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If what Australian/UK women pick up with their mouths is worm sized it would explain a lot.

cock joke. Feminists are pedophiles.

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Jewish Internet Defense Force

Israel and the feds literally pay cunts to lie online, gaslight, attack the reputation of people dangerous to the left's lies, pretend to be bystanders swayed to the left by nonsense arguments in the hopes that some NPC sheep will comform to this fake consensus, etc.

There are also particularly pathetic JIDF shills who do it for free.

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(((this comment was removed by a janny for "identity attacks" even though TheImpossible1's rants are never censored)))

While I never called TheImpossible1 a pedo personally, I'll never understand why he'd working for the enemy. Rotherham.

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Yeah it was the delay. I see my own comments now.

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Shit's good.

turns out the site just lagged

Lmao rollback netcode when?

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For some reason my own comments are invisible to me

maybe arguing with the site's janny wasn't a smart idea

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It's still shocking to me that people dumped in Australia were still white enough to build a civilized nation where others couldn't.

Meanwhile the Wokeandans claim they'd have flying cars if not for us. Lmao.

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Are (((you))) sure they are white or just "my fellow whites"?

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The cops are attacking humans and forcing them to suffer. The cops in Australia violate the law when it is convenient for them and the law does not protect the innocent from the government.

There is no law in Australia. Only leftist tyrants, their slaves, and rebels.

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You'd be amazed how often my comments are removed for "identity attacks" whenever I mention (((them))).

Meanwhile controlled opposition like TheImpossible1 gets to bash all women to build reputation and then piss it away every time he screeches "stormfag stormcuck" at anyone who wants feminism eliminated and women put back in their place. Seems like he's just here to lash out at anyone more based than him.

Is it time for KotakuInAction3.win yet?

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paying to play WoW

private servers

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That's not a "liberal friend", that's an enemy combatant.

A pussy sticks his head in the sand and says nothing. Or only says what he is forced to.

Your "friend" is reinforcing leftist echo-chamber lies instead of challenging them. That's not a good person.

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The people I know with porn/sex addictions are waiting for an excuse to stop that's better than the excuses to keep going.

"Society has stopped exploiting and loathing its hard-working white males, feminists are in camps or padded cells, the leftist tyranny has ended and the kung flu scamdemic is over" would be a damn good excuse for these people to reintegrate into society and give up the vices that help them cope with this miserable modern status quo.

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"Left wing" has always been a buzzword invented by the communists, who masquerade as liberalists/universalists/bleeding heart charity lovers whenever it will protect them from scrutiny or attract members to their cancerously communist cult.

"right wing" has always been nothing but a buzzword the left invented for everything they hate to associate it with foul smells and bad words and negative descriptors because the leftist liars love this tactic almost as much as they love ballot-stuffing with extra steps aka importing countless foreigners and enabling their crimes/terrorism/mass rapefugeeism for the sake of votes and causing White Flight.

The left has always been pure evil and the sooner everyone they want enslaved and call "right wing" realizes that, the sooner we will finally figure out the solution.

By the way the left has been exterminating dogs "because covid" for months. I hope the right says no to the left's constant attempts to enslave the right and makes Australia a free nation with gun rights and animal rights and free speech rights.

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