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if you are on welfare you might think your answers would affect that

That's something else that crossed my mind. If you're unemployed and always home where you eat at the same time as a kid you're a "more involved" for the purposes of certain questions than if you get home from making a living for them after they've eaten dinner and then spend every minute focused on them.

Admittedly, "paternal involvement" is a challenging thing to quantify in a useful way, but this study isn't doing it for me.

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“I disagree that a white judge should be telling Ms. Isak or any other Black person what is and is not racism.”

If even the slightest case for contempt can be made here, it should. This is not someone who should be participating in the legal system.

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GoW is still developed by Santa Monica Studio which is a first-party studio under Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Don't give Sony money. Being on PC may open up certain other options.

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You can tell what bullshit it is by the wikipedia talk page.

I find the fact that the International Journal of Feminist Technoscience is listed as an external link on the Technoscience page to be a first good step in including Feminist Technoscience as a subcategory of Technoscience, but additions must be made. Might I suggest a subcategory be added to this page entitled "Feminist Technoscience" that highlights the major works of academics in this field

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It's fuzzier than that. It's not as if they just divided wrong but one of those situations where the statistics themselves are really specific and of questionable use in the first place.

For instance "Number and percent distribution of fathers aged 15–44 with children under age 5 years, by how often they fed or ate meals with their children in the last 4 weeks" for "every day" for the group "Does not live with one or more of his children."

That number is listed as 12.6% for Black fathers. I think 12.6% suspiciously high for any group to be eating/feeding with anyone they don't live with for every day of the last month. Even a daily lunch with a coworker is unlikely to be every day of the last 30 days. There's just something off about the whole thing. I don't know if it's selection bias or because it's self-reported or what.

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Pretty much but it's not hard to believe a version where they weren't looking for casual sex in the first place either.

Incel - "She won't fuck me."
Femcel - "He won't date me and I only fuck people I'm dating."

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As a matter of fact, a CDC study said that Black dads are more involved in their kids’ lives than their counterparts of other races, and I’m confident that you’re one of those dads.

This seems to go against common wisdom until you realize it's because even the most uninvolved male parents of other races still identify themselves as fathers.

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You can atone for it by explaining your rationale for which is the seme and which is the uke.

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“What I should have led with in those emails was humanity,” Mr. Sarandos said in an interview Tuesday evening. “I should have recognized the fact that a group of our employees was really hurting.”

This is an apology for not sugar-coating his e-mails more. Still more of an apology than should be given but a minimal one.

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FL's Agriculture Commissioner is an elected position. This idiot got it by 0.08% after multiple recounts. She declared she's running for governor in 2022. With achievements such as this and:

Shortly after entering office in 2019, Fried's office redesigned the Florida Department of Agriculture's certified gas pump stickers, which verify to customers the gas pump is state approved. Previous commissioners had put their own names on the stickers for decades, but Fried was the first to put a color photograph of herself on the sticker.
The Republican Party of Florida accused Fried of using taxpayer funds to increase her political exposure, and the Florida Legislature quickly passed a law limiting the taxpayer-funded stickers to only "a combination of lettering, numbering, words, or the department logo". The stickers were quickly replaced with a new design that did not have her photograph

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Go ahead you dumbass gun-owning conservatives, try to take on the government en masse.

God forbid, the US actually fall into civil conflict, it would not look like you think it would. It would not be a bunch of rednecks marching on NORAD. It would be a terrible and ugly thing probably more resembling this: https://archive.md/ikvPK

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I know the expectation is mocking but

Although Caitlin is not morally opposed to casual sex, it is not an experience that feels right for her.

That one is understandable. That's seems to be a frequent point of misunderstanding between incels and femcels. The thing they "can't get" is generally not the same thing. One can't get emotional intimacy OR physical sex and the other can get physical sex but still struggles with the emotional intimacy part. But because getting physical act is significantly less of a challenge for femcels, they rage at each other instead of doing the obvious thing which is forming connections with one another.

Mary, Elaine, and Yvonne, on the other hand, are completely full of shit.

“Men don’t like the fact I don’t cook or clean, even though I pay for someone to do both jobs,”

Yeah. If there's something men hate it's that you come with staff that take care of all the chores. Oh. Woe is you.

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Who the fuck talks at a urinal.
There are some clear rules, you do not sit next to another guy

I have questions.

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Was he not a warmongering neocon?

I don't know. Pre-Bush I don't remember him seeming that way. It wasn't until that massive Iraqi WMD intel clusterfuck that he started to look ultra-hawkish like that. Just my impressions... from the media obviously, so worthless.

My feeling is it's probably a case of a decent military man who was tainted by spending too much time around politicians as his career went on. Not a hero, not a villain. Just a long, mixed career that would have been better remembered if he had retired before 2000.

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Swedish. It's literally a copy of one of Saint Greta's original signs.

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Moving the planet is awful risky but since Kryptonians on earth are basically solar collectors with apparently billions percent or more efficiency just have that fuck turn a big crank during the day and the entire world has clean energy.

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Hopefully the culture that caused this is limited to the company and the players rushing into greener pastures aren't bringing it with them.

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The only attempt I've seen someone make is that 6 weeks lines up just so with natural variance that you may not realize you've missed a period before the window is closed. That's obviously addressable through regular pregnancy testing but the idea of a recurring cost/responsibility seems shocking for some reason.

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The uses of colloquialism of sayings with intended double meaning are strictly prohibited

Wow. So you can be punished for not being on the absolute cutting edge of slang? Hope no one ever has to hold a function involving a cake.

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Refusing to use a student's pronouns because of who they are is discrimination.

That's not what they're doing. They're using student's pronouns properly in a consistent and even fashion.

Born male = he
Born female = she

They are not treating any individual differently because of "who they are."

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There won't be effective countermeasures to hypersonic missiles for 50 years or more.

A first strike is a kind of countermeasure...

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They'll just increase the minimum wage up to your wage which will not change. The prices will change to match. The goal is to eliminate the middle class and have everyone making minimum wage.

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It's worse this time. When they weakened "Nazi" there were no Nazis around.

But there are still terrorists today and they're on their side. So were stuck with being called terrorists and all it entails or letting "terrorist" lose meaning which lets them get away with even more violence.

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