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Go shill somewhere else. This argument works. I know because I've used it

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Politicians using their power to coerce you to get the Vax is the same as Hollywood rapists using their influence to coerce women into sex.

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Lol this must be a shill account. This tactic hits hard in real life. I know because I've been using it.

If you don't believe me, give it a try yourself and see what happens. You'll be surprised

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That's why you use the rapist comparison. That argument hits hard both emotionally and logically

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A good old ass kicking would put then in their place

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The problem is these companies are built by globalists. If one country cracks down, they'll just move HQ to somewhere else.

The secret is these companies need you to give them their money. If you don't pay for media and don't buy your stuff from aggregators like Amazon, they cannot profit.

And that's why you never give a cunt a dollar.

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They will never be dismantled by the government.

Start pirating, and never give a cent to these cunts again. Be the change you want to see

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Its been great PR for Trump. Any swing voters are going to look at the left burning cities and wishing death and see them as unhinged

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The media will never run out of rich idiots to finance it

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Stop paying for entertainment and pirate everything

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Thanks for posting these links. I'm not a bug fan of fluff filled videos either

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Remember to mention the director by name when to tell Netflix why you are cancelling your account:. Her name is Maïmouna Doucouré

Also pirate your media, dont support Hollywood