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What's MLK day have to do with anything, and who said anything about "participating with anything Christian related"?

Speak plainly.

Why does this comment get so many upvotes? Knee-jerk disapproval of the Jew-lovers comments, no doubt.

The comment you reply to attempts to identify the hypocrisy of the posting--as if any rabid Jew-hater would want to go anywhere near a synagogue, except maybe with a torch or a pipe bomb.

It seems to me that the idiotic, evil war pursued by Israel has given really hateful people the balls to belch out their knee-jerk resentment of a group that's demonized and scapegoated during times of political instability..

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In what ways are "the Jews" "trying to take away" my rights?

I'll be glad to answer any questions. So far all I've received in reply are insults and anti-Jewish sputtering hate.

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I'm only anti-prejudice and anti over-generalization and am sick of the constant barrage of hate for the Jews I read here.

What would you like to argue? I just made a few idle observations. I'll be glad to explicate any assumptions I have that I may be unaware of.

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I agree that public school bureaucrats and their woke staff misinterpret the establishment clause, and that many atheists and Jews hate Christianity and demonize it, but that's their right in a religiously pluralistic republic like ours. If you want your kids to get the full religious hit, why not send them to a Catholic school? They're good schools by and large. Much better than their Protestant equivalents, in fact.

"Aggressive secularization"? Are the Jews covert architects of a grand scheme to suppress Christianity? I know, I know, "they killed Jesus!" Seems to me this trend comes from atheistic SJWs and their fellow travelers.

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Jazz, blues, rock and roll are the only legitimate genres in this list. Everything else is derived from these and represents not a creative improvement, but a degradation of the original forms.

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Absolute drooling nonsense from a pod of newly university-hatched morons with the connections to be in civil service, joining the rest of the retards who have turned the island into a sure enough police state.

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Why doesn't this asshole get to the point? Show the fucking clip, THEN add your asinine comments.

That said, even Peterson evidently is not immune to posting hot takes on Twatter.

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Bitch sounds like my demented 91-year-old mother.

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Tolerating private homosexuality is not the same as elevating homos to demigod status.

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socialist oligarchies with their own flavors of deep state holding the real power from behind the curtains.

You mean Fascism?

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In the late 20th-century, higher ed was feminized along with the entire business world.

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