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toward an unnamed woman he was reportedly dating at the time

This REEKS of bullshit. The amount of false complaint by scorned roasties is alarmingly high.

Fuck, I had a crazy ex who said all sorts of shit about me that were in no way true. God forbid that had taken place in this day and age I'd have lost everything.

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he is going to be insufferable.

You know though? If I were in his shoes and was proved innocent I'd also bitch from the highest mountain top about this mob justice shit.

Exactly it, if he come to find did NOT do these things then the man just had his career ruined on no grounds. The woke lefties that cry for blood on this shit just drive me nuts, fucking morons don't understand the wider reaching implications of this sort of thing.

As if this didn't JUST happen to Johnny Depp who was innocent on all counts.

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I haven't autism dived into it much yet. Just saw the news break.

All I know is that this has yet to go to trial in any form and it's mostly media speculation.

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While, I don't follow Rick & Morty nor would I consider myself a part of it's fanbase.

I'd watch it occasionally and thought it had some unique flair that was sorely missing from most comedy TV.

Now this "Guilty until proven innocent" shit does not sit well with me at all. People on Leddit of course are cheering and demanding blood despite this issue not going to trial yet.

It's like the populace learned absolutely nothing from Depp's trial. Women making accusations of shit CAN NOT BE TRUSTED AT FACE VALUE. It worries me immensely that any son of a bitch can make a claim against you 2 years after the fact, it be completely false and you lose everything.

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Likely unrelated to the social media post. I'm not saying they cannot be laid off, just not for what the OP is implying.

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There is no other way to prevent civil discourse other than threat of force.The difference being that the majority of society approves of said measures in proportion to said crime.

Threat of financial turmoil does not apply to the whole populace.

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Depends on your region.

Where I was at the time (Central California) they were VERY anti lock-down and went above and beyond to not enforce federal mandates. In other locations they were very pro lockdown.

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Microsoft has a Project Management issue.

They have NEVER been able to properly implement a methodology that doesn't shit down the mouth of the engineer teams. It irritates the fuck out of me and I could go on a fucking rant about how badly Microsoft has fucked up the PM industry.

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Less than 1% of interactions daily with United States Police Officers end in any form of violence.

No all cops are not bad, but you give a High School C-student a badge and qualified immunity you will run into problems. Dickhead cops have been a stereotype since the 60's. Just because it can and has happened does not make it blanket statement applicable.

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The societal shift on this shit has been so interesting to watch.

In the 90's and 2000's to even about 2014 or so. The right and left mostly agreed that the government and militarization of the police force was a bad fucking move. When Kelly Thomas was murdered by police there were bi-partisan protests.

That was the right wing's entire platform for a long time and one of the founding principles of Conservatism as a whole. (Limited government).

The shit has started now because the left now claims that any nigger breaking the law was "Unlawfully" detained/killed by police in spite of direct evidence of said nigger being a danger to themselves or others. Conservatives obviously disagree with that.

Then you see shit like this, where it's "What in the fuck? Those pigs need to be handled". You cannot say that now though without it being a betrayal to your side and the left can not claim these cops are bad because it's white people it's happening too.

The "Experts" claim there is no rise in polarization but reading the comments on that chain alone expresses to me such a wide disconnect in political and ethical standards.

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Oh boy here we go.

So, yeah I'm terminally online but also pretty damn successful in life by most measures. With that comes being involved with business a ton. My current role is a Senior Program Manager in a global enterprise you've surely heard of. Let me break some of this shit out for everyone.

Let's start with the Tech sector lay-offs.

---Tech Layoff's--- All of the companies going through these mass layoffs (NCR, Oracle, SalesForce, Microsoft and now Google) share a few things in common.

  1. All of them during 2020 "Overhired" for their entry - mid level IT and HR departments. Rather than use contractors to pick up the slack from 2020, they went the FTE route because they thought it would save them more money not having to pay the contracted rates. HOWEVER, the overhead on this bit them in the ass by not accounting for the rapid depreciation of their physical assets (Namely, office space lost via WFH) and the logistics issues getting parts and other supply chain related items.

  2. Work is slowing in IT right now, from cloud providers to service hosts everything is switching to a SAAS model which means you need far less resource in Help Desk, Field Support and Business Analysis.

  3. Along with point 2, comes the need for LESS recruiting and on-boarding staff. So Recruiters, HR specific roles and Director positions get axed as was the case for Salesforce as an entire department was no longer economically viable.

  4. WEF/DEI pullback. At the C-Suite and Board level, investors are getting very very skiddish with their direction and commitment to their "Venture Capital" for a LOT of the smaller start-up's. This is kicking the entire IT industry while it's down.

  5. Layoff's of low-mid level workers are going to continue until demand picks up via a major service or outage. "Cutting the fat" is paramount for most companies now and this is actually come to form from Elon gutting Twitter. (Rightfully also, shit was funny.)

They aren't letting people go for shit like in the OP. In fact, this sort of behavior is ENCOURAGED by almost everyone because it cuts out the need for candidate buy-in. Gals like this are likely on LinkedIn with a ton of followers drawing top candidate talent to these companies without the need to promote/recruit externally. She gets her 15 seconds of fame, the company gets positive PR for employee wellness. It's a win/win.

Additionally, it's best to think of these layoffs NOT as a sign of "Ah shit 2008, here we go again!" but treat it more like a stock market correction. Companies over-leveraged their budget for the fiscal year and do not have the CapEX work to make up for it.

Edit: IF you are in IT. The MOST SECURE place to be right now is in Cyber Security and Public Service (Private Energy Companies, Security Contracting, MFA/Role Based Integration..etc.)

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Replying a little late but yeah, this is 100% a ZenDesk scenario.

Likely a powerjannie saw it, scanned your profile.

Bardfinn and a few others run something called "Mass Tagger" which is basically the social registry for the troon higher up's. Anyone can tag and others can review. We're talking a catalog of 10's of thousands of users they have tagged "Transphobic" or "/r/KIA2 user"..etc.

Likely had you tagged, waited on you to post this then escalated it to the secret admin/powerjannie Discord (Now a Telegram) or did a Zendesk ticket.

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All of these faggots need to have their ass beaten, they need to be shot, they need to be killed.

There is no compromise here.

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Because trannies always say "People just EXISTING isn't political!".

It's the prime example of the leftie doublespeak that is SO FUCKING EFFECTIVE on average everyday apolitical people. They mask it as civil liberty and humanity. EX:

Trans Rights = Societal Privilege. (Faggots have the exact same on paper rights as any other American.)

Existing = Being able to flaunt their shit everywhere with no pushback or questioning. To question them in any manner is to say they aren't human.

Equity = Niggers and Dressup "Women" should get shit free.

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Goona be honest bud, your comments and your profile read like either a leftie LARP or a flat out neckbeard incel.

If you hate women, based! Just say so and own it.

But the course of action that led us from Point A to B with troon shit heavily involved feminism's ties to GamerGate and them using it as a launch platform.

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I'm not.

Gamergate was the rise of fourth-wave feminist garbage. The trannies came into that movement and hijacked it completely. Hence, being the driver of the troon shit. Also the reason why Conservatives now have overlap with feminist shit.

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Lefties have some truth to "blaming" GamerGate for all of this shit.

Arguably, GamerGate was what really kicked off the insanity of the SJW world and the chimp out of the 53%'ers. It also was the huge driver behind getting this Troon shit in front of everyone.

What they never acknowledge though was that GamerGate was all mostly a crock of shit they used as a VERY effective propaganda piece meant to hit normies in their heart strings.

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Yep. When we saw Cringetopia go down we knew the rest of us were next. Sure as can be, every medium-large sub that wouldn't bow to the faggots got Thanos snapped in the same week.

If the troons were willing to take down a front page subreddit, nothing else was safe.

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The women over the years with similar accusations were: Cimmy, Chin, Vella and a few others I cannot recall.

Ehh eitherway, RCON isn't going to advance anywhere anytime soon. Kind of just a shell of what it once was. Eventually something will replace it, so say the market.

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That was a couple months ago with Vella. Not exactly what happened. Jib does not have any connections with Discord itself.

See my username: Zodiac. I was an RCON mod for nearly 2 years, both Discord and Subreddit. Recently left about 2 months ago.

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FPH was run by trolls, and they decided to openly defy the admins.

This is true, but it's arguably the first time the tranny jannies showed teeth.

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