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Anyone know the name of the female actor? I'd like to look her up and see if she's been raked across the coals or if she's publicly repented, etc.

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If the contemporary republican party could stand behind even 1/5th of what the Jacksonians did, maybe I wouldn't despise them.

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Oh no, I'm only up several thousand percent! Whatever will I do!!!!!!

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FWIW, Intel has hidden chips in chips since '08 (Intel-ME), and AMD since 2013 (AMD-PSP).


This is just another layer of shit on top of shit from shitheads.

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They are not free to preach, as they have been physically removed, so to speak.

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Based pirate delivers the goods. Thanks, I still refuse to sign up at spotify.

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I also found Dune to have acceptable levels of propaganda where I could still enjoy viewing it.

I still wouldn't recommend paying for it though.

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It does, that's how it gets around their restrictions.

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Stop feeding the beast!

Just in case mods think this is sus, this repo holds zero licensed nintendo code, it's why it continues to not be taken down on github.

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I'll take your word for it on the GF, that makes sense.

I agree about larping. I think the violence serves the kayfabe overall.

I find it hard to take voting as the main argument for not taking Moldbug seriously though. One of the things I am becoming more convinced of is that voting is simply not the way out of anything. Even if there was a viable alternative it wouldn't be allowed, is hard to argue against. I think Trump was allowed because he was old enough and not wise enough that he wasn't a true threat to much of anything, like anyone who you could genuinely call "conservative". I definitely agree with your arguments on voting and parties and even just after dipping my toes into Hoppe my feelings that tyranny of the majority is no sane way to run anything were very validated.

I agree with what he said in that video. I've made the exact same case to IRL friends that Trump cannot be "the next one" if I actually hate the media that much. Not that I care much about the next one that much.

I cannot follow you economically whatsoever. I see the marginal revolution like Christians can see God in everything and everywhere.

I read The Case against Racism, I don't think I found a sentence in there that was untrue or that I'd even take issue with. I liked the focus on the etymology of the word as an opener.

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I have to question a little bit of talking about Moldbug's "GF". He was married for like two decades and she just died and he's been writing...poetry about it. So who, exactly, is this "girlfriend"? Looking into this briefly, he did do exactly that, and even voted for Obama previously and wrote an article about it.


I'll have to read this and see what I think about it, but it doesn't seem to be how you said his reasoning was. Even then, I could see an accelerationist right winger voting Biden just to get the collapse over with, so, simply saying "He voted Biden", well, I'm gonna look deeper into that. Thank you for making me aware of it though.

I certainly agree that most of Politics are false choices designed to funnel you into voting for the Uniparty. Bernie trying to get me to vote for Hillary is what has led me down this road to begin with. It's certainly fair to criticize Rothbard's politics, I'm aware of the lack of impact his politics have had, and I much more prefer his historical and economic works (that I've read thus far). On that topic, do you know any Authors who look at the same areas of interest as Rothbard's "The Progressive Era", but take different outlooks or conclusions?

The way you speak is interesting, do you reject Menger's marginal revolution?

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I have continued to listen to James because what he has told me hasn't tripped any alarms put into place by Rothbard and Moldbug. I haven't read everything they've written, but I have consumed a fair amount of both now.

I know I still have much of liberalism running through my brain and have just begun to understand the historical picture. I'll look into what you've recommended, as it's exactly why I posted this. To further develop my thinking and allow critique rather than simply trust that he is correct. I did the exact same thing here after I read Moldbug for the first time trying to gauge peoples interpretations and reactions.

I have read An Open Letter to Open Minded Progressives, and I understand that he is speaking to me, despite the fact that I'm on "the right".

I'm aware that Cultural Hegemony is a False Consciousness, I deleted the paragraph I wrote about it to keep it short(er).

I have become very aware of just how much I was taught in public schools is lies, and so I'm trying to fix that, book by book. I'll add your authors to the list.

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We don't. We have the social justice types, which nobody can agree on the origin of or their leaders.

Surely we can agree on the source of the philosophy though? What we call woke is directly derived from the works of the neo-marxists Herbert Marcuse & Antonio Gramsci, where it is now evolving in modern universities through the works of people like Kimberle Crenshaw. There's a reason why Ol Mayor Pete seemed to come out of nowhere, until you discover who his father is and whose works he translated and brought to America. His commie credentials run a mile deep.

Basically, you're all correct in some manner. Woke thought comes from left-as-fuck germans, jews, and women uniting together to create the new proletariat as proscribed by the neo-marxist Herbert Marcuse specifically by destabilizing the youth via sexual corruption. It's just plainly not EVERY german, jew or woman and that's where most of our most uh, fervent, members lose me in terms of pure statistics.

James Lindsay may still be a shitlib, but the work he's done on laying out exactly what "woke" is and it's historical roots is excellent. Over and over James repeats that "we are living in Marcuses world" and I couldn't agree more.


Maybe I should go back and re-watch James videos, post them here, and follow up with a couple paragraphs summary. I'd be very curious if anyone can debunk his claims. Now that I search our forum, it doesn't seem like anyone has been posting his new discourses videos.

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The End Game is still the same as well, catching hundreds of the same thing trying to find a pokemon with good starting IV's followed by EV training to maximize their stats. (I may have incorrectly switched IV & EV, but who cares).

I play them, but I certainly haven't paid for one in like...20 years.

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Why, exactly?

It would automatically transfer if he dies, no?

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Nope. Volume one alone will be harrowing journey. I imagine the abridged would also still be gut wrenching.

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I strongly disagree. If I wanted that I would have never left reddit as their supply of retards is literally endless.

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My understanding is that is was when the Jury was getting off a bus at the courthouse, so outside.

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Really, as soon as the Jury was filmed this was over. I want to be wrong, but I don't think I am. Honestly I'm glad, as hopefully more people realize that our courts aren't worth a damn.

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A user recently deeply annoyed me, rather than starting a campaign to convince people to hate them and that they're dumb, I clicked "block" and moved on with my life.

Just a suggestion.

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I believe he himself has claimed that title several times in interviews/talks

Gonna need some sauce on that. Peterson was the second step back into radicalism for me and I'm rather sure I've only heard him call himself a clinical psychologist over and over and over and over. I haven't been following him closely for at least a year now, but, in the hundreds of hours that I've watched of him speak from 2015 to 2019 I cannot recall an instance where he did that.

In the lecture series that I've watched from UofT he was always explaining totalitarianism to get to a point about psychology. Could be wrong, happy to be wrong, but that doesn't add up to me yet.

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