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The only cited one guy saying it's OP and his explanation is this:

Capitalist countries work in 3 layers. Capitalists get around 25-30 pounds pay, clerks and middle managere get around 10-20 while workers around 3-5. After council republic enacted, a special "workers cooperative" ownership is made where the capitalists get nothing and all the excess wealth turned for the workers, making them overall richer. Their PP (purchasing power) is used to buy more basic need,. Making higher demands. Higher pay also make them have higher living standards, so higher immigration. Its just so easy

Haven't played this one yet, only Vic2, can that actually be done or is he making stuff up? Or maybe he posted that just before the collapse, like you explained.

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"I hate landowners," wrote(opens in new tab) one player just after release. "I hate these inbred, backass backwards, slave owning, tax stealing, progress blocking, head in the sand, law hating, stupid hat wearing, anachronistic assholes, I hate Landowners."

At the same time, it's not like successful communism is incredibly easy to implement.

There are also alternatives to more liberal communism, like command economies and authoritarian, state-run socialism, but players aren't using them as much—nor are they complaining about them. --- He's almost using the F-word! So close yet so far...

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I guarantee you a white teenage male would probably get asked what he knows about Metallica if he wore their shirt.

That actually happened to me in my late teens while walking around in town. I was wearing a Ride the Lightning t-shirt and some random guy walking a few steps behind me, another metal-head, comes and puts his arm around me and asks me if I know Metallica's members on that album, not at the time(2000 iirc). I tell him the names and he just walks away after shaking my hand... I still kinda regret not asking if he was able to read or not (band member names were on the back) but that could've ended badly since he wasn't alone.

It's nice when you get asked stuff like that out of genuine interest and maybe even make few buddies along the way, like you did. On the other hand, maybe a little gate keeping isn't that bad seeing as how some hobbies have been infiltrated by these destructive ass-hats.

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Also: FTX Climate

Hmm... Initiatives we support:

Giving Green Giving Green is a guide for individuals and businesses to make more effective climate giving decisions.

(carbon)plan Data and science for climate action.

GoodFoodInstitute Modernizing meat production. The Good Food Institute is a nonprofit think tank and international network of organizations working to accelerate alternative protein innovation.

Hardly surprising, although at this point to keep the lenders from turning them into pariahs, they all pledge allegiance.

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You gotta give it to the soviets and he rest of the european leftists, managing to convince so many people that right-wing socialism is a thing, is something I'd never think possible. Well they actually convinced everyone that nationalism is a right-wing doctrine and not just a "flavor" you can add to any doctrine... national communism, national socialism, national liberalism, national conservatism. Also, anarchism is somehow a leftist ideology... even though everything on the left depends on centralized power. That should be the actual extreme right-wing position.

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In a statement, Surrey Police said: “When we receive an allegation of a crime, in this instance one where a grossly offensive message is said to have been communicated, it is our job to assess it alongside any available evidence to identify if an offence has been committed. If it has, we gather further evidence and carry out an investigation to prove or disprove the allegation. That is exactly the process that is being followed in this case.”

According to Farrow, two police officers showed up at her home while she was preparing dinner and told her that they’d come to arrest her for “malicious comms.” Farrow said she asked the officers whether they had a warrant but they told her they don’t need one and one officer barged his way into her home.

To be fair, people wielding sharpened fruit such as kiwis, can be dangerous.

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Judging from the premise, it can lead to interesting situations since returning home from the meat grinders that were the European or Pacific fronts couldn't have been easy. Well it never appears to be easy, no matter the war.

If you don't mind me adding to your suggestion, I've assembled a list of noir and noir-ish movies. Check them out and see if anything looks interesting enough to watch, there's also some big names in there.

1941 High Sierra

1942 This Gun for Hire

1944 Murder, My Sweet

1944 Double Indemnity

1945 Detour

1946 Gilda

1946 The Killers

1946 The Blue Dahlia

1946 The Big Sleep

1947 Dead Reckoning

1947 Out of the Past

1948 Chaos Theory

1949 The Third Man

1950 Dark City

1955 Kiss Me Deadly

1955 The Big Combo

1958 Touch of Evil

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Is it because he's black or they think he's a Muslim?

Or maybe because he was and still is part of the establishment, and many things seemed to have ramped up during his terms, surveillance and the worsening of race relations to mention a few. All of this after running with those "Change" ads and posters. Well things sure did change.

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Something that was previously unaffordable becomes affordable, people will naturally seek it out.

Be that as it may, just because something like a sex change becomes cheaper it doesn't mean that most people start considering it all of a sudden. Don't discount the stellar work "experts" are putting in, convincing all those people who just didn't know what they were, especially teens. I remember reading that gender dysphoria was fixable by less invasive means such a medication.

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The upcoming Splinter Cell remake will include a rewritten story in order to appeal to a new generation of players. We want to keep the spirit and themes of the original game while exploring our characters and the world to make them more authentic and believable.

Gotta keep that ESG score up!1!

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Afghan government officials accuse the app of immorality and "misleading youth".

It's true, apart from using firearms they also like stoning and beheading. Incorrect cultural representation I guess...

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Just like they did with racist, yatzee and fascist. I dislike a leftist as much as any other normal person but give me some evidence. People are reacting almost instantly without the need of any proof for quite some time now. Doctor Pavlov would be proud.

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Same thing with some NGOs that pretend to care about one cause or another. They do little more than talk about it since actually fixing anything (as long as their area of interest is indeed fixable and not a complete grift) would end their self-issued (or sometimes less so) mandate.

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The videos Brown watched as an early teen were often misogynistic, he said, and it started to affect the way he thought and how he interacted with people at school.

"I remember repeating some sexist attitudes, things about the wage gap .… Especially when I was hanging out with my guy friends, we were repeating all these things we were seeing on the internet. A lot of sexism and misogyny."

I've seen a lot of shit on the internet in my teens, I thought some of it was actually terrible. Apparently, neither of that comes even close to discussions about the wage gap.

I notice that whatever the subject of this kind of discussion they usually push, the assumption is that nobody has any kind of agency. You receive a message and reproduce it without any kind of information processing. That says more about them.

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People are more likely to be jerks when they're uncomfortable.

That does explain some things such as those following he-who-shall-not-be-drawn, maybe also people who were once kings.

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“Game developers in general—from small, independent studios to billion-dollar multinational corporations—have lagged in awareness of how extremists may attempt to exploit their games, and how their communities can be targeted for radicalization.” Money well spent, of course.

On a side note, in a VICE article linked inside, they manage to mention GamerGate by the end, so if you had your bingo card ready, you just scored at least once.

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According to "experts", some Asians such as the Japanese, Chinese and Koreans are considered to be "white-adjacent"... Yeah, someone actually said that a few years ago.

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You probably have "internalized whiteness" or something like that. I'm not a democrat so I can't be sure of the diagnosis. Check with your resident expert and trust the science.

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Maybe they want to make it hard to grow stuff outside and switch to low-carbon-footprint hydroponics. You'll get double-plus-nutritious organic kale with a double serving of crickets if you've been a good bo... person.

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Archived link

A company named Thales is mentioned among others, remember seeing its name tied to similar projects. "From Aerospace, Space, Defence to Security & Transportation, Thales helps its customers to create a safer world by giving them the tools they need to perform critical tasks". It seems they like a bit of everything...

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According to Wiki, Kenya is very... Protestant, apparently. Out of the 85.5% Christians, 60.8% are Protestant, as for the rest, add 10.9% Islamists. Some of the headlines from the last two years are quite interesting because some people do some things.

FEB 8, 2021 In four-day period, five churches in one village burned in arson attacks and smeared with feces

MAR 25, 2021 Muslims murder five people, injure dozens as bus drives over roadside IED

DEC 12, 2021 Muslim blows himself up, killing a husband and wife in front of their daughter

DEC 25, 2021 Muslims beat Christian pastor, breaking his leg, for leaving Islam

JAN 5, 2022 Muslims murder six people and torch homes

JAN 11, 2022 Muslims storm shop where Christians are meeting for prayer, murder them, torch the shop, behead ex-Muslim

JAN 26, 2022 Man converts to Islam, blows himself up in home of Christian friends, killing parents, severely injuring teen

JAN 31, 2022 Muslims approach vehicle convoy and open fire, injuring six people

FEB 2, 2022 Muslim says he killed soldier ‘in the name of Allah,’ ‘so that Islam can rule the whole world’

FEB 4, 2022 Muslims murder 13 people in jihad attack on bus

Other countries also have similar events such as Somalia, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, etc.

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Additionally, I reject the premise that CO2 and Nitrogen are pollutants. They are important elements of our atmosphere that are necessary for all life.

I think the reason they're using is that nitrogen from cow pies can seep all the way into the water table thus making it unsafe, especially for those who get their own water via wells etc. Even if that were true, only now it is a problem? Even when they give a credible explanation they still leave room for you to go "wait a minute, but if...?"

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Also mentioned in the article, the rules also apply to past US elections but apparently having theories about the 2016 one does not get you banned. Must be a glitch or something. Surely.

From YouTube's rules:

Election integrity: Content advancing false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches occurred in certain past certified national elections. Or, content that claims that the certified results of those elections were false. This policy currently applies to: Any past U.S. Presidential election The 2021 German federal election The 2014 and 2018 Brazilian Presidential elections Keep in mind that this isn't a complete list.

YouTube policy

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