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There's so many competing services for generative art that they can't afford to lose market share this early on. Sadly, their employees are messed in the head so this kind of thing is inevitable.

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The jesuits were founded by a saint. It was God's will and not a mistake.

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In my experience in Catholic schools it was always presumed that you don't just force the Jewish kid into the chapel.

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I guess promoting liberal policies and censoring everything else backfired bigly for her.

None of that is the reason the kid died. Teens often try drugs.

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From what I've seen, it's nothing but a mishmash of whatever is popular in the most popular games. It doesn't get more generic than that. It's only sold well because people are starved for a pokemon-like and the controversy's marketing.

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Originality is hard. Most artists are happy to get something that looks like what a professional artist would make. If the boss doesn't like it, they'll specify what changes to make and maybe even provide a reference.

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She certainly doesn't look generic.

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I agree with you about the 'solutions' causing gigantic problems in the future, but it's not bullshit that their economy is stagnant and they have an unhealthy overwork culture.

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Japan be used as a redpilled example of a well functioning homogenous society

Their economy is stagnant, their people are overworked and suicidal, and they're slowly dying out. Japan isn't well functioning.

The reason leftists hate Japan is because their media is popular in the west and it isn't Marxist, which makes them an enemy in their culture war.

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Youtuber Mentour Pilot and a few others are speaking of a culture of subcontracting things at Boeing instead of making things in-house that have lead to these quality issues.

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It's because their media is popular, therefore influential in the culture war, and it's not Marxist.

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That's just replacing voters with the programmers' bosses.

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globalist finance

I haven't said anything about finance. I was talking about commerce.

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Jesuits are Catholic.

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So either you were trying to be terrible on purpose or you are doing a really bad job about it.

Maybe I am bad at this. I'll stop.

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He's not a communist.

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Agreed. We haven't been discussing that.

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marxism is anti-Christian, is fundamentally anti-religion and he is not only not speaking against it but wants it to mix it with Christianity.

Dialog isn't mixing.

it was so bad that the Vatican had to put out a statement to contradict him:

That very link speaks of clarification, not contradiction.

I maintain that Pope Francis hasn't said anything that goes against Church doctrine. Maybe he says things that aren't compatible with the political right, but that's not religion. People accuse the Pope of being political precisely because he's not.

Sadly, words in line with transcendental love sound like appeasement to those obsessed with solving the world's problems through political means.

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bad faith bullshit.

My only argument is that people aren't fair to the Pope. They used to do it with Benedict XVI too, to a lesser degree.

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Babylonian world government isn't the same as interconnecting the markets. One word can have different connotations. I doubt you have gone in and figured out exactly what he actually meant. That is my point.

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the current pope does not seem to follow any teachings


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