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Don’t you know that your source is fake and extremely biased, because this fact checker said so, but my sources are not to be questioned because they have the support of some authority on the matter. My anonymous source says that Project Veritas is a Russian Asset used to help Blumpf win.

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Yeah I noticed that as well. Must have lots of time on their hands, with a poop sock and piss jug, so they don't have to leave the keyboard

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Yeah and the water shortages, that they like to blame completely on “climate change” whenever part of the problem stems from the state’s management of the water supply

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Obviously the most pressing issue California faces. It's not like they are hemorrhaging money, facing a homelessness issue, fighting mass drug abuse, and literally on fire.

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Not a big fan of the death penalty myself, but his crime is definitely not a mistake.

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on what is right to do with people like this though, and I'm not going to get up in arms over a clear thug, that absolutely didn't need to be on the streets.

They only care about him because he isn't white, and would be cheering for any one who killed a minority couple being executed by the feds.

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This is part of the reason why I absolutely refuse to even consider looking at the PS5. Sony is run by absolute shit-head wannabe Puritans that break the anti-sexuality rules they put into place whenever it suits them. They clearly have an anti-Japan bias, because Sony has adopted the ideology of woke western women.

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My corporate overlords at work have had us put “register to vote” stickers everywhere. Every single freezer and cooler door has one, with “Rosie the Riveter” on them of course, just so you know who they support.

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Feminists always like to misrepresent their ideas and opponents, and have done so since the beginnings of feminism. They always either claim they are fighting for equality or completely deny men’s issues in order to perpetuate their belief that they are better than us.

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Yeah, the concept of being able to deny any potential competitor access to the market is absolutely ludicrous and no company should have that power. While you can technically obtain apps without using the Play Store, most consumers probably won't bother with it.

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“Just build your own platform”

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Let’s see how much I know about these.

Martin was being suspicious and watched by Zimmerman, who was neighborhood watch. Martin then attacked Zimmerman and got shot in self-defense.

Arbery was “jogging” in an under construction property and the guys who caught him had reasonable suspicion on what he was doing. While being confronted he ran for and grabbed a shotgun and got shot in self-defense.

Taylor was shacking it up with a drug dealer and her car was seen at a drug house, giving them reason to get a warrant for her arrest. The boyfriend shot at police when they showed up, and Breonna got hit, at worse Criminally Negligent Homicide, not murder.

Floyd was tweaked out on fentanyl and meth, resisted arrest and died of a heart attack. Again at worse criminally negligent homicide.

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Well it sucks that they have to put the poor horse down, I was hoping it didn't come to that, but it's probably for the best. Fuck that guy, I probably can't say what I want to happen to him or the mods might have reason to say something, but let's just say animal abusers deserve what is coming to them.

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They are actually doing it. I was sure they were going to "forget" when it was time for them to actually change, but the useless virtue signal is going to happen. I'm not sure if "Get woke, Go Broke" will work with a massive food conglomerate either, so prepare for more of this BS.

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Prepare for another nightly jogging session, that will probably spread across the US and last for weeks. The Grand Jury made their decision on the Breonna Taylor case today and people are upset. Louisville is in preemptive lockdown, but that probably won't stop anything.

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That's pretty much what I had heard about it, but you can never be fully sure with reviews these days, I probably won't bother with it then.

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I’ve yet to play Agony, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about it. I do hope for the sake of the Devs that Succubus doesn’t get absolutely neutered by censors if they try to release it on anything other than Steam, but with the way Steam is going I wonder if they will try to do anything to it?

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Well the Senate did a vote to determine if Garland was going to be considered or not and decided that it wasn’t worth the time to do a hearing. The Senate didn’t consent to Garland so he didn’t get appointed. The Senate’s job is to consider the appointment not appoint whoever the President puts forward

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Well he supports the narrative, so anything that he has done is ignored. Just wait until after Trump nominates his Justice at the end of the week. During the hearings, rape will be an offense that leads to cancellation again. If it wasn’t for double standards there would be none

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Yes, beautiful Chinese innovation. The Glorious Leader Xi Xinping himself designs, develops and tests everything that comes out of China, and those filthy American Dogs are stealing his life’s work.

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This is part of the reason he won in 2016. He makes jokes jabbing at his opponents and the Dems take it seriously every time.

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I looked through it and it’s all one sided partisan nonsense like r/politics always is. Make it where the Republicans can never win and make it so the minority party never gets a say, ignoring how that could be used against them if someone they don’t like gets in. Dems never think about the rule changes

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We know that, but do you really think the people who want to believe that will pay attention to where it came from.

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People are already starting to say Trump had it sent it to himself in order to garner sympathy.

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And I just joked about her being immortal two days ago. I bet the House will say that Trump can’t nominate a justice this close to the election

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