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Explains why none of the speakers were speaking Dutch too /s

Edit: It's Dam Square in Amsterdam.

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Sensible chuckle.

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and their partner completely changes

Isn't that the sort of thing you'd prefer to find out before the legal commitment?

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you'd do your best to run faster than she can roll.

And now the Indiana Jones theme is stuck in my head. Thanks asshole.

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People never describe themselves, they describe the idealized self-image they have of themselves.

"Healthy eating is important to me," says the guy who subsists on nothing but Hot Pockets. He's not even lying. In his own head, he thinks healthy eating is important to him. He'll even give helpful advice to others. It just... happens to get overlooked every time he's selecting food for himself.

Very few, if any people, have a realistic understanding of themselves.

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I'd normally agree but it doesn't work in this case:

In order to present research at the conference, all social psychologists are now required to submit a statement explaining 'whether and how this submission advances the equity, inclusion, and anti-racism goals of SPSP.'"

"So I'm going to resign from SPSP at the end of this year, when my membership dues run out, if the policy on mandatory statements stays in place for future conventions," he concludes.

Short of rushing the stage there's not a way to force them to commit to ousting him. The alternative to quitting is paying dues, maintaining a membership, but being silenced.

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concluded that polyamorous relationships are entitled to the same sort of legal protection given to two-person relationships.

Everyone here want to get married in a blob so we can each get get (n-1) copies of spousal benefits each from the government? Some people might call this "fraud" but we can't be compelled to testify against one another... spousal privilege and all that. Oh and everyone outside the US is can apply for citizenship. Congratulations.

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Maybe 50/50 was too even a split. The impulse control and responsibility parts are good and I'm amazed those can sink any lower. But I think we've reached the point when "adherence to norms and rules" could go either way. NPCs who diligently report wrongthink might score high on conscientiousness.

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Best I can do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVpXxBp6EIk

Though I'm sure there's a handful out there somewhere with a helpful black guy correcting a dumb white woman.

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Muting this conversation; afraid I might learn something.

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roughly 6% of men are into femdom.

And paypigs are going to be an even smaller number than that. The majority is going to be "I like sexually aggressive women and the outfits are hot."

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You're probably right but I do wonder if it would have been possible for Germany to hit it from inside.

Sweden has the capability (Gotland class is a sneaky little fuck) but can't imagine they'd have a reason to.

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YOU wear bare legs in -10 or worse

It would really suck. I hope some day they figure out a way to heat the cabins of airliners. But where are you going to get hot air on a jet? Very difficult problem.

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I don't disagree per se but their job is to give a 60 second safety review and push a drink cart. The rest of the job is to present the image of the airline wants their brand to have and quite often appearance and practicality are in opposition.

The job could be done just as well in colored polos and khakis but then that airline's brand is going to be in line with a brand like Best Buy or Target and I'm going to expect 20% off mailers from them.

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They're herd animals and quite hierarchical. Not that different from dogs. They want to be on the alpha's good side. Except the predator/prey thing. Where a dog would try to protect you, a horse will try to save itself.

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What if that's the real target demo for these menu items but they can't say it publically?

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How about China? Keeps NATO and Russia at each other's necks, ensures that the gas goes to China instead with more pricing power.

I wouldn't rule out Germany either. This way as the people shout for the gas to be turned back on they have an excuse other than valuing Ukraine more than their own people.

IMO almost every nation BUT Russia has more motive. Unless it's a sort of false flag like you think, they're just kneecapping their own leverage over Europe. It would be quite a gamble.

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Meh. Can't boycott a company you haven't given a cent to since the 90s.

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Yup. If you were a gay/bi guy with a MtF there is no downside to calling yourself straight even if you know better. It keeps them from hulking out and there's zero downside.

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Kaarous, stop this. It is embarrassing. But you do look cute in that outfit.

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