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Cops are trained to shoot center mass (at the vital organs) and to keep shooting until the threat is stopped. The fact that this is one of the best ways to kill someone is incidental to stopping the threat.

Every single self defense trial where a prosecutor tries to argue that the defendent should have been able to calibrate his use of force to the exact moment that they believe (after the fact) that it was no longer needed should have the local police's use of force procedures thrown right back in their face.

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I find them silly and pointless. What does a "Gamerscore" on XBox even mean?

Like the "endgame" for MMOs and microtransactions to unlock content, they're just intended to keep you playing a game past the period of enjoyment.

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LOL. It's a relative's account. There are at least three households using it.

But I hear they're going to crack down on that soon. I'm certainly not going to pay, so it's not like they're going to get new customers out of that move, they'll just get the bandwidth we're all using back.

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Is anyone surprised? Politicians stopped pretending to represent their constituents long ago.

For some time the Democrats' game plan has been to get a permanent majority and then force their will on everyone else- hence their laser focus on "voting rights".

Their mistake is believing that when they have 51% of the vote with no chance to ever flip it back the other way, the remaining 49% are just going to shrug their shoulders and say "aw shucks I guess I just have to do whatever you want now."

The Constitution and our legal system are not suicide pacts, and if the majority seeks to oppress the minority, the minority will simply stop honoring the laws and rules being distorted to oppress them. That's one thing I never understood about the Democrats- they don't seem to fully grasp that if you take away all legal avenues for someone, they will then step outside the law.

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Watched the video and they're both assholes.

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What a wretched indictment on our legal system. And I don't mean the case itself. If you look at your link, the lawsuit was filed in December of 2020. We are a year and a half into it and they're still taking depositions. It'll probably take another 2 years before there's a ruling, and then whatever side lost will immediately appeal.

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Also ask if you can leave, if you're being detained, or being arrested.

In that Florida story, I don't think there's any way they could argue he wasn't arrested when they pulled him from his vehicle and took him against his will to a different place, but other times police can basically interrogate you and as long as you are technically free to go they neither have to volunteer that fact nor honor any requests for an attorney.

There's no hard and fast rule when a detention transforms into arrest, but they can't detain you indefinitely. They either have to escalate to an arrest or let you go. Refuse to speak, ask to leave and if they won't let you leave ask for an attorney.

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A show about street foods from Netflix. I think it was the second or third episode. They did LA and Portland too, but that guy was the only one with distopian vibes to his story.

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LoL, I've been quoting that scene for years. "that means you're gay." Classic.

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Well, they're not wrong. The White House didn't change the definition of a recession. It's still two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. They're simply lying when they say we're not in one.

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He is a dual citizen. If you are a male Korean citizen they have mandatory military service. He could have renounced it at 18, but didn't for some reason.

My question is this: what if the person doesn't speak Korean? Guy shows up for mandatory military service and has never been to the country before and doesn't speak their language, what do they do?

EDIT: This answers my question. Apparently they just have to try and figure what's going on and learn Korean as they go. This dude eventually wrote a book about his experience. https://asiatimes.com/2019/12/military-service-a-must-for-american-koreans/

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True. It would be hilarious if the US got her freed only to jail her upon her return. One can dream.

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I'm not familiar with the case of the other American they are asking for who is accused of espionage, but Griner literally broke Russian drug laws. I don't think anyone disputes that.

While she may be traded for something the Russians are interested in, she wasn't arrested to use as a bargaining chip, and the US would have done the same to a foreign national that broke our laws.

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Something's fishy about this post. The text in between the pictures talks about Lorde Inc. which is apparently "the first modelling agency with no white models: http://www.hopesandfears.com/hopes/city/fashion/215521-lorde-inc-modeling-agency-diversity-poc

The article with that headline and byline is here: https://blackgirlnerds.com/the-lord-of-the-rings-amazon-tv-series-just-announced-its-new-cast/ It makes no mention of that agency and has pictures of completely different people.

Make no mistake, this show is destined to be a dumpster fire, but someone might be trying to get us fired up with fake news.

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The drug that lets gay people with HIV have sex with each other and not spread it? That commercial is disturbing on so many levels:

  1. No sex is good enough to put myself in a position where the only thing protecting me from a fatal disease is a pill.

  2. The "Hey, HIV is no big deal" vibe creeps me the hell out. It's full of happy fags loving life while mountain biking and playing guitar and shit.

  3. It's "not for people assigned female at birth". This is the prime crowd for pushing the fiction that you can change your gender, so of course they can't just say that this pill is for men only. And who "assigns" your gender in their world? God?

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This kind of article shows how fundamentally journalists and the left don't understand guns. On the scale of "power" 5.56 is one of the smallest rifle cartridges. Real assault rifles in chamberings larger than 5.56 have been around since the 1940's and their semi-auto civilian equivilents have been available for decades.

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After visiting Asia and finding it easier to get that stuff than regular refrigerated milk, I looked for it in the US and have yet to find it. I would have expected prepper-type places to have it at least, since shelf stable liquid milk beats the hell out of the powdered stuff.

The only milk I see here in those tetrapak containers outside the refrigerated section is the fake nut milks.

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It looks like the Klingon blood in Star Trek VI. That color looks like it came from mixing beet juice with something white like mayo or sour cream.

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It's been a week with no response. Still waiting.

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Today's pop culture is like a slow motion train wreck, and almost every article I read is the cultural equivalent of another train car flying off the tracks.

To think that just ten years ago you would have been laughed out of the room for suggesting changing the name X-Men because it's "sexist" and now studio execs openly say it. Revolting.

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I saw one comment in there that I thought was pretty clever.

Somebody said they designed something, but didn't have the money or capability to produce it so they sent it for prototyping in China and then bought up all the unauthorized copies that were made to mark them up and sell at retail. They basically tricked China into being their manufacturer.

The only thing I can't figure out is what prevented the consumers from just buying directly from the Chinese.

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