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effectively making legal room for consent in a society where the concept is still poorly understood.

Wow. "The Japanese don't understand consent." And these are the kind of journalists that call us "racist."

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From a different article:

Gregory Lee Rodvelt, 66, already had a long history of criminal behaviour when his then 90-year-old mother sued him for elder abuse.
Reports state she was awarded around $3 million and Gregory was forced to sell his six-hectare property to pay her.
In prison for a previous offence, Gregory was released for two weeks so he could prepare the property for sale.
When the real estate agent arrived, discovered a sign that read ‘protected with improvised devices.’

At least he put up a sign.

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I have limited Souls experience, but I remember finding shortcuts that made transversal back to difficult spots a decent bit quicker. Not quite the same as checkpointing but helpful.

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The city says the idea is to help keep drug users safer with clean supplies and help curb soaring overdose deaths.

Typical government. Problem starts to solve itself and they jump in to stop it.

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I don't even understand how this one is supposed to be a "gotcha." Usually there's at least a hint of some semblance of a thought process but this one makes no sense.

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Mildly impressed that they put their money where there mouth is instead of doing the boilerplate virtue signal.

Still never going to use their product but there you go.

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I’m tempted to say that this will drive viewership of your movie, but … no one watches CNN lol

Elon's not wrong.

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What you said but also lay off the majority of "administrators." Funding that could be going to hire decent teachers instead of the current crop of losers is being redirected to bureaucratic effort that benefits no one besides the person getting the make-work job.

There's no way that much per-pupil spending should result in such shit outcomes. There's obviously a structural issue. Control needs to be moved back closer to the schools. The bureaucracy always comes from the top.

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No child left behind needs to go

This needs to be repeated. One-size-fits-all education has been a massive failure on both ends of the spectrum.

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Now I got too much stuff going on to repeat 2 hours of gameplay because I missed one tough jump 3 times.

This. I don't mind mashing my face against a wall BUT I don't want to have to go through a long walk or a bunch of cut-scenes to get to the wall. Having to repeat an easy and tedious portion of a game to attempt the difficult portion isn't a matter of how difficult a game is, it's a matter of how punishing a game is.

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However, in his comments to Rebel News, he managed to sneak in another pot-shot at people of faith:

"I get that, and I am sorry, honestly. I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings. But when will the Christian 'prayer' folks who attempted a cultural genocide against the Indigenous peoples of these lands apologize for the horrors they inflicted on a people, terrorism that resonates through generations. But, yes, some Christians were offended by me mocking prayer? Let's get some perspective."

Could he be any more of a stereotypical leftist? Get backed into a corner and reach for the "muh Indigenous peoples" as a shield.

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bitch! you can't have safety if you have to have your user use a pic of themselves as a login..

Huh? Doesn't "screenshot logging" refer to either recording conversations in the form of screenshots or letting users know when their conversations have been screenshot by the other party? Whatever it is "screenshot logging" != "photo login." Not sure where you got that one from.

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even though commerce is regulated by Congress

Interstate commerce is regulated by Congress. They're supposed to have no power regarding intrastate commerce but have become very good at finding weaseling technicalities to claim that everything is "interstate."

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Per-capita is just per-person. Take the total number of whatever for a group, divide by the number of people in that group. That's all it is. A lot of time it's presented as "per 100,000 people" to keep the numbers from being small decimals but the meaning is exactly the same.

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Yup. That and vast majority of crime is intra-racial. Every time progressives complain about disproportionate enforcement against black criminals they might as well be complaining about disproportionately protecting black victims.

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Forget the races for a second. You've correctly realized that the green cups have a higher chance of shooting you per-cup than the red ones. Even though the red ones have a higher total number. Each green cup has 50 shootings per-cup and each red cup has 2.04 shootings per-cup. The green cups have only 1/3 the total shootings, but there are 49x more red cups, making each green cup more shooty on average.

This is an example of why per-capita matters. The red cups might have more total dollars/shootings under them but there are so many more red cups that on-average each green cup will have more of dollars/shootings under it.

Per-capita is for when you don't care about the leaderboard but you care about seeing how likely something would be to happen of you had two groups of equal size. In this example, the red cups were white. Higher total number of crime, but even higher population.

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This is a 23 year old office lady.

This is a 14 year old middle school student.

Age and physical depiction in anime is nonsensical. Just give up, realize it's all fictional, and stop trying to decipher some hidden meaning or project it onto reality.

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The one thing I will give him is that the absolute % of criminals among the black population is still pretty small. There's tons of decent people and I do feel legitimately bad that they have to deal with the stereotypes reinforced by the shittiest people they share a race with.

But I don't feel bad enough to risk my personal safety to make them feel better.

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Per-capita has nothing to do with places. It's just controlling for population on a nationwide scale.

Forget everything else and focus on just this question.

In front of you are 2 green cups and 98 red cups. The 2 green cups have $100 randomly distributed between them. The 98 red cups have $200 randomly distributed amongst them. You get to pick a cup color, flip one at random, and keep the money. Which cup do you pick?

Okay, got your answer? Now instead of dollars, they're shootings. Which color do you pick?

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