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I like some movies that are out there and strange, but usually I don't. They have to be the right type of artsy....most of them are just hipstery and push some agenda.

Maybe there's some wokeness in the movie (it's 2023, so probably more than maybe), but I'm not picking up any from the trailer.

It looks like the type of artsy movie that you'll think about for long after. It looks like there's something there that's about affirming good things like overcoming trials and difficulties, rather than the typical modern film that is just "we despise you and everything good"

I'm pretty much done with all modern movies, but I may actually watch this.

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Didn't think of that angle.

Yeah, weird to publish this to tens of thousands of people about your family.

Regardless of anything, airing your families behaviors/ idiosyncracies for the sake of some clicks by random internet strangers.

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You just won. Great logic, didn't think of that.

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"I also love that he has a very feminine "daughter" who lives the basement, grunts, and eats chicken nuggets. That's exactly what I think of when I think of 19-year-old girls."

Yeah lol.

Honestly, I kind of get the feeling that the author is getting out his anger about the absurdity of the hell he's trapped in.

He's just veiling it in "isn't this great and progressive?".

Like he's subtly letting everyone know that of course his son is really a boy and is venting about all this stuff in the form of "being supportive"

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It was on Microsoft Bing. In order to get points which you can redeem for things like Xbox games pass, you have to read a certain amount of MSM articles every day on the bing app.

Normally I just dont even read it. I just scroll until I see the points pop up and save myself the headache.

But this one caught my eye and I had to share it.

If it wasn't one of the featured articles on Microsoft Bing I would consider that it is a parody.

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Yeah, I was going to make a similar joke haha.

I don't think there was much there to restrict him in the first place.

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I would say that it depends on the season. When it's BLM season when someone got shot by a police officer, then people kneel and worship at the sacred cow of blackness. With transgenderism their adherents are more unhinged, but with the anti-white agenda, it's more entrenched. So it's a case of a smaller wheel that has a louder and sharper squeak, vs a bigger wheel that is so ingrained in people's minds and culture that most don't even notice that it's there despite it being bigger.

I see far more often "black creators" or "curated by black artists" categories on streaming sites than I do for "transgender creators" or whatever the case.

Christians and churches will at least speak of the wrongness of the transgenderism movement and how it's against God's word.

But few churches that I've witnessed, if they do recognize the anti-white hatred and the "can do no wrong" attitude towards the black community, they don't speak out against it. That's a societal failing that I've yet to see a church call out. Ken Hamm's answers in Genesis ministry is the only one that I've personally seen call out this societal injustice, though I'm sure there's plenty that I just haven't seen.

But I know Christians on a personal level who have blinders towards the race issue, but not with the "transgender" movement.

So I would say calling out transgenderism brings out more of the fervent crazies, despite everyone knowing the emperor has no clothes but calling out the anti-white attitude is met more with people not even realizing that it's true, and so accusations of racism are more quick to come from even "average" people whereas no average person (average as in normal, typical non-crazy citizen) would call you "transphobic" for calling out the "transgender" issue, but only the fringe would.

I think this is all because the "transgender" movement is more new and rubs against what people know to be true, whereas the anti-white agenda has been a thing that slowly seeped in since the 1960s.

In 2050, I'm sure the generations of that time, the "transgenderism" issue will be just as entrenched if things continued on the same way.

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The Bible is clear that the last things we need to know have been written, and that ended in Revelation.

I'm not saying there's no issues that arise that people need to use discernment, prayer, etc. about because things come up that aren't clearly spoken about in scripture and such, but as far as sending people along to give a new moral command. God has spoken and was with the new testament speaking not only to the people of that day, but to all the people until the times of Revelation who would be reading it.

It's like how people say women should be able to teach men in church and be pastors because times have changed and His word is outdated now.

Cultures become outdated, especially when they ignore His word, but His word will never pass away.

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Joshua 5:2-3

2 At that time the Lord said to Joshua, “Make for yourself flint knives and circumcise again the sons of Israel the second time.” 3 So Joshua made himself flint knives and circumcised the sons of Israel at Gibeath-haaraloth

Why knives if it was just a prick? surely a needle would suffice. People made clothes so surely there were sewing needles and such.

Also the Hebrew word for circumcision literally means "to cut around"


That article is how I feel about it. It's up to each individual

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If it was a moral wrong after the covenant, I doubt the same Paul who preached to stop saying that you need to be circumcised would have Timothy circumcised in order to better preach to the Jews.

Paul's preaching of saying you no longer need to be circumcised given that he had Timothy circumcised is him saying it's no longer necessary, but not once does he call it immoral or evil.

It's sort of like veganism. If someone chooses to be vegan, Christians can respect and are to respect their conscience, just as vegan Christians should respect that a meat eating Christian is ok with eating meat.

The problem comes when either side tries to push it on the other. I shouldn't tell a vegan Christian they should eat meat because God said it's ok and said there's nothing unlawful to eat anymore because their conscience is troubled by it.

Likewise vegans, Christian or otherwise run afoul when they tell meat eaters that they are being immoral by eating meat as the Bible never once call eating meat a sin.

So relating to circumcision, I'd be wrong to tell you to circumcise, I'd also be wrong to tell you not to circumcise. What can be said definitively is it has no bearing with ones relationship to God at this point anymore. It's unnecessary to circumcise but it's not wrong to either. Many unnecessary things are not wrong or right, they're individual issues that the person decides according to their conscience.

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Also thank you for filling me in that TIFU is almost always fake.

That's one sliver of hope I can now regain for humanity haha. Some of the crap that I've read on that, if a lot of it wasn't real, this world is slightly, just slightly, more sane now.

Rereading the post with that view in mind, it seems more obvious that it's fake. The way it reads.

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That's a theory. I personally think it has some to do with the hatred of Jews lately as well.

Also I can speak as a former MRA who was heavy in that community, it was brandied about as an example of society hating men, so trying to compare it to female circumcision to make that point.

Society does hate men, they don't need to invent that point to show how horrible feminism is.

That's why I stopped associating with MRA, is when I realized they didn't want traditional conservative society. They too, like feminists pretended that men and women weren't different.

They wanted men and women to be treated the same, whereas I want men to be treated like men and women to be treated like women. I'm a traditionalist. I believe the 1950s was about as close to perfect as it got when it came to the relationships between the sexes, where both sexes were happy.

The exact moment I left the MRA movement for good is when the MRA podcast I listened to defended bronies saying that society hates sensitive men or whatever. I couldn't abide by it anymore.

I still support mens rights, such as how they're utterly screwed in the courts, divorce proceedings, false accusations, society hating them....but I'm not gonna be part of a movement that doesn't recognize that the sexes have different roles and responsibilities either.

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I was circumcised as a baby. It's not necessary, but it's not morally wrong. People who preach circumcision is necessary are not correct, something Paul sharply joked that he wished those preaching you need to be circumcised in order to be saved would cut themselves (as in cut their whole penis off).

But those claiming it's a moral wrong have to reconcile that with the fact that God required every male be circumcised on the 8th day of their birth I believe it was.

If God required it for the Abrahamic covenant then it is not a moral wrong as God does not ask people to do morally wrong things period.

All that circumcision is now is unnecessary, but it isn't a moral wrong.

In fact, even after it was clear that circumcision wasn't necessary, Paul had a gentile he was traveling with be circumcised so that he'd fit in with Jewish culture and be able to preach in the synagogues (because otherwise they would not be allowed in if he's uncircumcised and rather than lie which is a sin to get in, he had him get circumcised so that he could tell the truth and preach in the synagogues). So even at this time when it was post a sign of the covenant it was still not a moral wrong to get circumcised, nor is it wrong now.

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This isn't an anti-circumcision post. As a Christian being circumcised or uncircumcised is lawful. It's not morally wrong either way. It's not required as part of the covenant any more but it's not a sin to be circumcised either. I don't ascribe to the "circumcision is akin to female circumcision and is mutilation" argument.

If you wanted to do this for the request of your wife, there'd be nothing wrong in it.

But for a girlfriend?

Consequences of abandoning marriage people....Almost like society's were on to something when they didn't wait til they were in their mid 30s or later to marry and didn't sleep with each other without the binding contract that came from God.

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Update, I created an account with a girls name and selected female type interests such as makeup and female fashion, then created a post in "Transgender" saying,

"Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but does this snickers ad strike anyone else as transphobic?" and linked to it.

It's awaiting approval. Looking forward to the responses.

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So several things are simultaneously true for this game.

  1. I was interested in it before any controversy, just by when I saw the trailer. It looked really cool to explore a large recreation of that world

  2. I knew it would be almost certainly very woke. If you have an Indie game today, there's about a 70% chance it will be woke....when you get a AAA huge budget game that goes up to like a 99.7% chance. I don't think I can remember the last modern release where the character selection was not majority non-white and female and the men didn't look like effeminate soy boys that you could pick from.

  3. Like 95% of games I'll skip the cutscenes. I didn't grow up on RPG's or anything like that, and will probably play the game muted or dialogue off because I want to minimize the blood pressure increasing wokeness that'll be anywhere. To me, it'll be a cool game to collect all the secrets in the world and sort of live in that universe and try to ignore the anti-white, anti-male agenda while I chill out listening to podcasts as I make my way through the game.

  4. I'll probably wait a year or 2 when the inevitable game of the year edition releases that has all the DLC that will probably come out and probably wait for a sale.

  5. I do enjoy that it's making the "trans" movement whine and be retarded because any time they "eat their own" it's funny to witness, even though I know the game will be woke and knew it from day 1.

With modern games I just mute the game while I play while listening to a podcast or something. Unlike modern movies and TV which are just totally unsalvageable because when you mute a movie or TV show, you are left with nothing....audio is at least 50% of what makes a movie or TV show at a minimum.

With games, you can still enjoy them muted while you listen to stuff that doesn't make you cringe every 5 seconds. I mostly play older games nowadays, but the rare decent looking game, I just mute and just enjoy the gameplay.

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I know Rod Serling was a "progressive" but JFK would look right wing by today's standards.

Despite Rod Serling's politics, what he wrote, the art he created spoke to universal values, things that all mankind can relate to, because it deals with universal morality unlike the subjective "what is truth" morality of today.

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So what I've always said about that, and I recognize that that was the case, that's still less racist than today.

Then: Everyone hated everyone; it wasn't a targeted campaign like nazi propoganda flyers everywhere demonizing and dehumanziing one group

Now: Everyone hates just one race, and even our own race (white) has a huge contingent who also hates their own race. There's anti-white and anti-male propaganda everywhere

Everyone hating everyone is just human nature. It's not good, but it's something with the work of the Holy Spirit to overcome in believers

Everyone and the government, and all the institutions of messaging (propaganda producers) all targeting one single race and dehumanizing them is more akin to nazi germany. The racism today is more akin to nazi germany, whereas the racism of the 60s was more akin to how the Brits hated the French, and the Irish who hated the Scottish, and so on and so forth.

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Yeah, I'm not "pro diversity" or anything like that. I think there's an anti-white genocide going on, I note how only white countries are told they have to be "diverse", while asian countries can be 100% asian and black countries can be 100% black.

And we're at this point because we accepted bad arguments a long time ago and now people don't know up from down.

That's not my point.

The reality is, black people were in our country in the 60s in America and there's two ways you can write stories with them. One way that's divisive like today, and another that's unifying like in the past because we all are made in the image of God, and have universal truths to being human, even if there's culture differences.

It's the divisive tactics that have made the black community even more different culturally as there's been those in their communities who have pushed for rejecting anything white, or anything american, culturally.

Imagine if the black community identified as American and Christian above all else....Don't you think there would be a huge difference in their attitudes towards other Americans today?

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That's why I recommended the truth. Jesus Christ is the truth, the light and the way.

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Is eternal salvation, the forgiveness of ones sins, the sanctification (becoming more like Jesus) by having the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that produces the fruit of the Spirit (peace, love, joy, patience, self control) non helpful?

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They're all the sex they were born as, as assigned by God.

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