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faggot who openly identified as a communist.

Well-qualified for teaching jobs anywhere in the US.

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Another thread discusses the latest in troon accessories--plastic fetuses/newborns to be inserted into the rectum.

This novelty item can also serve as a dildo for whoever wants to insert the replica of a baby into whatever orifice.

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Even if they did, it would not matter one bit to his supporters.

In fact, the more the Teflon Don says outrageous shit to bollix up the assholes running things, the better.

DeSantis/Trump 2024!

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Excellent advice. Gotta be aware of the countless conversational traps as well.

Never use their language!

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ER doctor: "Yes, you probably should have used more KY. And there appears to be a bit of . . . uh . . . chafing as well."

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Ain't capitalism great? It's so adaptable to changing times!

There's a market for imitation newborns/fetuses so insane trannie men can shove them up their collective ass and pretend to give birth.

How's that one suit ya, ladies? Trannies reduce childbirth to the equivalent of taking a dump.

On a related note, beloved California Governor Gavin Newsome has made California a "safe haven" for trannies.

You California Girls had better get used to being ogled by men with falsies in locker rooms and bathrooms.

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"Within the boundaries of the law." Fucking mealymouthed weasels. In the UK those boundaries are excessively confining.

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Finally, England can point to the successful integration of an immigrant to English culture.

She has learned to act like an entitled cunt who can abuse someone without consequences (her arrest is perfunctory and will result in nothing other than her inconvenience).


Naturally, he is not married to the mother of his children.

Theodore Dalrymple is right.

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Scientismos and Dumbos

The Mexican legal team?

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The Times highlighting "The Spread of Misinformation and Falsehoods." Words fail me. The hypocrisy is endless and my complaints are getting redundant.

Caveat Emptor, you hypocritical shitbag Sons of Duranty.

Children we protect from lies; adults should be presumed to have the facilities to detect them.

And "hate speech" is free speech here in the US, at least for now.

I can call Dementia Joe a pants-fouling, doddering idiot with evil intentions and make a meme that grafts his Joker-grimace onto a pig, and this is political opinion protected by the First Amendment.

Until Twatter kicked me off, I could send AOC rude messages--short of threatening bodily harm--but the cops won't come sniffing around my door, at least for now.

Germany is a perpetual totalitarian shithole. If it ain't the Prussians, it's the Nazis; if it ain't the Nazis, it's the Communists; if it ain't the Communists, it's the Greens.

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The motive behind the removal of Confederate and other monuments is not reconciliation or the "healing of wounds" and especially not a well-considered program designed to demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of political propaganda, but sheer vandalism rationalized by grandstanding leftist nitwits who never cracked a comic book, let alone a history of the Civil War.

It was galvanized by the glorification of St. Floyd and the knee-jerk rioting and race-baiting that followed.

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Many people believe that common-sense observations require "scientific studies" to make them real.

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Her stump speech is impressive, emphasizing patriotism and anti-immigration, and the leftist press is denouncing her rhetoric as Mussolini-like. Why is everyone here denouncing her as a wolf in sheep's clothing? I know nothing of Italian politics.

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Just when you thought it could not get more evil or insane they trot this out.

A eunuch is by definition a castrated man, so every idiot who castrates himself in a vain effort to become a woman is a eunuch.

What brand of insanity do we have when a man with functioning genitals declares himself a "eunuch"?

It might have been good rhetoric to refer to all male trannies as "eunuchs" but, true to neo-Marxist form, they have co-opted the word into their lexicon of demonic evil.

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Yeah, yeah . . . leftist fuckheads and heretical tranny false priests doing their "biblical quarterbacking," finding textual justification for this absolutely demonic mockery of humanity and creation.

Church buildings have bathrooms for men and women because they are bathrooms for human beings. If you opt out of humanity by disfiguring your genitals and/or claiming to be possessed by the opposite sex and are still too shy to use a stall, go shit in your hat (to quote Junior Soprano).

False prophets, wolves in sheep's clothing, subverters of the good and wholesome. You'll get what you deserve, eventually. Everybody does.

To hell with all trannies and their political activists . . . literally.

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Pointing out the obvious, the essay observes there is a "growing distance between the American people and the American media. This divergence [. . .] is reaching catastrophic levels, and at some point, the American people will figure out that the mainstream media do not like them and that they don’t much like the media’s understanding of the country."

Ya think?

I don't know what to make of this apparent non-sequitur: "Unfortunately, dominant media organizations have bonded with another large segment of the public—one that embraces its new approach. Pulling back from anti-Trump activism could prove commercially harmful.”

I wonder why the article pussyfoots around the major issue: corporate media has gone full retard because of Trump--their failed predictions of his defeat in '16 made their obsessive hate for him permanent, and they want to keep the ratings they inflated by constantly and obsessively ragging on the guy.

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Hitler had only one ball/Goering had two but they were very small . . .

I can't remember how the rest of that one goes.

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"This just in: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead."

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The regime and their lapdogs in the press use "far right" as a scare term as they justify rounding up dissenters and railroading them into prison.

If you belong to a right-wing PAC, get ready for a late-night knock or a flat-out SWAT raid by the FBI--the current regime's Praetorian Guard.

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Between incidents like this and the public support of actual infanticide (who is the Goebbels who coined the phrase "post-birth abortion"?), the repeal of Roe really brought the demonic creeps out of their hidey-holes.

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A wellness check, hmmm . . .

"911, what's your emergency?"

"Well, there's this terrible smell coming from the apartment next door and I haven't seen my neighbor for a couple of days . . ."

"We'll send a car by to check it out."


It's more like "decaying corpse check."

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