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She also filed to impeach Joe Biden last year. This is theater. Nothing will come of it.

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What evidence would you accept? Russia has passed sweeping legislation creating long prison sentences for vague charges such as spreading fake claims. They also insist the "operation" isn't a war or an invasion. Whether or not any particular individual is prosecuted, put together, this sends a clear, chilling message.


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This is not a "blacklist" in any reasonable sense. It's just a report the CPD issued which lists people who have been pushing pro-Russia narratives. It has no legal effect.

Their country is being ruthlessly attacked by Russia so of course they're concerned about foreigners who appear to be justifying the invasion.

All European countries censor, by the way, as there is no free speech there. That isn't good but doesn't make them Nazis.

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there’s no mention ANYWHERE that he’s actually a man, just because HE SAID SO:

Not explicitly, but the article mentions several times that he is transgender, including in the intro, which lets anyone reading know that he's really a man.

A better example would be the article for Brianna "John Walker Flynt" Wu, where there is no mention at all..

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He hired an all-female staff

This looks like illegal discrimination. What if he hired an all-male staff, or, better, all white males? But I suppose any attempt to challenge him would ultimately end at the Supreme Court.

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It was 6-3 upholding the Mississippi law; it was 5-4 to overturn Roe. Roberts's concurrence would weaken Roe enough to reach the same judgement but "without overruling Roe all the way down to the studs". https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/19-1392_6j37.pdf

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Although TiA still held to some of its core values, the banning of /r/gendercritical brought a wave of TERF refugees which came to increasingly dominate.

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This has already existed for over half a century. It's called palimony. The ur-case was Lee Marvin and Michelle Triola back in 1971.

In Canada, with variation by province, there are explicit rules that a couple of years of cohabitation entitles a woman to half your stuff.

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Yeah, if you're stealing my stuff, you get what you deserve.

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This is from a satire website, in case that's not clear. https://iqfy.com/

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She also very publicly attacked her employer (the Washington Post), which is what really cost her her job. I'm sure she'll sue claiming discrimination and retaliation and hostile environment, with some ambitious lawyer taking her on, and it's anyone's guess how that will go.

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This falls short in many ways, as other comments here have noted (nothing about sexism/feminism, gays, etc.). And this paragraph betrays the authors' liberal perspective:

I want to be crystal clear about something: bigotry and racial discrimination are real and they have no place in society. Yes, there is ongoing racism. Yes, there is ongoing homophobia. Yes, there is ongoing hatred of trans people. These are morally abhorrent and we all need to work together to bring about their end.

No, not really. These "ongoing" problems are perhaps not non-existent, but they are basically irrelevant. For example, objections to trans ideology are rooted in genuine concerns, with "hatred" playing almost no role. And if the occasional person's disgust turns to hatred, that is not "morally abhorrent" but just an unimportant fact of life.

The "taboo facts" are mostly not taboo, and many are even boring ("Deaths from natural disasters have declined 90% since 1900"; who argues about this?). Almost none will get you banned from Twitter. Some supposed taboos basically support the woke agenda by other means: "Trans activism can hurt trans and gender-dysphoric children."

Real taboos would be that black crime and lower achievement is due to genetic differences in behavior and intelligence, as is Asian academic success, or that the "trans children" phenomenon is a fraud and incredibly damaging. Indeed, it is almost taboo to say that Western nations have the right to detain and expel illegal immigrants, much less that they have the right and reason to preserve their original ethnic and racial composition.

So, are they too afraid to endorse an actual taboo fact, or do they endorse the tabooing?

Oh and I've never seen the woke care about the homeless; too white and way too male.

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TWoW will likely be published eventually in some form. But GRRM is never going to finish the series.

This Metaculus post is a good summary of the situation.

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For those not keeping score on Taylor Lorenz, here is her trying to channel Jussie Smollett but only approximating Amber Heard. This is the same woman who a few weeks later doxed @libsoftiktok.

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Same deal with Legal Bytes, got known for being on Rekieta's stream, went off and copied it and gets promoted because it's far left version (she and her panel are pro-Turd).

Legal Bytes and nearly her whole panel have been pro-Depp and anti-Heard from the start.

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I'll confess that I found Death Comes to Town pretty funny.

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Not anymore.

Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.

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There's a saying that the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. This is similar. These parasites can destroy the company's value without killing it completely, especially when most competing companies are doing more or less the same thing.

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There's no such thing as a Yahoo story. Yahoo News is a feed of articles copied from other sources. This story is from the black-supremacist "news" website The Atlanta Black Star. That's why it's so poorly written.

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