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To compress a long story into a couple of sentences: Slate Star Codex was a psychiatrist's blog well-known in certain parts of the internet for thoughtful and fair articles on a variety of topics, some mild criticism of social justice in the earlier years, and tolerance of diverse viewpoints from the commenters. The NYT was going to write an article, ostensibly a positive one, but denied the request to use the pen name instead of the real name. Scott spent a better part of the year reassembling his life where that wouldn't hurt him, and now writes under his real name at https://astralcodexten.substack.com/ — and https://slatestarcodex.com/ is not deleted, it exists as an archive of sorts.

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Housing double agents is a proud tradition of the British intelligence! See: Kim Philby

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Here's one more joke for you then:

The KGB arrest a man for distributing pamphlets in a busy square. They confiscate the pamphlets and find out that they are absolutely blank. In astonishment, the KGB officer asks the man: “What's the point of handing out empty pieces of paper?” The man replies: “Why write anything? Everything is already obvious for everybody!”

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An American says to a Soviet man: “We are the freest country on the planet, I can come up right to the White House and shout: Throw Reagan in prison!” He replies: “That's nothing, I also can come up to the Kremlin and shout: Throw Reagan in prison!”

How's it going, the freest country?

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It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you KillAllMen.

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Before you is a bowl of 100 M&Ms. 99 of them are laced with cyanide. Go ahead, grab a handful.

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I know you're trying to justify your position in the company during layoff season, but I have half a mind to make your job look unnecessary instead of helping you prove how necessary it is

Do it.

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Imagine my horror when I found out that your post is not a satirical rephrasing, it is an actual quote from the article. Truly, not with a bang, but a whimper.

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As a point of reference: the Soviet media simply neglected to report that anything was amiss at Chernobyl for a number of days, rather than reporting that the reactors are operating “mostly peacefully routinely” over a backdrop of burning buildings graphite on the roof.

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America seems dead set on outdoing the later USSR in the gerontocracy department.

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And what is wrong with adopting the tactics of the winners? How did that quote go, about standing at a mass grave and asking them whether honor matters?

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Because furries are degenerate and this behavior is a result of illness, physical, mental and spiritual illness.

I take offense to that. My helicopter taxi for marxists will proudly display a fox ahegao on her hull.

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I can forgo tits or GTFO

But you shouldn't. Paging u/yitt

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What the fuck is even going on in the Fate universe? I played the original, but nothing in this text makes any sense to me. What happened to a simple story about summoning and killing heroic spirits, a centuries old conspiracy of some mage families, and infesting girls with rape worms?

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but at least they did it for the usual reasons (hunting for the alpha male). Now I don't even know what they would want with toxic masculinity being taboo

You got it all wrong. To get female interest you need to be the same “toxic” alpha male as ever, simply your words need to reflect that you are not a social retard and that you know what the current goodthink is. “Patriarchy hurts men too! Men should be more open with their emotions! Of course, I personally don't have any, because I'm too strong for anything to bother me, but other men absolutely need to express emotions more!”

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That's simply a natural description of the discourse about men and women, when its state can be boiled down to: everything male/masculine = bad, everything female/feminine = good.

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They are not idiots. They are malicious female supremacists. Confuse malice for incompetence at your own peril.

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How are genders quotas difficult? Everybody knows that womyn earn 0.78 cents for every 100 dollars men make, so to combat this grave injustice no man should be hired for a position above a janitor in the next 700 years.

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Take a page out of the leftist playbook. Sever any ties with the enemy, even if they happen to be your family. I know I avoid my mother since the events of this year as much as possible.

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This is insupportable. When we breed catgirls, how will they wear masks with ears on top of the head? On these grounds alone masks should be abolished preemptively.

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