" but this guy wouldn't know, everything he knows is spoon fed from Hollywood.

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The powers that be are pushing for another war.

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Shut up faggot, you might actually have a shot at glory for once in your life. Embrace it.

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I'm definitely teaching my kids about strangers and joggers.

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Stop right there racist. If we defund the imagination police, white people will be able to say nigger in their head.

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I don't think anyone's going to watch it. Nobody wants to see a bunch of women on screen, acting like men, doing things that women don't do in real life. This is on the same level as having all the adults die, and then all the kids (without any education) acting like adults and pretending to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc and somehow making it work. It's on that 1980's level of disbelief where some entity spends billions to develop a smart car/bio enhancements so that it can be used to fight petty crime in one city.

The reality is a bit different. They've had shows where all the women left a town and the men carried on without them for months. But the reverse was never attempted. Although there was that one survivor series where they pitted the men versus the women, and the women were basically going to die, so they had to split the teams and mix them up. The most bizarre aspect was the women while running out of food, did absolutely nothing to get more, they simply lounged on the beach and kept digging into their supplies. They didn't even build a shelter.

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At least it's accurate.

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Now start banning people who aren't vaxxed. Do your part reddit!

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Remember that over 94% of the total voters "voted" in the last elections. I'm pretty sure there's more than 6% of dead folks there, but even then, when was the last time in US history when 100% of the voters showed up to vote?

There's a ton of things that don't add up from the last election.

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A lot of other .wins are essentially dead.

That's because most of us have made friends in real life. Just yesterday I hung out with 4 federal agents, discussing some domestic religion of peacing. They paid for lunch and everything.

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Excess wealth created by whites might run out, here's why that's racist and why white people need to do more.

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I'm guessing that the modern economy needs cheap money to function. Raise the rates, money becomes "expensive" and therefore hard to get. Companies will start gutting all the wasteful employees in the process, and you'll end up with the diversity squad rioting in the streets as everything slowly dominoes out.

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