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crylac nails

Ugh, I don't even like natural nails that are slightly long, the fuck would I want artificial ones for instead? 🤢

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Captain Marvel movie can be ignored and her role in Endgame should have gone to Nova/Richard Rider.

All the same scenes could even happen and yet they'd make far more sense such as why Marvel/"Nova" fails to immediately stop Thanos and then gets Power Punched out the fight for fucking around too much. Because in the case of Nova he'd be the sole survivor of the Nova Corps on Xandar from Thanos' off screen attack prior to attacking Thor and Loki for the Tesseract/Space Stone since Xandar is where the Guardians of the Galaxy left the Power Stone.

The placement of the stand alone film would even still work because it could end with the attack on Xandar while the rest of the film was a far more upbeat life story of Richard as long as it doesn't end up too much like the Green Lantern movie.

However Richard Rider is somewhat hated by several Marvel writers so much like Spider-Man is frequently abused the same happens with Dick Rider [yes it's a very unfortunate name].

Someone with enough time and tech could probably edit Marvel out for Nova if they really wanted to.

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All the vamps were white IIRC and the ancient vamps that Dorff's character uses for the blood ritual were all "old white guys" so it could be that I guess?

"Old white dudes" was an actual line from the first 'Men in Black' movie said by Will Smith when everyone is trying to find the ship the Bug will use to leave Earth so it's possibly a theme even back then.

Triple H plays one of the vamps in the third movie while Dominic Purcell plays Dracula although on the good guy side is Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King in the role that more or less led to him being Deadpool. Main bag guy in the second is also the main bad guy in the second Hellboy film and has very similar makeup. While many of the vamps were very "pale" that's kind of the main point about vamps anyway.

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It can be OK but the basic formula for killing any of the monsters is:

  • sneak attack with the silver bullet

Because one on one the brothers and every other hunter is still just human squaring off against something that will likely tear humans in two so it can eat their heart.

This gets applied to pretty much every single thing they fight, every time they fight it and even includes all the various deities that show up.

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As much as this may come across as victim blaming you are pretty much asking to be hassled by making inflammatory posts like this on that board.

You have 3 distinct insults in that post alone and nothing else so unsurprisingly it gets met with a negative response.

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Keep in mind Robotech wasn't actually a show. It was 3 separate series redubbed and edited into 1 single story and the main timeskips happen because of this.

It's still wonky fun but there are some hardcore fans who dislike it for this reason.

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Second series isn't quite as good as the first but there's still a lot more coming if they bother to animate it. Even if they just go up until the fight with Garou that could leave things at a semi reasonable spot to stop.

But then modern companies are either idiots or fools so who knows what might happen.

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This. It's getting the idea out to the public while also gauging resistance to the concept so the inevitable can be adjusted to be more acceptable.

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Is it an actual ban? Article mentions the jab won't be available to under 50s anymore but groups that are considered at risk will still be offered it, including under 50s where applicable.

The JCVI also advised that the booster third dose which became available in 2021, will no longer be offered to those aged between 16 and 49-years-old who are not in a clinical risk group, from February 12th, “as the transition continues away from a pandemic emergency response towards pandemic recovery”.

So anyone in a clinical risk group will still be able to get it.

The linked DM article in that article uses very different language when going over this.


programme to be wound down as u-50s given fortnight to get boosters

So they can still get it atm.

Downing Street's scientific advisers also stated another round of booster vaccines should be dished out this autumn.

So more are still planned if/as required depending on what those "requirements" are medically, socially, or economically.

It will mean that tens of thousands of the country's most vulnerable will have been offered eight coronavirus vaccines by the end of 2023

8 is kind of absurd, tbh.

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Unfortunately it's a Netflix production so the cast is all dumb as rocks and the production quality is worse than shit.

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They all do it and thought Trump was just as guilty as they were.

So... projection? 🤔

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You call everyone a simp, though.

Or a TERF, or a feminist, or a tradcuck, or a stormfag, or ConPro, or a combination of the lot.

You don't get a prize for sperging and throwing all the shit at the wall when some of it finally sticks.

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Autogynephilia isn't real

This is one of the most retarded things you've said recently. Do you want to know why? Because it takes all of 1 person admitting to it to prove you are wrong [again].

and women can keep trying to make it real

Unironically removing agency from men by putting the responsibility here on women, who knew you thought so highly of women!

Or another way to look at it is you once again defending troons and attacking/blaming women for no relevant reason. Which is one of the reasons you keep getting labelled as a troon yourself because you repeatedly defend them whilst also attacking anyone who criticises them like anyone vaguely labelled as a TERF.

if they want, but it still isn't.

This unironically describes your own posting history. You want to blame women for everything even when it has nothing to do with them because "womanman bad".

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+69 (nice) / - 3 and 164 comments after 15 hours.

That's a spicy meatball.

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He's definitely being diplomatic because he likely wants his Stormlight Archive books adapted.

He claimed the WoT show is "another spin of the wheel" so things are similar but also still different.

Problem is most of the changes are still utterly retarded.

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