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Anyone who posts anything like this should be questioned for both validity and sincerity.

Videos like this are far too curated and far too common for it to be sincere, and anyone who does this should be labelled as the narcissist they blatantly are.

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Being snarky to Baras is half the fun of the SW story, and a LS playthough means you also get to demoralise a lot of Jedi by pointing out they are the ones always picking fights with you.

One of the earlier missions while trying to track down Jaesa can be turned from a potential 2v1 to a 1v1 by playing it diplomatically and pointing out how deranged one of the two Jedi present is, eventually leading to the other one walking away in disgust at how bloodthirsty his ally is.

Don't get to romance Jaesa as LS until a very long time after that part of the game though, as she was originally the DS romance choice and Vette was the LS one since you needed to pick LS options to remove her shock collar and even have the possibility for a relationship. By the time Jaesa returns players have either reunited with Vette or probably hooked up with Lana Beniko, so Jaesa is not only playing a very late third pick but winds up against two far more developed characters, despite Vette's potential death for some players reducing her development for others since she's no longer a core companion and therefore doesn't get as much dev time from that point

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Swtor is one of those games I would love to still play but modern Star Wars is such a shitshow no part of its franchise is safe.

On top of all the MTX shit Swtor was bloated with from the Sequels and lots of other random things, the 3.0 revamp ruined a lot of classic features about the game simply so dailies could be inserted to older content zones and more timesinks and grinds could be forced upon players. If a pre 3.0 private server existed I would be there but it's one of the few games of its type that it doesn't seem to have one.

Regarding the IA, it's a tricky story to recommend because on the one hand it's the best written so you would think telling people to play it ASAP would be good. But on the other hand there are so many cameos and Easter eggs littering the story you will miss them if you haven't already done the other 7 stories.

The old twi'lek leader from near the very start of the JK story back on Tython? Shows up at the very end of the IA story.

And the whole story is like that. If you don't know what to look for so many details get missed.

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Some would point out that RotHC was the start of Swtor going woke, it's where the first couple of gay "romances" were before becoming more widespread.

Imp side there was the red skinned sith who could actually die if you didn't intervene to save him, while Pubs had the human female coordinator trying to help with the crisis of the planet being destroyed. The "romance" options for either, significantly diminished as they were compared to the actual romances in game, were only available for characters of the same sex.

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Yeah, no. 😐

Expect every single bingo card check for this from the last decade+.

  • Incendiary marketing designed to create drama and awareness of the show.

  • Suitable scapegoats to blame the inevitable shitshow on from fucking with the franchise further and existing concepts that are going to be what draws interest in many.

  • Brand new characters and scenes that weren't in the games.

  • Recycled attacks on the legacy audience as well as the blaming them for poor viewing figures.

  • Something from the Sequel Trilogy to further try and validate that shitshow.

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A reminder Gaige gestured to surrender to Kyle before then pulling that handgun, which is a warcrime.

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Pun aside I do wonder what was going through his head at this moment. The action isn't exactly one you can perform by accident, unless the claim here is his gun safety was so bad he forgot there were bullets loaded.

So was it suicide in that case? 🤔

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For even more fun anyone over 6 feet try listing your height as 5' 13" or whatever matches and watch just how many vain idiots there are.

Also serves as a great filter.

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Only half? Male bedbugs will attempt to fuck every other bedbug they meet because female bedbugs have evolved to look more like the males as a means to avoid males. Rather than deter the males they simply fuck everything. Also the females have no analogous structure for a vagina so males simply penetrate the bodies of other bedbugs wherever possible through a mechanism called 'traumatic insemination'.

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4045 posted as recently as 11 hours ago to the gaming community so the account is still active, it's just purged from KiA2. He is however still whining about Dom being a Zionist plant as recently as 2 days ago so attempting to screw with this board isn't a surprise. Because that's totally something to do with gaming.

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No. Your account is literally 6 hours old and you're trying to fracture the site, here's a reply I made about this very thing over 3 years ago.


Repeated rebranding was something early anti-GGers kept trying to push as a means to get rid of things. Maintaining the same banner regardless of whether a previously used one becomes available again prevents confusion from happening amongst other things.

i.e. Splitting from KiA to form KiA2 and keeping KiA2 even if the option to use KiA ever happens.

Not only does it keep things consistent and less complicated, it means less chance of false flags caused by the new brand being used once a reversion has occurred to a previous one.

E.g. Trying to use KiA.win would mean KiA2.win was possibly up for grabs. Anyone wanting to cause drama could then pretend to be 2 or just honeypot it.

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Camera lens can do magic for someone's pudge, but it can also do that thing about adding 20 pounds.

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"Do this.


😯 "How dare you?"

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It was also posted to the News win 4 days ago but that place is verrry quiet despite some of the new stories posted to it.


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Seeing as how it's an election year: all of them. They will sit and wait to be activated nearer the time and attempt to rely on a slightly older account age than "made on the day" as a means of credibility.

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Please wear something retarded that isn't flame retardant 🔥

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Eurovision died when they banned Wogan for insulting all the hosts and acts. One year he called one of the hosts "Doctor Death". God knows what his reaction to this lot would be - literally, Wogan has been dead for a while now so only God would know that one.

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Probably the subscriber list to various social media block lists that have been going for years now.

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Fair point 🤔

But they've only had 14 years in power from three consecutive governments and, hang on I need to actually count this next bit... four five Prime Ministers!

I almost forgot about the lettuce!

With so little time it's a wonder they can get anything done... 🙄

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Someone should really make a movie with little to no dialogue that plays entirely from the monsters' perspectives. That would be cool.

Can't help but think it would end up being something like this


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