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That's pretty much all the House Elves wanted, was a bit of respect for who they were, and decent treatment. Which is basically the least anyone could possibly ask for or expect.

This paints Hermione's methods (Trying to trick House Elves into nonconsensually freeing themselves by picking up socks) in a hilarious light.

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"We resist" the megacorporation Disney, which is large enough to lobby the government, said to its critics to silence and shame them.

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The most upvoted responses to this post are criticisms of the rules, criticisms that go unanswered.

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Do you think DoM is bribed by jews, or just a cuckservative who thinks trying to "separate the whites from antisemetism" is the only way to stop the semites from being relentlessly antiwhite?

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Name one "Based" royal family these days. London fell apart under Sad-Dick Khan and the pozzed Queen watched it happen with a smile. Monarchy is a joke, you don't earn the right to rule by being born lucky. You earn it by being a superior ruler, getting the nation to recognize you as the superior option, and taking the reins through force.

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The ones who never shut up about how asexual they are typically have sodomized skeletons in their closet.

Those who have more important shit going on in their lives have other things to talk about.

But if looking above suspicion is the biggest deal on your mind right now... "I swear I don't even like the titty! Ew, booba!"

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Leftists did the same thing with the George Floyd trial. They threatened jurors, and news outlets hinted at their identities to intimidate them. They mentioned what the jurors were, even said one believed that "all lives matter".

And the left got away with it thanks to its monopoly on violence, land, and government force.

I wish there was one nation, one state, even one town conservatives could flee to when they're sick of communist bullshit and black replacists. I don't care if they call it "White flight" again. Whites need a place where whites can be white without communist subverters getting in the way of that.

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It's simple, the socialists dream of a world where society is made "Rational" through government force under their control.

They dream of being one of many people paid to laze around "for being soooo smart", or paid to dictate how the world must be from a comfortable armchair, or paid to run around clubbing civilians to death for not being communist enough.

Communism/Socialism/Marxism, it's all the same parasite. Everyone knows where it comes from. Everyone KNOWS who's responsible.

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"I act like an anime character" is one bizarre euphemism for "I'm a shallow and immature creature with shallow imitations of emotions, I pretend to be bipolar for attention because I feel others should be responsible for my emotions instead of taking pills or doing yoga, and my only role models growing up were the worst-behaved fictional characters you can imagine" when it's said by that kind of person.

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Finding and prosecuting those responsible for the Weimar Republic's degeneracy is the most important part of ending the Weimar Republic's degeneracy.

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Nazi is the left's favourite insult, but calling the left nazis is an insult to nazis.

They've actually gone that far, doing shit Hitler either never thought of or never wanted to do.

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