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I thought it was Alaska and the police captain was a native.

Don't forget Doakes and the police chief were both niggers in the old series. Doakes was the only one that didn't fall for Dexter's bullshit. Doakes was also mutilated and crippled in the books. Angel and the Jap were on the PD too and all the main killer (Trinity) was a white, well off dude.

What is weird is his girlfriend is so much like his sister. Her looks and her mannerisms are just like Debra Morgan.

The woke shit is bad but not nearly as bad as most shows out now.

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One of the big problems with the economy is the same thing that's happening in personal relationships- men have gotten tired of doing all the work and getting the blame for years and are saying fuck it and just quitting or are going into work for themselves. A lot of companies are full of mongrel diversity hires and women and have trouble finding people to actually do the work to make money.

Just like men are tired of getting the shaft and being accused of everything under the sun in relationships are just saying fuck it and aren't investing themselves unless the women prove their worth. A lot of women refuse or have no worth to prove.

It's like the coof put a pause on everything and now that they expect it to just start up again men are just saying nah I don't want to do that anymore.

Without the workers holding shit together how long can society last? In a way it's like the gay commie faggots' dreams came true- a society wide strike is happening but instead it's against them.

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I remember on my first day at a job this young woman next to me, trying to make conversation said "Doesn't it suck that we have to work for a living?" They really think they're above that.

Most of them gossip and do nothing all day and leave men to do the actual work anyway. When I worked at a tech company a group of women would do nothing but spend hours every day planning what to order for lunch.

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Women are already feeling it. They're expected to work their entire lives and the number of men that trust them enough to marry them is getting smaller.

I don't know any woman, even those that love and are good at their jobs that don't eventually say fuck it. I don't want to work anymore. We all get to that point but while men reach it after decades for a lot of women it's months or a couple of years.

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I'm old enough to remember when guys made fun of someone for not being manly enough.

This guy is like a dwarf asking someone 6'4" how the weather is. You don't even have to respond; just laugh

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Women will side with men when they are no women around. When the man is gone they tear him down.

Women switch allegiances in seconds. They are completely disloyal. In my time working with women I've seen woman turn their backs on their lifetime friends and a few days later they are inseparable. Another day or two they are stabbing them in the back again and the cycle repeats constantly.

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The exact same thing happened to me. It's one of the reasons I hate niggers, faggots and, most of all, soy, spineless, weak willed, emasculated skinny jeaned white men. The fact that he's still leftist after all that means he belongs in the last category.

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I don't know the exact temp but I used to live in Chicago and you don't want to be around the lake at night. Even late summer it gets chilly. I think his faked attack was December? Absolutely no one would be around. If you had to work in that area (you don't) you would quickly hustle from vehicle to building and back. No one's just strolling around for fun.

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Where he said he was attacked is filthy as hell. The loop is mostly dead at night, at 2am it's very dead. There are homeless and vagrants but not on Lower Wacker. Not only that, but it's right on the lake and river and it's fucking freezing. No way in hell he would just be strolling around a freezing, filthy, underground street in the middle of a winter night.

It's about as believable as a band of Trump supporting ruffians just wandering around the area in a deeply blue city. It is possible he saw the Trump building across the street and made up this entire scenario.

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That's already happening no matter what is done. At least the corporations get fucked along with everyone else.

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Just like Hollywood, the major comedy clubs where comics network and work on their craft are owned by jews and they don't give anyone stagetime that goes against their belief. Mitzi Shore of the Comedy Store is a big one. So is Budd Friedman of the Improv, two comedy clubs that both had huge names out of it. Both Shore and Friedman are dead but I'm certain the clubs haven't become any less jewy because of it.

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Niggers with money buy the most garish, ostentatious garbage just to peacock around other niggers. They will literally buy suits with dollar signs on it and gold canes and then complain that they are broke. They have no taste so they think someone like Kim Kardashian is high class. What a joke race.

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Look up stress breathing. Try it out when you have a panic attack

Learn to meditate. Really try it out even if you think it's a waste of time. It could be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Find something to learn or a skill to master. Something simple and learn everything you can about it. Study how your brain picked it up and then try something harder. Learn how to think and use that to dissect your problems.

Just some suggestions. The stress breathing really helped me though

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Jew is a whole other phenotype. They aren't white and they would be the first people to agree with me.

Unless it benefits them, of course. Trust me, they don't call themselves white behind temple doors.

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No one has stopped them until this point so in their eyes he's in the wrong. Same as if you fed a kid candy bars for dinner every night then his new stepmom tries to get him to eat healthy and he explodes.

This is the same reason women start going batshit around 30.

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Getting upset at this is like screaming at a four year old because the Mother's Day breakfast he made is disgusting

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Let's not forget how they hid Obongo's smoking for eight years and the fact that his ape wife talked shit about him and called him smelly. That was classy of her

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