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If I had to guess this graph isn't "deaths due to COVID" but the classic "deaths with COVID." If that's the case, this isn't a chart of COVID's deadliness, it's just a chart of its prevalence. You're seeing a lot of people who contracted Omicron while traveling for the holidays and tested positive. The positivity rate would swell in the deaths and people who aren't dying.

What you'd want to do is compare the daily deaths from all causes against 2018 and earlier. If the number of January deaths is consistent with historical trends, but now a ton of them test positive for COVID, you have your answer.

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That actually poses a very interesting question about anyone who immigrates after 25.

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If RBG was there it would have been 5-4. Maybe even still 6-3 considering she thought that RvW was a weak ruling that disincentivized congress/states from trying to sign abortion protections into law that wasn't built on a foundation of sand.

But it's true that the sheer arrogance of wanting the female president to appoint her successor is what led to such a conservative majority.

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Let's assume all this is true. Why would there still be an election in 2024?

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Even auto-generated spam accounts hit gold once and a while.

Eat less. Think more.

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Yeah. You'd have to take care in how you worded the legislation and I wouldn't necessarily want to keep someone's sibling or parent from bailing them out anyway.

Some activist slush fund that just bails people out and doesn't give a shit if they actually show to their court dates? That's defeating the purpose of bail.

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Is there anything tackier than posting a screenshot of your own composition that still has the spell check markers showing?

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I doubt it. If all those activist-politician endorsed "bail funds" haven't brought scrutiny, why would this?

States need to change their bail laws so that bail can only be paid by the arrestee or a bondsman whom must be paid back by the arrestee. No third-party bail ever.

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You are not more likely to conceive if you have sex with different men (slut) vs. a lot of sex with the same man (not a slut).

Moving the goal posts. You said:

You can get unintentionally pregnant without being a slut, or careless.

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Whatever your thoughts on Roe v. Wade, a company tacitly encouraging its employees to commit crimes is completely unacceptable.

This goes far beyond normal virtue signalling.

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in those states abortion will be available I assume.

I don't think that's going to be the case. Consider St. Louis, MO.

Missouri is a 70% R state senate, 66% R state house, and R governor.
Meanwhile St. Louis is something like the 15th most liberal city in the US and holds the #1 place in both Murder and overall Violent Crime.

The only way it's going to balance is either the states manage to reintroduce civilization into liberal cities or those cities have so many kids that the entire state turns blue, relegalizes abortion, and the growth stabilizes. Of course, the damage to the national voting base and welfare state will be done.

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so I would recommend getting your concealed carry and learning how to use it/taking a self defense course, and obviously doing all the other shit you do to stay safe as a woman on earth: like continue to carry pepper spray/stabby objects/high decibel devices to try and fend of any man who feels like he has the right to control or satisfy himself with our bodies.

Look at all that victim blaming!

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All Fetuses are Bastards?

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As long as we can clone people, we should be able to res some Scalias too, right?

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because they're legally on the hook

Sorry to doompill but look at the demographics of abortion. They don't stick around when the kid is born now. This isn't going to change anything. And then look at the demographics of the states that are most likely to ban abortion.

Even if it's the 'moral' thing to do, they just signed up for turning the South purple if not blue within a few generations.

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Arguably the Fourth.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Any hospital accepting government money (read: Medicare) should need probable cause and a warrant to seize part of someone's person without their consent.

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Let's be anti-violence, anti-crime, anti-racist affirmative actions, etc. Let's not just be racist.

In 2022 parlance, those are the same things.

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The ADA should be SCOTUS's next target. It's nothing but a way for lawyers and vexatious litigators to bleed money out of small businesses.

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This can't be real.

It doesn't tell him what question to ask.

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I'm of two minds on Brexit.

  1. Anything that accelerates the decomposition of the EU is good
  2. The UK is might just out-EU the EU anyway
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It is when it's to tell migrants to fuck off.

It's just a pity they don't have the balls to sink the ships.

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