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They are too many so they must be right

Laughs in Galileo

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It is not exactly a power grab, they could have easily said "hey there is a virus that kills old people please vaccinate to save your parents" . They wanted the fear so the economy is brought to a halt while they are printing dollars/euros to save themselves.

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EU countries have this fantastic system where the more you make the less taxes you pay, people who make millions do not pay anything. Pensioners and wagies are fucked.

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Alt-right together with far right and far left are meme terms for morons who do not understand anything.

A friendly correction : the term "niggerfaggot" was created in VOAT like 7 years ago, i understand that languages evolve but " nigger faggot" is creole Voatish and should be avoided.

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They have this false idea that we actually care for the size of our manhood....

We can cum at any size, can you ?

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The European Union of Banks and Multinational Corporations that write our laws and then pass them through the unelected body of fascist cunts named European Commission are a bunch of clowns.

Feeding them to the pigs will be degrading for the pigs.

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True !

in the sense that hemophilia is blood that can but does not want to clot, cinephile is someone that loves movies but never watch them, musicophile is someone that likes music but never listen to them , coprophile is someone attracted to shit but never eats them etc etc

They are like the parents from "Dogtooth"

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Canada is a fascist shithole, the right to be against the government and the law is one of the fundamental principles of democracy.

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All re-whatever media look and sound like Reefer Madness to me.

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Did you ever seriously consider buying a game you have already finished multiple times just because of "updated" whatever ?

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RPGCodex for debates

ThePirateBay for free demos

Unfortunately no substitute for the beloved Woman's Weekly, just accept that you will not have great hair every day.

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It wasn't the society that decided you get dressed, wash off the 20 kilos of dirt your people usually have and not participate in tribal warfare. You made the best decision to be European.

Being proud for your stone age ancestors is retarded, being covered in 12 layers of fake up and pose as a native reflects the IQ of your people.

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There will be no collapse, natives will be presented with bulbs & fo to keep quiet and they will oblige.

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Western fiat is so real they use armies to enforce its worth

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