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I thought the edit was the original because I didn't see a shove. Then again I'm not a brainless zombie, so I can perform incredible feats like interpreting facial expressions.

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Only the "advanced" version of Gemini can generate images. You have to sign up for it and maybe pay for it. I didn't look too hard into it.

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The Yakuza care about exactly one thing, and that's making money. If the rapist invaders aren't affecting the Yakuza bottom line, they don't care.

Once the invaders have ruined the entertainment districts enough that nobody goes there any more - which will take very little time - then they'll start mysteriously vanishing.

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For real, 26 tweets in 40 minutes is well within parameters for a social media addicted woman who needs attention.

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This sounds unbelievably evil even for the EU. I'm having a hard time believing it. I can't find any information on this "suicide of Europe" and the article cites no sources. It doesn't even say what the act is actually called. So I'm calling shenanigans until a better source is provided.

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They don't know what fascism, right wing, or Huey Long means. They're just making the correct sounds (or typing the correct letters) that get them rewards, like a dog barking on command. Don't try to reason with them unless you have evidence that they're not an NPC despite acting like one.

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I believe 100% of those answering tempered their answers to the right to avoid feeding in to what they already know is the reality of the situation just from the fact that industry people talk to industry people.

Every leftist I know considers themselves a centrist or "center left" despite the fact that they gulp down every single Democrat narrative with the same fervor as a man dying of thirst who just came upon an oasis. They would never admit to being far left because they know it sounds bad, but they are.

The only people who admit to being far left are the teenage Twitter LARPers who wear leftism as an accessory because they know it's cool but don't know enough to act like normal people in public.

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You could make the same argument for atheism. Once I'm dead I'm dead, so why should I care what happens once I'm gone? I won't be affected.

What you're describing is a psychopath, regardless of their belief system. If someone would willingly leave their children/community/friends/whatever behind in a ruined world then they're an evil monster who, God willing, would actually go to hell.

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I wouldn't doubt that someone renting a 3 bedroom condo in Manhattan would need to make 400k a year to afford living.

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My family does this with barely over 100k. I commute half an hour each way, but I don't need to be a millionaire just to afford food. City dwellers dig their own graves voluntarily and then blame "capitalism" for their own bad decisions.

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400k is an insanely massive overestimation, even if you live in an overpriced shit hole like NYC or LA. Retarded exaggerations like this don't help make a point. They only serve to weaken it.

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"Fun size" is a reference to candy. It's an old joke that has nothing to do with sex. Pretending to be outraged over made up issues weakens your position unless you have the establishment backing to make the bluff. Stop doing it.

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In FF7, there's a part where Sephiroth joins your party. In combat, he's unstoppable. Can't be hurt, does insane damage, doesn't even flinch when massive monsters swipe at him. This has the effect of making him feel as powerful as he canonically is.

In the remake, when you play as him, you can get pushed around by enemies barely bigger than you. This makes him seem like a wimp even though he's supposed to be a borderline god.

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Of the 71 celebrities Ad Age confirmed will appear in Super Bowl commercials, 23 identify as female, while 48 identify as male; 16 are Black, four are Hispanic, two are Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) and five are two or more races. This analysis does not include those who appear in the ad who are not celebrities. The majority of celebrities—44 as of press time—starring in this year’s Big Game commercials are white.

16 black / 71 = 22%
Actual proportion of black people in America: 13%
Representation: 22 / 13 = 1.7x

44 white / 71 = 62% Actual proportion: 71% Representation: 62 / 71 = .87x

In conclusion, Lindsay Rittenhouse is an anti-white propagandist and I hope one day she wakes up, has a sudden realization that she's human garbage, and kills herself.

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The baby didn't die in this case. It did in Meth Mommy's case. That's the key difference.

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Fucking stupid to equate this to manslaughter with a sentence of 60 years.

She's a woman. She'll get 3 years probation and a lucrative gig traveling the country prostrating herself before the anti-gun lobbyists. This conviction is purely performative.

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They didn't "crush it", they came in well past the average time. They weren't a joke like this team, but they were still bad. Doesn't matter in a made up competition, does matter when they're the ones being sent to rescue you from a burning building.

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Comments are surprisingly sane considering these people are both redditors and English. Maybe the kids really will be alright.

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Technically it doesn't. It says having anal sex with a man is a sin. You can be gay all you want as long as you don't poopdick it.

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I remember seeing tons of videos like 10+ years ago where it'd just be some guy ranting aimlessly into a microphone while Counter Strike or Calladuty footage played in the background. At first I thought they were captures from streams or something until I realized that no, they're literally just playing their voice over a completely unrelated video game to make it seem more interesting.

It quickly became a litmus test for people whose opinions are very boring and unnecessary.

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This is cultural darwinism. The modern man has had his ability to sense danger completely obliterated by decades of luxury. The only way for society to recover is by re-learning what danger is. Our ancestors learned by being brutally torn apart by wild animals. Our children will learn the same way.

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>that "I wish I was black" perm
>being the only white kid in a house full of black teenagers

Society, and this kid's single mother, failed him. This is where worship of people who hate you leads.

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Women don't need to lie about their race. They still get plenty of benefits just for being female. Straight white men are the only group in America who don't get things handed to them, so they're the only group with any incentive to lie about it.

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Why are 90% of the replies from middle eastern men? Did he only allow replies from London IPs or something?

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