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This is kind of the place where people who like computers and who dislike social justice intersect.

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Xi Jinping is laughing his ass off right now.

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Another high-level troll from a true trolling master.

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In case you didn't need another reason to think these guys are cucks.

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Brutalist architecture is dope. The commies can't ruin it just by using it once.

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Hey... leave brutalist architecture alone. It's beautiful in its own way.

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No way would I do that.

I'm here for the PLAY OF THE GAME jokes.

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Amusing article but it sounds like bullshit to me.


The japanese word for wife, "O-Kane-o", means "Stay in the home."

The japanese kanji for "evil" is the kanji for woman three times surrounded by the kanji for house.

Japan is the most andro-centric society in the history of the world. Like all societies they have their simps, but this guy sounds so deep in simping color he thinks Japan is more gynocentric than America, where we are no longer allowed to say "Chairman" or "Key man risk."

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"Thanks to gender equality men can also be valkyries!"

Bro I think you got trolled

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Been thinking about thi one a lot for my app (sells Pepe the Frog T-Shirts, you can imagine the deplatforming I've been subject to.)

You are never safe as long as you go with any payment processor. All you need to do is design your entire backend around integrating with a "non-woke" payment processor, and they'll be bought by Paypal the next day and announce "a bold and talented multiculturally diverse new team of directors."

The obvious choice is to accept payment in Bitcoin or Etherium, as you have more control over how they are stored - but they can still be stolen or lost.

The solution I'm going with is as follows: I'm aiming for 30% of my revenue coming in from each of the following sources:

  • 30% Cryptocurrency
  • 30% Payments from a variety of payment processors
  • 30% via direct bank / Interac transfer
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