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That ruling is literally "trannies good, Florida bad, therefore I side with trannies". Maybe the worst ruling in the history of the country. The supreme court is absolutely going to side with Florida on this one, assuming the FBI doesn't threaten to kill them if they do.

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I don't know who any of these people are, but I do know how to spot the standard issue all lower case, no punctuation, irony-poisoned Twitter NPC model when I see one. So whatever he's talking about, he's wrong.

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The right hates it because it's pandering at best, grooming at worst.

Most gays hate it because they perceive it as a hollow gesture designed to make money.

Non-whites hate it because white people are, on average, the only people on earth who approve of homosexuality.

The only people who like it are trenders and leftist women who are too stupid to know better.

It was doomed from the start.

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"You can't be mad about hatred against you today if someone who looked kind of like you was mean long before you were born" is the rallying cry of the useful idiot.

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They're incentivizing and rewarding sociopathic behavior, then getting mad that sociopathy is on the rise. But then, that's pretty much the MO of the leftist woman. Demand bad things, then act shocked when you get bad things. To call it childish would be an insult to children.

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>use "AWDTSG" multiple times
>explain what it means or stands for zero times

The absolute lack of theory of mind

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It's funny (in a horrifying way) that they put "gay men" as a sexuality - even though it's a combination of a sexuality and a sex - just so they could put themselves in the coveted Oppressed Class. You'd think having the Men Bad slice would be enough for them, but it's never enough, is it?

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>using MAGA as a collective noun

Is there any greater indicator of an establishment propagandist?

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So-called "non binary" fashion is just that-- a fad that allows adolescents to be edgy without having to commit to surgery, much like the public declarations of homo- and bisexuality that do not reflect their actual sex habits. Heteros--especially teenage boys-- can't get off on homosex. Girls can more easily pretend because they need not have any penetration or even cunnilingus--they can play at lesbianism without a serious emotional or physical.commitment.

When I was a kid, we all insisted we were bisexual, because straightness is boring. Were we? No, of course not. We just said we were for the social clout. We'd proudly declare "I'm straight but not narrow" and then continue being as hetero as possible.

In college a lot of the girls would take it a step farther and kiss each other at parties - secretly purely as a show for the boys, of course - and declare themselves bisexual or lesbian. But by then the boys had all outgrown the need to apply trendy labels to themselves so the girls mostly stopped by junior year.

Tl;Dr every generation does this and it's 99% performative because kids are stupid

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Transgenderism is definitely more absurd.

Non-binary is just the bland teenage non-conformist with a "you laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same" sticker on their expensive MacBook retooled for a sex-obsessed modern day culture. It's normal to want to be "different", even if the way you're different is via a self-imposed label that ultimately means nothing. Adults still doing it are one part pathetic and one part creepy, but creepy, pathetic adults are nothing new either.

Transgenderism goes well beyond that into a bizarre combination of magical thinking, extreme delusion, self hatred, and science worship. They claim that their body somehow grew incorrectly and needs to be torn apart and stitched back together into what they believe better represents who they "truly are". And that's the least mentally ill type of tranny.

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“Sadly, the ‘turning Japanese’ refrain didn’t refer to singer David Fenton studying the ancient Kanji writing system, adopting Buddhism, or indeed mastering a revered martial art,” Alex Hoban wrote in the Guardian in 2008. Instead, it apparently refers to a very private bedroom moment during which a man might “tighten [his] eyes and ‘turn Japanese.'”

Was looking for this so I could ignore the entire article. This is a long, long discredited boomer meme. If this guy still believes it, he's got all the credibility of a 14 year old who's friends with a guy whose uncle totally works for Warner Music Group.

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Have you ever met, or even been made aware of, an anti-capitalist who walks the walk? No luxuries except those made by hand, no corporate goods, certainly nothing produced in Hollywood, buying strictly local, etc?

Personally I have not. In fact, it seems that the more anti-capitalist someone is, the greater percentage of their money goes directly to Global Domination Incorporated for useless Chinese tat and/or status symbols. Very strange.

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I've never heard the systemic grooming and rape of children referred to as "pride activities" before, but I do appreciate the honesty.

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Transgenderism is pretty much the ultimate bourgeois vice. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in therapies, surgeries, and drugs all for a fucked up sexual thrill. The modern West is the only culture on earth that could possibly sustain such a thing at this scale. It's a direct symptom of too much luxury in the hands of people who don't appreciate it.

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They know exactly what they're doing. That phony feigned surprise when a leftist "hears about something for the first time" is a practiced technique they use to disarm and distract. They want you to spend your time trying to convince them that something exists rather than actually discussing it. Then the next day they'll have miraculously forgotten the conversation ever happened and you'll have to convince them again. You can never get past square one. It's all by design.

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Among the “far right” emojis listed was one intended to convey a student raising their hand. The graphic stated could be used to signify a Nazi doing a salute. The red “X” symbol was said to be a replacement for the swastika, while the frog emoji was classified as a representation of Pepe — a popular frog meme some claim is associated with far-right extremism. The graphic went on to claim that “OK” gesture used together with the glass of milk emoji was intended to indicate the user’s support for “white supremacy,”

I spend a lot of time in spheres that any NPC would consider far right terrorist Nazi extremist (even though they're actually barely right of center) and I've never seen any of these.

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It's like looking into an alternate universe where Chris-chan isn't quite as low T. Instead of macing employees, he threatens to bring them to Hogan's Alley.

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It's because leftists lack theory of mind. If they've known about it for years, they assume you must have too. Therefore your outrage must be performative, because you must have simply been ignoring it until now.

Nearly everything a leftist does makes sense once you factor in an absent theory of mind and a complete inability to think critically.

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The United States. The United Kingdom. The Netherlands. The Bahamas.

Plenty of exceptions. NPCs just get a boner from arbitrarily changing the rules and then yelling at you for not following them.

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If being fat and lazy is normal, then they get to be fat and lazy without having to feel bad about it. Simple as. It's why below average women are always pushing fat acceptance. They're trying to create a world where sitting there watching The View all day while eating 40 cakes is socially acceptable.

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I mean, rednecks are really stupid. There's just about a hundred other groups in the US that are equally or more stupid, and nobody talks about that because they're scared of being called racist.

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It always astonishes me how one of the most famous people on earth with a net worth of several million dollars managed to trick two generations into thinking he's "just like them" simply because he put his hair in a ponytail. The man's entire act was "how do you do, fellow proletariat?"

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