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Do I believe that the FBI is spying on Tucker Carlson's show and could set up an operation to steal the documents?


Since this is not an organization funding riots, pedophilia, gang related, Islamic terrorism, human trafficking, leftist terrorism, voter fraud, or leftist political corruption it is possible the FBI intercepted the documents. I can picture an FBI agent driving past gang owned area on the way to work, walking to his office ignoring a victim of human trafficking, in a city that had violent riots last night, who's house representative openly takes bribes, to sit in his office for 6 hours a day to listen to bugs in Tucker Carlson's office.

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Sometimes the anime adaption from a light novel or manga skips a lot of back story and setup. If you see an anime that you kinda like, but there are too many things just glossed over or it seems like they skipped a bunch of steps, look at the light novel or manga. Once you are finished, re-watch the anime, and you will enjoy it much more.

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It has been discounted before release, I doubt it will be good.

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If the women are all protesting, who will make ugly soup?

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No, it is the same answer for any question with them: racism. It absolves them of all responsibility. Their policies, campaign, and candidate weren't bad, it was racism. It has been 6 years since Gamergate, several companies and franchises have "gone woke/gone broke," and it only seems like it is getting worse.

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If the intent was to destroy Joe Biden: If it is his niece, I don't think they would have blurred her face, because it would destroy Joe Biden's campaign.

If the intent was to distract: I don't think they would have risked using a video with his niece in it.

Obama's daughter, and the daughter of Chris Coons

Even if they were underage, I don't think anyone would care, it would be celebrity tier gossip.

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pol is unusable today, there is like 9 shill Hunter is a chad threads per 1 normal one. I can't tell if this is crazy damage control or a massive planned operation. Some "Anti-CCP" Chinese person releases videos and photos to hurt CCP seems less likely than China releasing it to distract from laptop leaks about "big guy" taking 10% and his shady business dealing.

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My prediction is Trump will win, but will lose a state that doesn't make sense. For example, he loses PA, but wins Minnesota or he loses FL, but wins VA. It will show there is obvious cheating, but Republicans will do nothing about it. The average Trump voter will crawl through broken glass to vote for him in a liberal state. This was demonstrated during the primary. The average Biden supporter will only vote if you make it effortless and even the most craziest leftists may skip voting and say they did. I don't see them waiting in line for an hour to vote.

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AMD Zen3 beats Intel in games supposedly, releases in 2 weeks.

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II wish it weren't true, but it is a good bet because Republicans probably wont do anything if they win. It is a no lose scenario to back Democrats.

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This is the first good news that has come from this game. Cara Ellison has said "they’re trying to broaden Bloodlines 2 from the more masculine power fantasy of the original." Shes a "huge fan" of VtMB, but didn't like how sexualized it was and didn't like it risky stories that could offend people which means she really hated the game. It is probably too late at this point to fix the game. I think making a AAA game like VtMB is impossible in 2020, they have to make too many compromises and worry about offending people.

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Did you? You are a stronger man than me. I tried, but failed. I got four or five paragraphs in, it was pretentious writing and seemed like she was making up excuses. Did after 3000 words eventually she say "I take full responsibility" after making excuses for entire article before it?

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WTF is "emotionally blackmailed"? He was going to be mean to her if she didn't do what he wanted? Sounds like a bullshit excuse for doing something terrible. I have a dream that one day women will be accountable for their actions.

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An election win wouldn't give control of culture or media.

I know, but the only way to bring the country back together would be to get control over it. We are already on the path: mainstream sports, news and TV are less relevant each year.

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I think the biggest problem is controlling culture and media. A large portion of the population will just go along with what is widely accepting without challenging the ideas. They changed the definition of a word in a day and gas lit a holiday this year. If conservatism suddenly was in control of culture, they would just go along with it.

In terms of ideas, there is no way to reconcile. How do you have a functioning society under leftism? They demonize hard workers, farmers, truck drivers, manual labor and they idealize arbitrary traits. Having no systematic injustice left, they have invented things to pretend they are marginalized. They demonize the country and it's history. At least in USSR or China there is the facade of hard work for the betterment of the country and nationalism. Leftists believe in unlimited immigration and welfare, murdering babies, mutilating children. All their ideas are destructive to civilization. There is no room for compromise.

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Implies the left are the real fascists.

Left: Wait until we change the definition of fascists.

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When I lived in NH in a 99+% white city, I had to wait in line for like 90 minutes. There were no parking spots either, you had to park illegally. I tried going really early, 8am, 1pm, etc. Its fucking terrible voting in NH.

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China is aiming for that sweet spot where the lock downs hurt everyone else enough it makes China more powerful, but too much will mean no one can buy Chinese crap. Continued lock downs are probably not profitable to China anymore.

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  1. People call criminals thugs.
  2. Most criminals are non white.
  3. "Thugs" is now hate speech.
  4. Rinse with new word and repeat
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Human encounters problem in this world they cannot control and can do nothing about.

Atheists: Does a bunch of desperate useless shit that can potentially harm self, others, or civilization to feel like they are doing something.

Religious Person: Prays to God.

It is obvious to me which one facilitates a healthier civilization. I'm an Atheist, but it is clear that a healthy civilization needs God.

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Considering the low quality of the mods being uploaded

95% of mods uploaded are probably low quality. There are tags to filter out this type of content.

cowards with sock puppet accounts deliberately

Probably the people didn't want their mods pulled because they uploaded a political one they wanted to share.

We will review this restriction sometime after the next President of the United States has been inaugurated.

Not "after the election"

How bad of a problem was it? Were there hundreds or a few dozen that pissed off some cry babies? The Nexus modding community is a terrible community, so it wouldn't surprise me if one or two mods got uploaded and everyone flipped out. Then some troll saw the overreaction and started uploading troll mods.

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I was having issues last night too. I would guess it was just overloaded with normal traffic, but with DDOSing being so frequent, I wouldn't be surprised.

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