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That's true but MHA has the equivalent of like 5 tournament arcs.

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The tournament and training portions are definitely worthless filler.

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Maybe. I'm not sure, it was a long time ago. Regardless I saved that website, thank you.

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Because they want to have sex with other people's kids.

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Mass report her account. The algorithm will ban it automatically. At best, twitter never looks into it and she stays banned, at worst, she is interrupted for a few hours and probably has a mental breakdown lol

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I seem to recall there being a place where you could download a huge library of resources like manuals, books, etc and it all fit on a thumb drive. Does anyone remember this?

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There's a playlist in that article that the union recommends. It's all Queer shit.


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This reminds me of the "soy encounters Chad" meme


There's a reason she didn't put how the conversation ended. Because the dude was clearly being nice, said thanks and goodbye, and both went there separate ways with no issues, and now later she wants to make it a problem.

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I really don't get the SJW plan for all corporations and media. They are ALL failing. I get that they think "the message" takes precedent over making money, but they've lost the audiences they want to push their message on as well, so what's the point? They have nothing but the percentage of people already thoroughly brainwashed.

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Isn't this comic missing the two things needed to be a Shonen manga?

It has to be published by Shonen Jump

And it needs to be created by a Japanese author to be a manga.

This is just an imitation.

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Oh boy, is the "the democrats are the REAl homophobes!" starting?

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No. If you are wearing ANY kind of mask in your car you are a retard.

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This nigga has lost his composure.

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Just exchanged all my Ethereum for Bitcoin. I'll probably move the funds that were Ethereum into something else later, but yeah I'm not supporting this lol.

Edit: Bought Monero. Thanks frens!

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Nah fuck that.

"You must be around to answer questions" absolutely ridiculous. This looks like the amount of shit you would need for a job interview, not posting on a forum.

Reddit mods are power hungry. I have to seriously question the sanity of anyone saying this is ok.

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Are you saying the current system lets the current demographics live together peacefully?

Obviously not, so I say what's the point?

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Yeah I fuckin doubt it lmao.

That doesn't even make sense in regards to The Crucible. Nobody in that book advocates for a cause they don't actually believe in.

She was caught being a pedo and is embarrassed and worried so now she's lying. Shocker.

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Nah she was being completely unironic. The board investigated her and apparently there was even more beyond that tic tok video, but she wasn't being sarcastic or anything.

She has since been fired.


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Some denominations take this REALLY far but as a Catholic, I would say it's clear we are allowed to punish evil on earth.

The thing about "not judging" is more twofold meaning to give everyone fair treatment, and to not speculate on where their soul might end up.

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Ever notice how they always replace the old noble statues with grotesque or unsettling imagery? That is on purpose. This is not a secular movement, though they pretend to be. They actually worship Satan. The culture war is spiritual at its core.

Even well-intentioned atheists should see this and be uncomfortable with it, because even if you don't believe in any of it, you must admit the leftists do, and they worship a death cult and want to sacrifice you.

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That's a lie, and defamatory.

Yup. I thought that was hilarious.

"Oh yeah things were fine until suddenly in two days things just got OUT OF CONTROL we had no choice but to shut it down"

You don't have to do shit until the government tells you to. The website is your customer, leave them alone. Why were you even paying attention to that one specific website?

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It's the same problem the wokists have in recognizing human behavior and how it relates to gender everywhere.

Oh your 4 year old boy wants to wear a dress? He's actually a girl!

Oh Tolkien wrote about close male friendships and men dancing and signing? Oh they're gay, and so is he!

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