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Below are some non-specific wafflings - for the man who has everything, what can anyone offer other than an orbital snapshot of all the spiritual wisdom in the universe:

Know thyself.

Nothing too much.

A pledge is a curse.

All existence is consciousness. The universe creates purpose (although not in the gay retarded way that figures like Harris and Dawkins believe). We're not the authors of meaningfulness. We're as much a channel for timeless objective values to materialise into the universe as we are creators of value. The Christians here might rephrase that as 'we are made in God's image'.

What do you value, in terms of your moral outlook? Why? Why really? If you can get past that question satisfactorily, how do you bring about a world with more of it, however little? I'm not asking so that you answer for me, this is just rewording 'know thyself' in different ways.

As for practical ideas, have you tried thinking smaller? Others mentioned innawoods type stuff, what about something along those lines but more manageable like a plot of vegetables, a flowerbed or a window garden. How about beekeeping? Some kind of tactile re-engagement with life to bring yourself closer to how it works at the smallest level and build back up.

Currently my own biggest moral headache is a rotting dead cat a few blocks from my house, by the side of the road. Despite hundreds of people passing by on foot for weeks, nobody has seen fit to move or dispose of it. None of the dozens of closer residents have seen fit to even put it in a bin. Now I think it's fallen on me to bury it in the nearby grassy patch somehow, because I believe it's an insult to life to let a probably cherished house pet become such an ugly spectacle. I get no satisfaction out of playing the community janitor and I'd prefer to ignore it, but I'm compelled by a sense of purpose to right what I see as a small thing wrong with the world. Maybe I'll feel good after, maybe I'll feel sick, maybe I won't get around to it at all and I'll continue to feel lame - the outcome and feeling good is not the point. The purpose is there regardless. Don't you have anything like that? Can you in fact identify a whole matrix of things like that, unified into a moral whole? That would be your life's purpose.

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I don't listen to it, but I stumbled on Alan Averill's small channel a while back. He's the vocalist of Primordial and collaborated with the Revenge/AoA guys so he's probably a bit based. Seems like music discussion takes a bit of a back seat to his general thoughts.

Oh yeah I forgot I stumbled on this guy too. No idea who he is but he seems a cool guy. And it just so happens he has 666 subscribers right now... surely it's fate that I introduce him to you. But I can't fully vouch for him because I don't watch him lmao.

Personally I just have no interest in watching anyone talk about music. To the extent that music-focused channels ever interest me, it's usually just ones that curate and post new obscure albums in their entirety, eg. Odium Nostrum or Black Metal Promotion. Not sure if there's a death metal or other genre equivalent of those BM-focussed ones, but maybe the algorithm will send some your way if it sees you checking those out.

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Wokies write with a lot of nihilist mean-spiritedness and have no problem with making stuff gory and violent if it aligns with their values, which usually involves a subversion of traditional ones. The Boys is another example. Or take the graphic eyeball removal scene in ST Picard, for a character whose former actor had defied the MeToo movement. Grittiness, gratuitousness and moral greyness was an interesting twist on hero stories for a while, then it became a meme, then became a tool in the service of a new moral order.

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Someone in the other thread said it's not in the PC version for some reason.

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Exactly, but GG never would have caught fire without the DMCA of Mundane Matt, the reddit comments graveyard, the Gamers Are Dead articles and the censorship of 4chan, etc. At that point it was obviously bigger than one slut or a few bad apples.

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Don't know if you've seen this thread but the twitter thread it links to is a good reminder of how it's all limbs of the same octopus, or else snapshots at different stages of the same cancer.

Feminists absolutely created this cesspool. Radfems lost out to intersectionalist feminists running the movement, but the only real difference between the two is that radfems enjoy destroying everything by way of demoralising men, while intersectionalists enjoy destroying everything through eternal feminist rebranding. The feminist rebranders and marketers (intersectionalists) have obtained temporary market supremacy, while the radfems, outside the spotlight, now have a lot of cognitive dissonance over the fact that feminist concepts are causing girls to cut their tits off (spoiler: they blame men).

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This gets forgotten. Even the Quinn stuff is over-emphasised - Quinn was hypothetically a side note in the controversy except for the massive circling of the narrative wagons in her defence, and the controversy would have been just about the collusion across the games press and the internet censorship, were it not for the fact that she kept inserting herself to help orchestrate all this (and victimise herself). This was the point of 'Literally Who'.

Sarkeesian was several degrees further removed. She was Literally Who 2. At first the only connection in general was that the entire games press and industry suddenly turned into berserk feminists and LW2 had previously been the loudest feminist with regards to video games. Nothing else. She managed to make 'GG attacked me' true only by repeating it, wishing it to be true and brute forcing it into the zeitgeist. The rumours that any dev listened to her direct input even seemed weak until around the release of Mirrors Edge 2, two years deep into GG.

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The guy commenting on 'horny old guys' seems to be an expert, since his handle is the guy who bragged about fucking his adolescent daughter, in pop song form and his pic is of the two of them.

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Don't need to read any of that. It's published by Gearbox. If you had high hopes or were thinking of paying real money, you were already doing everything wrong.

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Often not true

You can go further and say piracy has the opposite of the claimed effect, the overwhelming majority of the time.

When the RIAA and BPI tried to construct their anti-napster/etc narratives about this in the 2000s, they invariably found that the groups which pirated the most also bought the most, according to surveys. This is reflected in how the BPI celebrated all-time high album sales in the winmx/soulseek/suprnova/kazaa era (2001 to 2005-ish), sometimes year on year. There was a sales blip in 2002, which they used for scaremongering propaganda, but that was because 2001 had been a year of historical high sales. They broke 2001's record in 2003 - and then 2003's record in 2004, and I think the same happened in 2005 (not sure, then I stopped tracking after that) - all at the height of the biggest normie acceptance of piracy.

I recall an anecdote of some label PR goon trying to make a failed point by telling a student group to raise their hands if they had recently pirated something, then raise their hand if they had recently purchased something, and all the same hands went up.

I'm sure there are people around who do nothing but pirate and never buy anything, and moreso with gaming which is a bit different to music, but there's nothing to suggest they're anything more than a fat unicorn. Remember the notorious analysis from an indie dev which found they had to prevent 1000 illegal downloads to create 1 sale:

"Though that doesn’t make a 92% piracy rate of one of our banner products any less distressing, knowing that eliminating 50,000 pirated copies might only produce 50 additional legal copies does help put things in perspective."

Such a round, vague ratio of piracy to lost sales, on an obscure indie game, coming from a dev whose focus was fighting piracy and not arguing for it, suggests such a weak relationship that I think it was merely the best thing he could pull out of his ass. For all he knows, reducing piracy decreased his sales. Denuvo, etc. are total industrial snake oil for retarded corpos.

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Sam Harris serves two big purposes and not much more. One is that his dumb, wrong takes are simply funny. I could listen to a 2 hour Harris montage of wrongness, just for comedy purposes at this point.

The second is a terrible indictment of the doctrine of materialism. He is possibly the most fanatically motivated, angry man on the globe, despite having no clear basis for his moral postures. Remember he said that he would be happy to collaborate in Hunter Biden's hypothetical killing of children, if it helped prevent the next Trump presidency. His basis for this madness is...


all hail comedy

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I stumbled on Agora Road forums and joined them recently. It's for 'Vaporwave' discussion on the face of it, but the essence of the community seems to be fairly redpilled zoomies all harking for a past that they weren't a part of (hence the retro schtick). Made me want to jump in the mix.

I can't seem to get back into the ol' habits of forum checking and posting that used to come so naturally though.

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I don't know if this guy is being forgetful, self-deprecating, or unappreciative of the ideas of his colleagues when he says he put toilets on the map because of 'someone on the internet' complaining if he didn't. It's already an absurd idea that pre-2000 devs were designing out of fear for what would be said on the internet, but it also undersells the cleverness of the visual storytelling in that map's design. As the editing of the video shows, there are actually 4 toilets, but what it doesn't show is that the shit-runnels from the toilets drain towards a central point in the map where you can encounter a disgusting, sewer-dwelling enemy. So the toilets not only create a believable liveable space - Irenicus and his goons have to shit - but contribute to the nasty atmosphere and the dangers that the player has to confront.

He says himself that he hadn't seen the map in a while, so maybe he forgot, but pointing out a part and dismissing it as 'we did it becuz internet iz annoying' doesn't do the design justice.

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I hadn't even heard about that but it fits. On the other hand, with Avellone already gone by then, would you even want a non-Avellone-written Durance? They'd probably write him as a pathetic gay turbocuck in retaliation for all his Magran misogyny. And then patch him out completely as a disavow of Avellone, after that laughable metoo.

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Pre-release, everything I'd heard about the game was pushing me away - class tweaks, party shrinking, location, etc - but the whole 'IT HAS ROMANCE NOW!' talking point was a big worry, then when it released and I realised it was just jammed with bioware-sexual, crit role voiced chars, I said no thanks. Josh Sawyer is a woke cucktivist and doesn't want my money anyhow.

I'm sure POE2 did just fine without us /s

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Prerendered 2D graphics are my favourite style of game aesthetic and western isometric RPGs were the king of it. Part of the reason I enjoyed Pillars of Eternity 1 (I never played 2, it looked gay).

From a tech standpoint, the fact that you could rotate the camera in 90 degree increments in Commandos 2 (and freely indoors I think?) blew my mind at the time, back in the day. But I'm honestly not sure if it improved the game overall. A fixed perspective forces the dev to make a singular vision for the environment and removes camera from the question of balancing difficulty. I echo everything fauxgnaws says.

EDIT: if you want an example of another beautiful 2D game game which supposedly used 3D models transposed to 2D, King of Fighters 13 is in the mix. You can't talk about 2D game art without mentioning SNK. Although at the same time I think it's become a bit of a meme to say 'AKSHULLY KOF13's graphics are 3D' - I have my doubts as to whether people have misconstrued the story there, and whether the 3D models were simply used as reference material by the 2D artists.

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we're here, days later, with policies that squarely denigrate trans kids

Denigration sounds good. Any space this woman is in needs to be denigrated.

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Watched a little bit of a stream. Looks potentially great. From chat:

Antifa bots only chase you if you look away.

Will probably buy it just from the kek I got off this one.

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Indeed, we were stunned to find out that no fewer than FIVE men were pretending to be women (three on Seneca; two on Centennial.)

The best-of-five series eventually concluded with Seneca winning three games to one; no surprise there given that the Sting had three male players and Centennial only had two. Meaning Centennial was literally “outmanned.”

Channeling my inner Imp, I think it would be funny to show up to one of these games to point and laugh wheezingly at the actual female players, every time a tranny on the other team scores an RPG blast against them. Break their wonderful sporting will.

Just think, if the women all fucked off out of sports, then there will be no women's sports for trannies to dribble over into and the latter could go back to being invisible failures again. A high bar for sure, but we could at least aim for getting them off the TV and out of the news.

Could get some chants going:

"......yyoooouuuuuuu-AAH!-sked for this-AH!!" You'd wind up and time the first 'aah!' with an unstoppable, telegraphed tranny spike shot (works just fine if the chant puts off the tranny, as a fallback).

Then a refrain of "Stunning! Brave! You couldn't make the save!" Needs work idk.

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If I'm remembering the elements of this right, this could be huge. According to my recollection on what Bigtree and Siri have shown on this before, the V-safe comments were an optional fill-in segment for reports on this particular system, where those reporting adverse events had a choice of several tickboxes to categorise their adverse event.

Just as we've seen with the rigged data-gathering throughout all this, there were shenanigans going on from the start, in the choice of categories that people were given to pick from - so that people would be given too vague of an option, or their closest pick to their problem might be a less severe-sounding reaction, time frames being made too narrow for people to include their own reaction, stuff like that. Judging the AE rates from these submissions alone, the jabs still looked terrible in terms of safety profile . But some of the most severe AEs, ones with unusual circumstances, and even some of the more common of the known vaxx side effects might technically have had to be listed under 'Other', with only the user's comment to describe it. There were lots and lots of these.

The CDC looked at basically NONE of them and certainly didn't want heretics outside the medico-scientismo priesthood seeing them. Also due to the nature of all this stuff being lumped under 'Other', they would have previously been excluded from the rates of other specific types of injury, whereas now they can be properly identified and re-categorised. The CDC vaxx promotion and the wider narrative hinged off the bullshitted, hidden version of this data. IDK if I share Bigtree's optimism but I can see why he's saying 'I think this is gonna be the death blow to this cover-up'. They're going to need more big new psyops to bullshit this one away.

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I'll rubberstamp Assassin47's reading but with even less generosity to NG and Sega. The NG article sucks, honestly. The dialogue hasn't been overly slanted towards an ideology, it's the boomers he's talking to who are regurgitating feminist ideas. Look up tsuranuku ('to go through, to stick with, to maintain') in the dictionary and 'independence' is even one of the things it lists as a value you might be 'maintaining' when you 'tsuranuku' your life (which is the phrase they use). The translation embellishes it a bit, so that they don't actually say the line 'gallop in and save the day', but their implication is exactly that - she's stronk independent wumman so don't tell her you'll make her happy, that's old fashioned.

Not sure how NG can recognise that this scene as 'slightly feminist' while simultaneously suggesting that it's changing the message. The convo's practically a feminist lecture.

This is like that Guilty Gear Bridget thing. It's naive to always assume that the pozz is coming from translators these days, when Japanese devs are increasingly content to insert woke messages all on their own.

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'Woke' is just intersectional feminism. Don't get sucked into this fake argument.

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Oh yes, that start of the slope of global intersectionalist madness from around 2013 onwards, which preaches eternal female unaccountability, it tracks so clearly from - checks notes - Andrew Tate, Nick Fuentes and the reversal of Roe v Wade.

I can't remember who said it but I remember someone saying that the farms have a very feminine energy and they do. You have to be some kind of a woman to sit gossiping for hundreds of pages about a single stranger who doesn't know you, while Null comes off as a histrionic faggot quite often. No surprise he feels a delusional impulse to carry the torch for muh poor women and scapegoat men. Not even scapegoating us for enabling the worst impulses in women - why does a critique of conservative talking points also list the phenomenon of Onlythot simps? As if that's a problem with conservative men - but instead for being too oppressive lol. Rubbish.

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