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Globaltimes is the medium Chinese government uses to speak to the west, it reflects the views of CCP so their pages are invaluable when trying to understand geopolitics.

You can read TASS to understand the views of the Russian government if international politics is your thing.

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Eastern Africa is based.

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Yeah, some nonsense bullshit only thots care about just to make a bang big enough to cover the blast from blowning up the country.

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In case you think that the biggest money printing operation in history will let nobodies chose the head strawman.

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Russian government has like 95% approval so yeah there is a 5% ...

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Bullets are not enough, you need fire to cleanse this filth.

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People over the age of 40 should be ineligible for any public office.

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Putin didn't invade anything, this was the collective will of all Russians.

Wherever the west goes poverty, degeneracy, corruption and misery follows. Maybe it is time to seek something new and get rid of neocons/neoliberals all together.

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I’m a writer

LOL what a knee slapper

They don't know how to write, they are absolute failures in creating worlds , stories and characters and they consider someone who puts meat in his ass a hero.

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Diseases love him

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Games that cost over 30 euros are shit anyway,

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You mean authorities of the country that exports Nazism in Ukraine, Zionism in Europe, Marxist terrorism in India, Jihadistm in the Middle East and arms tribal warlords in Africa to kill each other?

I am shocked!

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When Albanians arrived locals were repulsed by their lack of self control

When Pakistanis arrived Albanians were like "who the fuck are those shitskins"

When West Africans start coming here Pakistanis were like "fuck those niggers"

Then Syrians start arriving and West Africans were like "fucking ragheads"

Lately the Chinese start buying homes and are like "we will call the police every time we see someone with the wrong pigmentation"

I cannot say anything because i am not a racist.

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Like this will solve anything..... politicians are products of the domestic society.

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Probably neoliberal assholes, adopting all the social bullshit but never ever touching the economic aspects.

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working class guy murdered other working class guys to farther the agenda of those who move around with armed guards

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Christians and Muslims should sit down and think who owns Jerusalem

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Mozilla , settings , general , scroll to the bottom and hit dns over https

Or use TOR, if TOR is blocked use a bridge.

Nothing can be blocked.

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