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Not that any of us really expect those next affected to learn anything from it happening to them other than try to weasel their way out of it and/or shift the blame on anyone other than themselves for it having ever happened. 🙄

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was painful as hell to watch.

Unlike the actual wailing going on because none of the 3 actresses seemed to be able to act like they were fighting.

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There is no Baldur's Gate 3. There's only yet another cash grab of a franchise that resolved it's story in June 2001 with Throne of Bhaal where the protagonist as the last remaining Bhaalspawn either ascended to Godhood or didn't.

The Ascension mod gives some leeway to Imoen and Balthazaar who willingly give up their Bhaalspawn essence if still alive, but apart from that there is no more story to the Baldur's Gate games other than the cheap and completely detached dungeon grinds that have been released after June 2001.

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you get Chuck 2.0

Jake 2.0 did it before Chuck. There's probably other examples before Jake too.

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Don't throw away your vote to see an underwhelming nude

This is quite literally buying the simp vote.

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It worked for Star Wars.

Oh wait, no it didn't. 🤔

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That font choice is terrible. Light text on a light background? At least highlight the characters with a border or something.

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By and large, we don't care. You do you, just don't force your religion on us.

Woo, apathiests unite. Maybe. If you can be bothered.

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and the court of public opinion doesn't have enough wait or care for information to determine which.


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All I wanted was an answer to the question, "What if Superman said "fuck it, I'm not a human, I just look like one" and decided to do his own thing? Or went full on evil?"

Read Irredeemable or Supreme Power. Both address that in different ways.

Some spoilers below:

Both use a central Superman pastiche as the main focus however deal with the consequences of such a being in different ways.

Irredeemable has The Plutonian, which is Superman in almost all but name except for some origin twists that are revealed later in the story. The catalyst of the whole thing is the matter of just how extensive the super hearing power is combined with how humans as a whole can't accept something. So eventually because he keeps hearing all the gossip and criticism about him and because he's too human despite his actual origins, he reacts in a very human way and snaps. The story then starts with the world having to somehow deal with the single most powerful being on the planet that nobody can actually stop.

Supreme Power is an origin varient of the Squadron Supreme [Justice League pastiche with it's very own racist, black Batman] with Hyperion who has a dimensional alternate in the main Marvel universe as well as other versions around the multiverse including the actual evil King Hyperion version. This version changes the upbringing from the usual Superman one to an entirely government run project codenamed Hyperion. Story deals with Hyperion growing up in a controlled environment which very quickly turns out to be incapable of holding him and how he reacts to learning the truth about himself and how others both treat and think of him.

Writers of the pieces did eventually go off the tracks and drink the socjus coolaid in some cases though.

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He looks like he's wearing an extra face in that thumbnail.

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Gawyn will become the literal white knight for Egwene

The Simp Knight

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A lot of the stuff from the comics is starting to be referenced in various ways I'm finding interesting.

Was genuinely concerned when Terror showed up but loved they actually had Butcher give him the "Fuck it" command as he does in the comics a few times.

Also The Female/Kimiko using her trademark comic move of literally tearing someone's face off was a nice if gruesome nod.

As for Black Noir? Well his comic origin makes sense how he can take so much but with how a few things have been changed already I'm not entirely sure how they'd pull off the same twists unless they go for a warped classical Greek tale.

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It's definitely not one of the most memorable characters from the book

How memorable the character is isn't the point. It's one of the God Emperor's maternal parents. Consider what that means for Leto II [the second] and his twin sister.

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Skip forward to Nu Who where they decided to throw the existing fans under the bus instead along with lots of the lore.

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I still need to watch Babylon 5

You are in for a treat.

Zero spoilers because it's a very tight knit show mostly, but the pay off from the very end sequence is one of the most moving moments you'll probably experience from a TV show.

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Remember for the show Stormfront's hometown as Portland 😂

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Hm, I dunno regarding the woke aspect. It is showing in places.

MM literally uses the phrase "standing on his neck" when telling the story of his father against Vought in episode 4.

The majority of Show!Stormfront's racism has been towards black characters in the two episodes it it shown.

She wipes out a building killing 59 people when chasing the TKer. Then there's the flashback from episode 4.

Both of them are heavily playing on topical racial tensions.

Remember she's named for the comic character she's based off, gender bent as the character is. The in universe PR angle is the name comes from the electric powers. The meta angle is that it's a very obvious tongue in cheek nom De plume of a literal nazi.

The comic version of Stormfront was the literal Ubermensch created by the Nazis in WW2 brought over by Vought in some Operation Paperclip moment, which may still be used as part of the origin story given the timelines the show is using but would leave the other part connected with the 7 as next to impossible.

It is possible the heavy diversity inclusion angle brought up in ep4 WA done for satire such as the interview involving Homelander as well as all the "Girls get it done" slogan pushing by the PR group in the show, but then it may have also only really been done to give Showfront a relatable angle for woke viewers, before they get the nazi twist thrown at them full force.

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