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And there will be no countries remaining for white people to move to

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Possibly up to 700 false convictions because of this woman running bullshit software that she didn't understand :

"There were more than 700 prosecutions based on Horizon evidence. The commission and the Post Office are asking anyone else who believes their conviction to be unsafe to come forward."

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He tried to incite murder/get the guy killed.

All because the target believed in the right of a fair trial.

Why do so many people come to the US from third world communist countries and try to install their values into the US?

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Twitter has already gone into full blown censorship and narrative protection mode.

This is like another Hunter Biden and underage girl video came out ......

Chester: “Be prepared, it's coming. Climate change is going to be the next COVID thing for CNN.”

Veritas Journalist: “You think it's going to be just like -- a lot of like, fear for the climate?”

Chester: “Yeah. Fear sells.”

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Don't like our movie and get smeared as a nazi.

Feminism 101.

Write better movies instead of bitching.

But if a feminist's solution to adversity was to apply herself she wouldn't have fallen into the rabbit hole of feminism.

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you're right - that's a better term. I wonder about other names:

"self-hating whites?"

"rich whites who want poor people to focus on a race war instead of wealth inequalities"

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Big Tech echo chambers are creating far left cults -

Nobody in her replies is explaining to her the basics of due process.

Likely because she muted or blocked anybody who would question her.

This is unhealthy for society. Everybody should be regularly mocked and ridiculed for saying stupid shit.

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Far left feminists never understand due process.

I remember during MeToo one feminazi tweeted 'every female allegation must be believed'

And immediately a woman in singapore tweeted 'She raped me'

These days twitter would take down that reply as 'hate speech'. But I like to think she learned a lesson that day.

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Has Tor been taken over by extreme feminists?

Their key evidence against RMS was that virginia guiffre (jeffrey epstein's sex trafficked woman) was willing. Her own testimony claims she was....

RMS’s views on rape and child sex laws were publicly discussed in the Fall of 2019, when Selam G wrote about them.1 Especially chilling is when Stallman addresses the accusations that Marvin Minsky sexually assaulted one of Jeffrey Epstein’s trafficking victims (Virginia Giuffre) by saying “but the most plausible scenario is that she presented herself to him as entirely willing.”2 RMS decries that this is not “sexual assault” because “‘assaulting’ presumes that he applied forc

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Remember - China has had about 4 leaks of viruses they were researching in the past :

Sars version 1 - leaked from the same beijing lab TWICE and infected people in Beijing.

China can't create baby powder without killing its own people. I wouldn't trust it to perform gain of function research safely

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Peter Daszak was attacking anybody who said it was a lab leak.

Peter has been part of the WHO coverup -

Peter has a massive conflict of interest :


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Hemal Jhaveri - that sounds like the name of somebody advocating for the destruction of the greatest country that has ever existed after arriving in the country 2 months ago.

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Why are there so many trannies in "diversity and inclusion" crybullying "advocacy" groups?

It is interesting how every "trust and safety department" in silicon valley is taken over by authoritarian trannies and far left anti-white minorites.

I believe some people who are mentally delusional gravitate towards safe spaces etc where they can continue lying to themselves.

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Left wing sites cannot exist without heavy moderation or censorship in the same way that cults cannot exist without policing people's speech.

Sites without constant intervention end up turning right wing - I believe this is because left wing sites kick these customers off.

Society needs natural 'arguments' and 'debate' and 'ridicule' to keep itself balanced. Historically we were not able to 'ship everybody we disagree with' to a separate island. This creates the echo chambers and radicalization that we see today.

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Biden should just get all the xerox machines that voted for him to come and cheer at his inauguration