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there is no "after" the civil rights movement

Quiet part out loud

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No shit, if there was an exorcism at her home she wouldn't still be out walking the Earth

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Reparations will take the form of a free and non-optional one way ticket back to your ancestral homeland

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Press any button

I think I'll pick the off button

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And just like that, an important political discussion is sublimated into the cesspit of women and wannabe women gossiping about who is more attractive. Good work, everyone.

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He can fucking stay out and all

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We could save a fair chunk of money if we refused to spend taxpayer money on inbred paki children who shouldn't be here in the first place

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On the fourth point, "You get what you pay for" predates artificial intelligence by quite a while

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Yeah, if you're willing to wait ten months for anywhere to get more stock

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Managing to be incredibly desirable and popular white everyone falls over themselves to characterise you as ostracised and a hard done by outsider is the most woman thing I can think of, though

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I'm incredibly uncomfortable with the idea of revoking degrees for anything other than severe academic misconduct, but it was an honorary arts degree so it never really counted for two reasons

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I, sir, am water

You are an intern, managing a social media account for a lake. Know your fucking place.

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Isn't cleaning his room

Is miserable

It checks out

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The funniest thing about this is that by admitting that law is known as "Don't Say Gay" only colloquially, they manage to have a shred more integrity than the average mainstream news outlet

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Half of the constitution is bullshit, and the other half makes the big mistake of not explicitly laying out the penalties for a government who violates it

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Make the hate crimes against the prostitutes and we have a deal

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Can't remember where I saw it, but one take that seemed to have merit goes like so, right wing jews needle whites by agitating for wars in the middle east, and left wing jews needle whites by agitating for mass migration

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One of the big reasons I tend to abstain from porn is my complete and utter contempt for the people who star in it

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Seriously, they didn't have to call out my personal journey like that.

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Complete subservience of white people to low impulse control criminal foreigners is exactly the point of pretty much all western politics at the moment.

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Established Titles does not plant a tree either. "The only thing established titles does is donate money to an actual tree planting company," Shafer said.

That's more or less what most companies claiming to be "carbon neutral" do, it's hardly a unique scam

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This is the price I pay for phoneposting

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A pretty and pathetic gesture of upset against a constant reminder of the weakness of your people

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