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The replies make me wish for WW3

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I mean I didn't even watch the first one but the trailer for this one already screamed niggerfaggots.

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Actually feel that I'm not even a weeb anymore or shit just got way too mainstream. The most popular anime I'm often not even interested in and genshin I've been boycotting since day one because fuck gacha trash.

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Even though it's a troll judging by the post history, the comments are once again proof redditors don't deserve human rights.

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Who cares if people like right wingers? The solution isn't voting anyways lmao

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Violent speech doesn't exist

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Are people here really defending billionaires?

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Dead game attempts suicide.

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Yep. Police doesn't do shit. My ex went full psycho, threw plates at me and hit me, then called the police and I was the one that wasn't allowed in his home for three days. Of course she took all my shit but I got everything back through court. Police are mens enemy though.

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Not quite so sure on that point. Women in general really love to make "lesser" men feel like subhumans in my experience. It's especially obvious in teenagers and becomes a tad more subtle in adulthood.

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