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I am shocked! The CEO of Tesla? The electric car company which sells hundreds of millions of dollars of carbon offset credits to other car manufacturers? That company? They support taxing carbon?

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Yep. Covid-19 isn't an emergency for me. If I get it, I'll isolate myself. Simple as that.

Last week Pfizer started their application for actual approval. We'll see how their six month follow-ups go. I figure minimum of 12 months after initial rollout to see how the first wave of newborns turns out. Not that I'm interested in having kids, but you never know.

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Wow a, what, $2.99 value?

You're off by 5-6 orders of magnitude what it would take to bribe me into taking a drug that doesn't even have FDA approval.

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That or they know it and think that they can mix appeasement with light resistance long enough that they won't be around when the dam bursts.

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New anti-Trump group of Republican leaders threatens to leave if GOP doesn't reform

Your terms are acceptable.

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Because the goal is to destroy your culture.

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I haven’t read this book yet but the title strikes me as so accurate

Endorsing something you haven't read seems surprisingly reckless for someone so intimately acquainted with cancel culture.

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In some ways their hands are tied. You must protect your trademarks against generification or you will lose them. It is different than copyright.

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That's the thing, I'm a conservationist. There are a lot of environmental concerns I do believe in and support solutions for.

Hear hear. If you can improve a process and have 10% less waste you should do it because waste is waste and it's a cleaner process is better. Climate hysteria is a secular version of hell. If you require an existential threat to make you do the decent thing, chances are you were a shit person to begin with.

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The only one I see ever beat biological sciences are "social sciences" and those aren't actually fields of science. Getting hung up on "nuhuh, generic veterinary science is X% more female than marine biology." Is missing the forest for the trees, or, in modern parlance, "pulling a Snopes."

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You're implying they'd actually go through with it. This idea would effectively be calling their bluff

Yeah. Call their bluff. There's no way psychopath mothers would ever push something that would hurt their young daughters. They'd never support something like a double mastectomies on their daughters just because they're struggling with puberty. Oh wait.

For once, I think you're actually underestimating the destructiveness of that mindset. They would absolutely go through with it. Then when only girls had any ill-effects, they'd abdicate any responsibility, call the manufacturer sexist, and demand more power in the pharma sector.

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I'm fine with your kid bringing peanut butter to school. The parents of the kid should be the one with the responsibility of making special considerations, not everyone else.

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HIPPA violation.

HIPAA does not prevent a random stranger for badgering you about your medical information. It covers the aptly named "covered entities" and their associates.


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You've got a point. Even if the border was less permeable there's so many here that it wouldn't make a significant difference in birthrates.

Maybe it's just a constant trend and only providing data from two admins makes it look like more of a shift. What in 2016 specifically would have altered fertility rates?

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If illegal immigrants have higher birthrates than legal residents, that might explain part of the decrease under Trump.

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Go around and offer them low-paying government jobs that they'd become obligated to take or lose their unemployment.

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I'm kind of enjoying it. It's like busting a union and then telling your workers it was because "unions are traditionally too white and male." That the excuse here is literally "we need chair-accessible chairs" is so absurd it's like rubbing their noses in it.

My only issue with this story is how ugly the benches are.

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I assumed it was because the press and corporations were sucking up hard to Black people at a time when it was becoming hard for Asians to ignore their attacks on (often elderly) Asians. Not to mention the the affirmative-action policies being pushed by BLM backers are anti-Asian.

That's the sort of thing that risks getting Asians American's attention and not in narrative-compliant way. The media opted to solve this the same way they always do. Create a vague boogeyman ("Asian hate") and try to tie it to groups and individuals they already dislike. As if Trump saying "China flu" caused robberies a year later. But now there's a thing Asians should be afraid of! They need to protect themselves with... solidarity! Solidarity that aligns with voting the right way! After all, you wouldn't turn your back on the community, would you? You're a traitor to your race if you vote the wrong way!

The media uses the same play over and over again and people keep falling for it.

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This isn't a comment on the efficacy of masks but I'm pretty sure you don't inhale any virus through your navel...

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Apathy is definitely increasing but that can go either way with just a little push. "Fuck the restrictions, I'm doing whatever" and "New restrictions? Fine" aren't as different as we'd like.

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I almost don’t have words but I will say I hope his Tesla catches on fire and he dies. :)

That's a pretty mean thing to say about Michael Che.

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