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Metaverse is literally just VR internet. It may have it's pros, but it's not necessary at all and it's certainly not revolutionary in the least.

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I don't believe that was in the USA.

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I almost went with induction. Induction is a newer technology, more common in Europe, purely electric and based on magnetism, but I didn't like how it performed when I tried it out

Can you elaborate? I am close to buying one myself.

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Embers aren't coal, though. Embers glow. It has no connection with chocolate cakes.

I guess they weren't neurotic enough to consider redhead feelings. Or maybe they were?

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KiA2 isn't that bad. I'm surprised that anyone here would even know what happens at KiA1, though.

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The problem with that is that he'd lose access to his account if anything happens and might not have the phone.

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It'd certainly get plenty of free rage marketing.

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A rational explanation for that one is that women seek dependable men who can provide and who are chivalrous. Paying on the first date could be an indicator of that. Men are also supposed to pursue the woman as she plays coy, so her paying would go against the courtship natural order.

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I would have recommended to change rule 3 from "No sexism, racism etc" to "No morality talk." That would be more neutral and cover more sources of friction.

I like the "No political or religious talk".

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No. Some people praised the story, but that was only because it was a game. When compared to film and TV, the story is as substandard and generic as it gets. HBO will no doubt ruin it even further with ideology.

The gameplay was just as generic, according to 8/v/, at least.

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If there were no gibs, the migrants would leave.

Not really true. Many just want menial labor in places that pay more than in their home country. Illegal immigration would happen even in the most right-wing market societies.

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Atheistic "freedom", rather than hedonism, but yeah.

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