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“Masculine/feminine of center”

They really believe this spectrum shit.

Well that doesn’t seem to be the only spectrum they are on

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There are 2 Bills

One proposes the establishment of an Equity Commission for the Dept. of Agriculture and proposes “black farmer land grants”.

The other one allots $5 billion to “farmers of color”

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If showing work and the written word are white supremacy what does that say about non-whites?

Math equity

What is that even supposed to mean?

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He can fuck off with all of it Hopefully the non-cucked state governments will fight as much as they can any way they can up to and including full on secession

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The Dems are playing the “your election security laws suppress voters, our ‘voter protection’ laws secure the election” game

This idiot supports both the massive voting overreach Dems put forward as the first house bill of the year and wants them to end the filibuster

Probably wants to end the Electoral College as well

The framing of voting as a “right” was a mistake

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*his leg

It’s a dude

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Unga bunga doopity doo. I've got another puzzle for you. What is 13, but also 52?

Apparently, Food Network pulled the entire 20th season of “Worst Cooks in America” because of this.

She was a contestant and won the season

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It’s so blatant

After this bill, if you apply for an absentee ballot once, it renews yearly. No need to re-apply.

If a state requires ID a potential voter can sign a written statement saying they are who they say they are, and there are hard limits on challenging signatures

Requires all states to allow 16 y/o to be registered to vote

Near permanent automatic voter registration

Makes it easier to re-enfranchise felons

Read through it if you have the time and something to drink

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This whole event has Rudolph’s nose all over it

Some might even say it glows

It obviously occurred, but there was extremely limited vandalism and loss of life for “radical extremists”

I don’t really see how they are connecting this to the 6th, other than him being there.

Do we know everything that got stolen?

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Sorry, but Pence isn't going to do shit

Not to get fed-posty, but if the republic is going to be saved it has to be done by the people.

Openly resist Biden's executive orders considering lockdowns

Constantly protest the legitimacy of his office

And get prepared for a watering of the tree if it becomes necessary, and I goddamn hope it doesn't.

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Are you sure about that?


They don't need "proof"

Edit: Didn't something like this already happen in November as well?

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Back in high school, I had a class where all we did was watch Dave Ramsey.

I don’t remember what the class was supposed to be, but that class has helped me out quite a bit.

Most people in my class probably ignored it, and we all thought it was kind of stupid at the time, but I am glad I actually paid attention.

I’ve made it a point to save as much as my income as reasonably possible, but a bad girlfriend (now ex) did take advantage of it for a bit.

I have been building a decent chunk of saving and currently work an “essential job” making $11 per hour, so I’m going okay for now.

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The thing is, in my experience, it is generally leftists who partake in the practice.

Every “debate” I’ve seen someone have with a leftist consists of constant bad faith questions and asking for a sOuRcE for what is common knowledge.

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I’ve been thinking about picking it up for a while now.

Count Dankula streamed it when it came out (he makes a cameo appearance) and it seems pretty good. Now with confirmation the dev and publisher are both willing to stand up to the mob, I’ll probably go ahead and make the purchase.

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We have no statewide mask mandate here it is just recommended. I live in a rural area and most people don’t really give a fuck if you are wearing a mask or not.

The store I work at does “require” them.

I’m required to wear one while working or I would get fired, but most of us just half ass it, including management.

I used to get people complaining about us not actually enforcing it on the customers but they have all realized we don’t really care.

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Her husband was believed to be overthrown with help from a man named Grigory Orlov.

by Breeze
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The word 'picnic' appears to be banned because of false suggestions on the internet that it originates from the racist, extrajudicial killings of African Americans.

When demand for racism exceeds the supply

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Israel "Can we have some money"

Printer magically works again

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I looked at the entire bill.

Or skimmed through the sections I thought might be important to look at it.

The PDF is almost 5600 pages of giving our taxpayer money to various groups and countries with limited assistance for small businesses.

It prioritizes minority owned businesses for the loans.

It mentions “equity”

Gives billions upon billions to various foreign countries

You know, normal US budget shit

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Oh, bother.

I like their storefront.

The honey jar of China will sting them.

This will happen more not less.

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