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It’s the action that causes the cancer in anal sodomy.

Kind of. Anal "sex" is traumatic and unnatural and causes loads of medical problems by its very nature, yes. But over 90% of anal cancer is HPV-related. The other 10%, if I had to guess, is probably almost entirely related to trauma.

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Tondro went on, “Slavery appears in original D&D not as a human tragedy that devastated generations over centuries, but as a simple commercial transaction.”

Leftist discovers world where players are allowed to draw their own moral conclusions instead of being told by the devs how to feel - is confused and outraged

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I actually have a controller that snaps onto my phone, but I don't really have time for that either. I have literally zero downtime at work, I drive to commute, and when I get home it's go go go until bedtime. Like I said, five minute intervals, tops.

I liked Fire Emblem Awakening when it first came out and never tried Fates. I really didn't like how Three Houses was basically a dating sim with the rare bit of combat thrown in now and then. Think I'd like Fates?

I played a good deal of the 3DS Etrian Odyssey 1 remake and enjoyed it, but I don't know about playing those without a stylus. Advance Wars works okay but it's still a bit hit or miss. Not a bad idea though. If I can get Nexus to work that's about 5 billion hours I can look forward to.

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I'll give Infinite Space a go. I'm only vaguely familiar with it, but it's old school Platinum Games so it's got to be good.

FFTA2 I just couldn't get into. The beginning is so painfully slow. It feels like a 20 hour prologue before the game finally gets "good". The Android version of FFT is more fun to me despite its insane amount of jank.

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I don't know anything at all about Radiant Historia but I know Atlus was in their prime during the DS days. I'll give it a go. Thanks.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I played those. Phantom Hourglass was fantastic and I can't believe I slept on it for so long. Spirit Tracks was basically the same game but with a shittier travel gimmick. Still not bad, but definitely the lesser of the two.

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You're probably getting downvoted because remembering a specific user's comment from six months ago is mentally ill behavior. I mean, maybe if he had said something particularly egregious to you specifically, but this is like overhearing a conversation at a grocery store and spending the next six months biding your time so you can make a snippy comment to a complete stranger. Surely you can make better use of your autism.

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>implying this useful idiot isn't going to die childless and alone with only demographic replacements who don't speak English to keep him company

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This is cargo cult statistics. He's seen the words used before and has a surface-level idea of the context, but no understanding of how they function or the concepts behind them.

It's actually a pretty decent example of how there's no intelligence behind AI even though it can sound smart at times. He knows that sentences containing statistics often end with the words "per capita", but that is where his understanding ends. He's performing pattern matching. AI like ChatGPT operate the same way. It doesn't matter if what they say makes sense, all that matters is that they sound like other things that do

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BioShock created a fantastic world full of philosophies and moralities worth exploring, then decided "eh, too much work" and made it Half Life But Capitalism Is The Bad Guy. Very lazy Saturday morning cartoon morality.

BioShock 2 is a better game because both extremes are represented and portrayed as disastrous. Anarchy got us the hellscape of drug addicted supervillains that is Rapture, while collectivism got us The Rapture Family. Midwits accuse it as being boomer-tier "both sides are bad, I just want to grill" fence sitting, but the real message is that extremism itself is bad no matter what form it comes in.

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It's insanely cheesy, but it does have one important sentiment that ironically has been forgotten by its very creators: it's easy to channel your negative emotions into creating something ugly - what's difficult is using them to create something beautiful.

In the past, great artists took their suffering and used it as a drive to make their work. Some of the best artists, writers, and actors of all time had horrible lives.

Today, even a minor perceived slight is enough to send the average "creator" into a spiral of seething and hatred for 30 years, during which they'll intentionally destroy everything they can purely out of spite.

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Postal 2 came out during a time when "both sides are bad" actually worked. It's the philosophy that made South Park a sensation and pretty much every social satire of the era did the same thing. You'd make fun of bible thumping hicks one day and effeminate city dwelling metrosexuals the next. In reality, every side of every coin has something you can make fun of.

At some point (2012ish), anything left of center became completely off limits but the right didn't, so almost all works with the "everyone is bad" philosophy was forced to either close up shop or just start shitting on Republicans all day every day.

That's why you see this Stepford Wife behavior from places like RWS and South Park these days. They still want to mock everyone, but they've been beaten into submission and are terrified of saying anything contrary to the DNC party line. They're the abused dogs of the entertainment industry. Just do what Master says and xhe might not hit you as hard today.

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It's just like the Chinese tweet says. They tell you to pay them for "consulting work". If you refuse, every journalist in the world will suddenly shit out articles about what an incel virgin rapist you are and how your game is obviously terrible. It's like the mob, except the mob didn't have absolute power over every single newspaper that existed.

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Notice how they all just let it happen. Go up to any other race in the world and do this to them and you'll be lucky if they just break your phone. White leftists allow this.

Of course, the correct action to take here is to covertly follow him home and make him feel unsafe without ever actually threatening him. "Seems like the real mediocre white person lives at 1234 Cuck Street and leaves his door unlocked", etc., which wouldn't show up on this video. But I kind of doubt any of them did that either.

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Oh, it is. But skepticism pays off even when you least expect it.

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I don't believe "anonymous sources say" when journalists do it and I don't believe it now. Prove it.

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The vaccine thing at least makes sense if you assume benevolence where benevolence does not exist. There was a neutral threat there: COVID. It wasn't "us vs them", it was everyone vs nature with some disagreement within the "everyone" faction.

Here, it's literally just humans fucking over other humans because they don't like a third group of humans. Pure, obvious malice. No existential threat, no risk of harm being mitigated in any way. Benevolence can't be assumed because the actions don't follow. Non sequitur is not a benevolent thing. At best it's neutral.

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It doesn't even make sense. Imagine if your teacher said "I'm going to come to your house and break one of your video games every week until your dad votes for who I want". Is that going to make you resent your dad for voting how he wants, or your teacher for being a psychopath? For almost everyone, it's the latter.

I don't know how these people think that making themselves the bad guy is supposed to get anyone on their side.

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Rammstein pointed out the GAE 20 years ago. American cultural imperialism is far from new, it's just that until relatively recently it was mostly benign. Everyone loved our movies, our fashion, our music. And whether they liked it or not the learned to love our form of government.

We didn't know how bad that last one was until about 12 years ago when we learned how easy it is to subvert a democratic culture.

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Honestly, I don't think anyone does actually believe it. I think they just pretend to because it gives them an excuse to destroy a white man's life. They'd claim to believe anything if it allowed them to be evil.

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Look at all those flags. Seems like the patrons are certainly living by the sword to me.

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100% agree. Linux is simply not good, and I say this as someone who tries to make the switch every five years for the past 20. There are always several things that just don't work right no matter what. If I have to switch because the alternative is going to prison when Microsoft tells the FBI about my wrongthink, I will, but I won't be happy about it.

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In reality, their mom speaks maybe five words to them a week, opting instead to "solve" their child's antisocial behavior by loading them up with a cocktail of pharmaceuticals and hoping the problem fixes itself without them having to put any actual effort into it. Little Brayden - sorry, "she" goes by Lilith now - will surely act like a normal person again if we just find the right SSRI!

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Who is this, why should I care, and how did you find a tweet with 79 likes and zero replies?

I'm getting really tired of this "OMG LOOK AT THIS RANDOM PERSON DISAGREEING WITH US" doomerism. It's one thing when it's a megacorp or politician, but this is a literal nobody. Care about things that matter.

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To everyone else, I'd invite you to review our Community Rules and please remember that Nintendo Life is a welcoming, friendly community for ANYONE who loves video games and wants to share that passion.

"Unless you disagree with the establishment narrative, in which case you are unwelcome."

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