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Between the Ukraine and the vaccines its almost like they're so unfathomably corrupt that they don't care if you notice that they're willing to kill you if it means a few more shekels for the stock portfolio.

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Between the Ukraine and the vaccines its almost like they're so unfathomably corrupt that they don't care if you notice that they're willing to kill you if it means a few more shekels for the stock portfolio.

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Since like 2003 when they started hiring infantrymen straight off of the streets of Fallujah.

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Technically I don't think she currently is a republican. I'm pretty sure the Wyoming republican party kicked her out.

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Did any of these ZOGbots face any kind of disciplinary action, criminal charges? Did they ever determine if the mother had actually committed any crime at all. I'm guessing not on both.

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Imagine how braindead you'd have to be to wake up and stazi-LARP all day, everyday; and then go home at night and honestly believe that you're any kind of good person. Idk how these badge nigger types live with themselves. Either the FBI's infantry cosplay squad has an astronomical suicide rate, or they only hire literal smooth-brained ape-tards.

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Obviously. Having said that however, I can't speak for the average German goy; I would imagine though that they're even more indoctrinated than the Amerifat goyim are if they live in fear of even asking the question

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It's definitely part of their culture. David Irving talked about it at a speaking event he gave after he was successfully sued in Britain for questioning the holocaust. He had an anecdotal story about a German exchange student standing up at one of his lectures and discussing how the German culture is so willing to accept the government's narrative, and how different the German concept of free speech and free thought is from the American ideal. At the beginning of the internet, apparently the German government was leading the charge to censor any all questioning of the ww2/holocaust narrative, and went to great lengths to bully other countries into going along with their censorship regime.

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This is the way. Porn is a powerful weapon in the hands of a troon; not only do they use it to shit up a site, but it's an ever growing safe harbor community for other trannies wandering through while simultaneously discouraging normal new users. Its the reason I came here after ruqqus instead of talk, goatpen, discussions etc. They all had porn, and they all had subversives trooning around. The very nature of porn leads to trooning as well. When community creation opened up here, the first communities opened by subversive r drama troons were pornographic. Porn is a key, fundamental element to the entire tranny worldview and without it they can't continue to troon.

I know someone is going to go on about muh free speech website, but the world isn't the sterile petri dish libertarians belive it to be. If you have a free speech site, you're going to get troons and degenerate subversives who will drive it into the ground the first chance they get. Just like in real life, 1-2% of the population can subvert the entire system if 95% of the population doesn't understand how, know, or care that they're being subverted. The remaining 5% have to deal with that 2% subversive element or it will destroy the entire society. And thus, no porn communities.

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I'm sure they'll come after him, and I'd like to say I feel bad about that.... but then again, I can only imagine how many lives he's ruined doing his special forces LARPing; and as a certified cosplay raider, he should know that nothing will be done about any of this specifically because he went through the official whistle-blower channels; ie gave his glowboy butt-buddies a heads up that they need to start cracking down on dissension. They'll just get on CNN/Fox and say the politicization is alt-right, Boogaloo boy conspiracy theories from russian domestic terrorists trying to destroy DeMoCrAcY. The FBI has been sweeping political prisoners under the rug for a very long time, they have become exceedingly efficient at it.

And all of his zogbot buddies that are somehow just now realizing that they're pawns in a neo-bolshevik coup, fuck every single one of them; especially the ones "keeping their heads down because they're close to retirement." They've spent their entire careers doing more to destroy American freedoms than a bunch of boomers with Maga hats could ever even comprehend, and all they care about is mUh PeNsiOn. Absolutely disgusting

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This outlet has been following the case for months. Innocent white teen is beaten to death in a violent chimp event, but the jewstice system blames the dead teenager while letting their pet groids off with a slap on the wrist.

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  • Distill rum in woods outside of town because you're not allowed to do it in the protestant colonies.
  • Buy ships and sail for Africa with your rum.
  • Get sub-60 iq tribal kangs addicted to alcohol
  • "No more rum if you stop giving us slaves"
  • Stack blacks, floor to ceiling, in the ship and sail them across the Atlantic back to the colonies.
  • Most of the cargo dies in transport
  • Get to the New World where the slave trade is largely illegal, and most cities won't allow slave markets
  • "Fellow Whites, buy our slaves even though the Pope has called slavery evil."
  • Nobody buys them.
  • End up selling 97% of your slaves to your cousins who comprise 2% of the population in the New World.
  • Finance both sides of a war over slavery that ends up killing half a million Whites.
  • Fund 160 years of rioting and "civil rights" actions.
  • 160 years later: "Fellow Whites, you owe these poor black people money because of slavery. You should feel guilty for how evil your ancestors were."

What kind of people would behave this way?

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I'm sorry I don't know the entire hominid family tree and which sub-human species we could breed with. The Africans' ancestors fucked something closer to a monkey than we are enough times that it altered their entire genome.

I'm autistic too, that's why I try to find answers to questions like why it seems like every single black majority area on the planet is a violent, 3rd world shit hole.

You can look this stuff up yourself, but here's a primer

Probable hominid crossbreed

Evidence of Africans crossbreeding with unknown hominid

This study was like 4th down in the search results, linked to in an NPR article

retarded bullshit cope about Europeans mating with Neanderthals

While that's true, we've built civilizations, and cities, and space stations. Obviously they did it enough to alter their evolutionary progress and overall intelligence.

I love White people and White culture, and notice that black company and black culture isn't as desirable. I'm sorry that for members of your rabbinical order is so offended by that. I encourage you to kvetch harder about White people being proud of their heritage and preferring their own kind (just like every other race on the planet is allowed to do), and I also look forward to your thesis-length explanation on why you love blacks so much more than Whites.

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Whites and blacks are the same species. Comparing Whites to blacks is like comparing Great Danes to pugs. Different sub species.

Edit: Modern humans are, in fact, hominids.

30% of the sub-Saharan genome can't be identified because they were breeding with another, yet to be identified, species for millions of years. This is a scientific fact. I'm sorry you took "mountain gorillas" literally, I'll be sure to take your crippling autism into account in the future; baboons, denisovans, australopithecus, homo erectus, etc. They don't know species it was, but it wasn't homo sapiens.

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Conveniently forgets the 38 subspecies of canus lupus.

GrEaT DaNes aNd PuGs aRe ThE sAmE tHiNg! TrUsT sCiEnCe™

Sure thing, rabbi

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They won't. The CIA assassinated JFK because he opposed a nuclear-armed Israel and was going to dismantel the intelligence agencies because they were compromised. Deshabbos tried to make it a hate crime to speak ill of the Israeli government, he's not getting the JFK treatment.

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Not even boycotting. Any questioning of Israel or their government was going to be a hate crime.

Ron deshabbos

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