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Yep, agree on all fronts. Unfortunately crypto won't be viable for me at this point (although I'll accept it) because the audience is mostly normies.

Regarding Stripe, do you know by chance if Stripe cancels you, do they allow you to migrate saved cards to a new vendor, or do they just cut you loose, forcing you to have all of your customers re-enter their card data?:



It seems almost vindictive if they treat you more harshly than a dissatisfied customer moving to one of their competitors, but I bet you they wouldn't be in a huge rush to transfer the data.

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Unfortunately Digital Ocean was chearleading the de-platforming of Parler and refused them service when AWS booted them. Apparently they have a bunch of woke DEI shit on Twitter as well.

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Yeah, I heard AlignPay launched with zero documentation. They don't seem serious, but maybe they've gotten better in 6 months?

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Just curious, do you have any details on the "massive gloating power trip" bit?

As I remember it, right before their IPO the New Zealand mosque shooting happened, and then a day or two after the Walmart copycat shooting, and the media was claiming it was all planned and broadcast on 8chan and Cloudflare (conveniently leaving Facebook out of it).

From what I've seen that Matthew Prince guy has talked a big game on free-speech, and has been very apologetic and hand-wringey these two times that they've caved to public pressure.

I'm a free speech absolutist, but these circumstances shift it from outrageous to unfortunately more understandable in my mind.

Selfishly, I'm not trying to host anything radioactive, just mildly controversial (although it could piss-off powerful people if it takes off) so I'm less concerned about Cloudflare, but the "massive gloating power trip" thing you mentioned has got me worried.


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Wow, I haven't heard of any of those. Do you know if BuyVM, Vultr and Hetzner are free-speech oriented, or are they just obscure enough not to get targeted?

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That was just a bad movie... In Indy 5 (the one they are shooting now) Indiana Jones will supposedly die in the end (or possibly much earlier in the film) and be "replaced" by his daughter, played by feminist frump Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who not coincidentally helped write the new James Bond movie: