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They are selling all these emulators now. Why cant they release a system for $100 to $200 more that can play every game since original Playstation or every game since original Xbox?

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For AAA games, not shooting yourself in the foot by introducing bad gameplay, shitty stories, or in general making the game less fun is greatness now.

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With the amount of shilling and censoring about this, I am certain HCQ/Zinc/Azithromycin is a complete cure.

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I can't wait for the following to show up in the media:

  • Sneak peacefully protesting
  • Peacefully protested to death
  • Building destroyed by peaceful protesting
  • Self inflicted peaceful protest wound
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Blackpill: It is only going to get worse, we have given women an enormous amount of power and they have no discretion in using it. They have taken the steering wheel of civilization and are determined to drive it over a cliff. It's too late, society is going to collapse and we will be taken over by barbarians. This has happened several times throughout history. The only thing you can do is when you have the power, do not submit. When you have children, instill your values into them.


White pill: Most people are various degrees of NPCs. You have people who are 100% NPC that will believe any thing the news shows them as true and people who are 0% who look at everything critically and there is everything in between. As these accusations get crazier and crazier, more people will see that this MeToo is bullshit. At some point we will reach "critical mass" and MeToo being bullshit will be normal and then all those NPCs will switch like a light switch. Much like when one week you went to the grocery store with a mask and got mean stares and then the next week they would break down crying because you weren't wearing a mask.

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considered occasionally slipping in a bit of MAGA

That what the left does, its incredibly annoying.

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C https://i1.yuki.la/0/4f/388b69289c63f99203331622ea666440a2828ef7c1772cc88b0459cc3ef5e4f0.png

Losing doesn't matter. If one side is willing to use violence another is not, the side willing to use violence is going to get more control. I think the problem we are facing right now is that one side has less to lose than the other. If you are a fat, unemployed, $100k in debt, addicted to drugs, live with your parents what do you have to lose compared to a home owner with a nice house in a rural area with a family. Its like making a $1 vs $100 bet.

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In the time span of about a week:

  • Some one working on Tucker's show is outed for posting racist posts on a message board
  • NY Times is working to expose Tucker's new house after he moved because he was doxxed and harassed at his old house
  • Suit was filed alleging sexual harassment from Tucker

In the same month as when the show achieves the highest rated show in cable news history. Its so fucking transparent.

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I have same problem

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Do we really have a 2nd amendment at this point? Mob breaks iron gate, trespasses, threatens your life, threatens to burn down house. According to the law, they could have mowed down the entire mob legally. Then police come to your house and take all your weapons and media broadcasts you don't have any weapons. Then prosecutor will use the court system to drain all your money like Roger Stone and Micheal Flynn.

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Tucker took off his jacket and mentioned he was staying at a hotel without his family, that's practically gang rape in 2020. Then he retaliated after by only inviting her on his show 3 times.

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Twitter dead now?

No, the internet is filled with normies now. If this was 15 years ago, everyone would have moved to a different platform long ago for Twitter bullshit. Normies think blacklists and censorship are good because it will only be used for "bad" things. Using a new site for twitter like communication and adding everyone again is asking too much of them. Reddit is 100x worse than Digg was when everyone left.

I don't know how anyone uses Twitter from KiA2. There is always some Twitter fuckery posted regularly.

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I don't see how Tucker gets out of this. Some of the things Neff said were pretty racist, although its obvious he was being an edge lord. If Tucker "disavows" Neff, then he is a hypocrite because he has been bashing Republicans for surrendering to the progressive mobs. If he doesn't accept the resignation, it would be brave, but he would lose more sponsors. Possibly enough for Fox News to care. He could do nothing, and lose sponsors anyways.

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Neff, a history buff interested in wars and military battles, has repeatedly disclosed on the forum that he rarely drinks and The Post story said he rarely dates.

Had to shoe that horn in, because its really important to the story.

"We should just buy Canada and kick the Canadians out." Neff commented, "Okay but what do we do with the millions of Chinese people."

"Another person commented, "It doesn't matter to these people." Neff then replied, "It does. The violent criminals are even MORE heroic."

"Maybe you should take this opportunity to consider whether continuing to post here is morally defensible at all, even if you aren't posting deranged shit? I don't think it is defensible, which is why I am leaving." On June 16, Neff responded by quoting the user's words and adding, "LMAO if you think this shit will save you when the mob comes for you. Good riddance."

Sounds pretty based. If he quit, will Tucker just turn into a neocon now?

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It would be pretty hard to lie about this. Every state publicly reports deaths. They are probably just counting yesterday's deaths as today or states are automatically reporting at 12am. My state's daily report released at 5pm always says "accurate as of 7pm <day before>".

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So you are saying she is going to die from Corona virus

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He renamed the company from Fog Creek to Glitch.

He is also trying to open up a new restaurant chain named "Puke" and a line of safety equipment named "Ouch."

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You are right, it is all garbage.

  • There is different testing criteria in each state and that has changed.
  • Some states can test anyone, some need a doctor.
  • Testing is increasing rapidly in every state.
  • There are multiple tests going around with different accuracies.
  • Deaths cannot be compared because we are counting deaths with COVID and from COVID the same.
  • Deaths with no testing can be counted as COVID
  • Deaths disproportionately affect some communities like the elderly, so once it starts infecting there, it screws up any predictions.
  • There is monetary incentive to mark deaths as COVID or hospitalize them for COVID.

It is crazy how blind we actually are. At beginning there was talk about randomized immunity testing. What happened to that? That would have been something we could have looked at for good data.

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So the incubation period is between 2 to 14 days with the median being 5 days. Depending on how TX is testing, that could lag a few days too. It looks like a regular increase of the virus starting May 17th, 16 days after reopening, definitely before the rioting/protesting. If I look at testing between May 1st and July 1st, it quadrupled. So if positive rate stayed the same, May 1st is 50, July 1st would be 200. Testing increasing definitely lines up as a better explanation. In addition, daily deaths stayed flat more or less.

If you look at the county as a whole, the increase lines up with BLM rioting/protesting better, but again the daily deaths have decreased.

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'blacklist' is devoid of a historical racial connection

They even acknowledge that blacklist has nothing to do with race, but can't help thinking of black people when they see a list of unwanted and banned things and black.

I can't wait for them to ban the following for the same reasons: garbage collector, GNOME (for dwarfs), RAID, Unity, man pages

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It has already been tried. Even if we could do it, do we really want to? The OK hand symbol as WP troll didn't really go that well. Everyone believes it is actually true, even white supremacists. It has been used to get innocent people fired and labeled as white supremacists. It didn't red pill anyone, they just accepted it as a white supremacist symbol.

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I wonder if it would help writing to Sony of Japan and Honda (in Japanese) letting them know that that the American branches are using their brand and adverting money to promote a political agenda.

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I wonder if they are that brainwashed/stupid or they are doing it out of fear. If they are doing it out of fear, it is contemptuous, but I can somewhat sympathize with them and they may learn a lesson. If not, then it means they do not believe that people have a right to life.

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