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"Madam, I can assure you I'm no rape apologist. I've never apologised for a single rape."

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In this case I'm not using 'actual tranny' to mean anything more than someone who fits into the left's definition of trans. Which, when it comes down to it, means someone who says 'I'm trans'. This rapist kid is not saying that, to my knowledge, and that's what gives the narrative spinners their leeway.

edit: it's entirely possible that the reporting has made it seem like he doesn't claim trans identity when he does, point being this is a narrative war

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Nah they're perfectly happy to defend sex offenders and child molesters. Case in point, that one spa incident earlier this year.

Yeah but that's an actual tranny, who claims the refuge of trannydom. What I've read of this case is that the rapist is actually a crossdressing boy kid who makes no claim to be trans. Therefore they think they have the leeway to renounce him, as opposed to the non-tranny crossdressers they claim as their own.

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Whatever he is (and among other thing's he's someone I seem to downvote more often than not), it's obvious what point he's making here.

The tranny wokesters claim any and all crossdressers as trans, as part of their erasure of male identity. There used to be a significant portion of crossdressing males who - whatever you may think of them - still claimed to be unambiguously male. Those are gone now, as part of the tranny agenda (cf. Eddie Izzard).

Until one of them is a rapist. Now suddenly we have bisexual crossdressing boys again: 'this guy wasn't true trans!' Antonio is correctly pointing out the BS of the narrative.

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Sorry to hear about your brother's girl.

They're some of the slimiest most pathetic scum you'll ever find. In a modern society, most well-developed adults don't look to engage in guilt-free violence towards those they hate, and if they do they have trouble finding opportunities. Antifa larpers and anti-racist punks are convinced they've found the perfect cause, and they act out as such - and it's perfect for them because these opportunities only present themselves when these heroes are in a group and outnumber the fascist target. But they're still just the same pathetic spiteful scum and rightfully seen as the joke they are in metal circles (although that's probably changing in these pussified zoomified times).

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Jackpot, I read this moments after making the statement in my own post: 'it honestly terrifies these people how many minds they may have lost through a podcast appearance like this and I bet Gupta has a lot of genuflecting to do with his woke colleagues atm.'

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This is pure comedy. Meathead eviscerates your cultlike fixation, using pointed questions and basic points - UH OH I better make it sounds like I was physically intimidated!!1

The free will of your fist ends where my nose begins When I said this to Joe, the MMA fighter, he paused, sat back and listened for a while.

He was probably trying to parse the utter retardation of comparing the choice to refuse a vaccine with the act of physically punching people in the face.

If this was some personal blog, I'd just consider it the pathetic coping strategies of an intellectual, moral and physical weakling. But it being on CNN makes it a major damage control attempt. It honestly terrifies these people how many minds they may have lost through a podcast appearance like this and I bet Gupta has a lot of genuflecting to do with his woke colleagues atm.

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He clearly has TDS.

It's more than that. His history is that of an 'anti-racist skinhead' in the 90s, who were sometimes called SHARPs to the extent that they organised themselves in groups.

I've seen people be skeptical of the idea that anti-racist skins were ever a thing. The truth is they were, across the 80s and 90s. They had Antifa overlap and clashed with neutral and right wing activists and music fans in much the same way Antifa has always done. But it was pretty common that these skinheads were in fact snapping back violently against their own history of racism, trying to overcompensate. Most of the people familiar with that scene seem to have an anecdote like that. Here's another one of these insufferable cunts - this guy in particular (not Coomer) had a big swastika tattooed on his chest and he liked to take his top off to get a reaction out of people, then if the target didn't react sufficiently offended he liked to bitch about it to SJW magazines years after the fact and try to get them cancelled. It's like part of an eternal performative penance.

So this Coomer guy's problems go way deeper than Trump. Leaving aside the terrible fishiness of his career start - apparently during his heroin withdrawal, at his lowest ebb, he got a cold call from an election software recruiter - he's had outspoken antifa-like sympathies that have defined his life going back at least 25 years. There's a good chance that he radicalised himself to crusade against his own hidden history of racism.

As you say, the idea that a guy like this would end up in a position like he has with NO scheming, with NO vested interest in election outcomes, and would make NO attempt to pervert everything around him to his retarded idea of 'anti-fascism', is totally fucking laughable.

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Courtesy of The Gateway Pundit. We might never have got to see this deposition since the judge ordered it sealed, at the prompting of nobody at all. I'm not sure who leaked it but I'm glad they did.

Coomer is the former Director of Security at Dominion Voting Systems, although I believe he also still works there after having been shuffled around internally. At this stage he is an admitted former skinhead, former heroin junkie who's done prison time. Among his many social media rants about leftist talking points are the notorious posts to Trump 'From Antifa' and typical antifa larper music tastes. He has admitted to posting all of these now in his deposition, despite suggesting months ago that they were faked.

FB rant example:

“Only an absolute F—-ING IDIOT could ever vote for that wind-bag, f—tard FASCIST RACIST F—! No bull—-, I don’t give a damn if you’re a friend, family or random acquaintance, pull the level, mark an oval, touch a screen for that carnival barker… UNFRIEND ME NOW.”

On Dominion's sympathy with his views:

“…these opinions are rational, and completely my own. They are based in reason and highly credible. Though they are not necessarily the thoughts of my employer, though if not, I should probably find another job… Who wants to work for completely morons?”

transcript: https://archive.org/details/ct-wi-coomer-eric/page/n1/mode/2up

evidence exhibits: https://archive.org/details/exhibit-p-23 (most of the social media posts are in exhibit 23)

deposition video: https://rumble.com/vnmezh-eric-coomer-deposition.html

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Like you I consider pet euthanasia a last resort. But as you say, it can be a mercy. I've put down a paralysed cat that started purring as the vet put the needle in. From the sounds of it it was a mercy in your dog's case too, although you pretty much already know that.

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The Irish are absolutely compromised by propaganda pushers, worse than anywhere I've ever seen in my life (although to be fair, I haven't been anywhere else recently).

The news parrots globalist or US Democrat narratives to the letter; after the last US election, I heard 'Trump claims without evidence that the election was stolen' from the headlines over and over. I'd never heard 'claims without evidence' from a news report on a legal case before, let alone crammed into the headline or byline. Yet this was identical across every news report, on every channel.

The school down the road from me has a LGBT rainbow flag flying from the playground flagpole as a permanent fixture. I've seen BLM stickers around town, and it's not a big town. 6th most vaccinated country in Europe. Edit: heard this shit on the radio just yesterday. If anyone was entertaining this country as a choice of somewhere to escape to, forget it.

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Denuvo game. PC gamers should treat it as if it's invisible, like I do, until it shows on crack sites.

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I actually believe that the ineffective vaccines have been doing precisely what they claim Ivermectin will do. People who have gotten the injections have a false sense of security from the false belief that they are immune. The result of that is that they have actually become super-spreaders.

Jackpot. I've been thinking this since the vaccine rollout really started gaining speed. Vaccinated people are, what, 50-60% less likely to get infected according to the stats I'm seeing? But anecdotally speaking they're about 1000% more likely to get in my personal physical space and bumble around without a care, compared to this time last year. The vaccines have given these people a magic talisman against the virus in their minds. The MSM encourages them to ignore any doubts regarding the vaccines and to feel good about themselves for not listening to the nasty Ivermectin cultists - they did everything they were asked to do by the new authoritarian moral order, so it's life as normal for them now, nothing to worry about.

I as a cautious unvaccinated individual am presenting way less of an infection risk than the average vaccinated person I encounter out in public these days.

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I can't think of anything more racist then the assumption that you own all the thoughts and opinions that can occur in a brown skin.

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Been trying to clue up on the various vaccines the last few days. Novavax sounds promising since it's not an mRNA vaccine and doesn't work like the AZ one either.

NVX-CoV2373 is a subunit vaccine, which means that, unlike the other three approved vaccines that “work by tricking the body’s cells to manufacture the parts of the virus that then trigger the immune system,” it “is made up with proteins from the virus already attached to a carrier and these trigger the immune system directly”


It's lagging behind the others for cert and distribution because it's not a media or political darling, but shouldn't be too far away from availability. At least it might help to have the brand name to namedrop when the medifascist busybodies ask you what you're waiting for.

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If he reads or watches up about the Sad Puppies controversy he'll be mostly caught up. It was a conservative movement to de-woke-ify the Hugo Awards, due to the increasing amount and incentivisation of wokeshit in sci fi.

I haven't listened to this breakdown of the events myself, but it features Larry Correia who was directly involved, so it should include everything.

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It's not the past month or so at all. They've always embodied the most brittle aspects of normie ideological uncertainty.

They seem 'politically incorrect' because they're a bunch of down to earth guys whose success is built in no small part from watching shitty old exploitation movies full of rape and nudity, which is why they've always felt comfortable joking about that kind of thing, or making south park tier jokes back before that was verboten. But for years now, they've looked extremely uncomfortable going any further than that because they have no real ideological core, they just go with the currents. In any recent hollywood fandom subversion, they've criticised the shitty new SJW movies, it's true, but there's always a note of 'but the misogynists trolls who post shit about it are bad too!' They've never been more anti-PC than that. Without any firm ideological position, they're always liable to get browbeaten into towing the line.

Don't pick eceleb champions, these guys are average joes who found a moneymaking gimmick. Enjoy it for what it is; they're not much more compromised than they ever were, especially what with having some real SJW true believers on the staff like that Jack guy.

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Later on he doubled down by adding: "I can see that this has offended a lot of people, and I'm sorry that black guys are bad at penalties."

topkek. stick to your guns boyo. Bernard Manning got rich, untelevised, off actual racist shit, which this is anything but - seems like he's just prodding the hive for fun. Hope he was prepared.

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You're right, it does, but I feel sorry for this guy's downvotes. He should be right. Someone who's been on a bench for 2 hours watching their mates kick a ball without doing it themselves is not ready to take one critical kick which will decide one of the biggest sports results on the planet. I feel sorry for Saka (although he was on the pitch longer, there had to have been better choices than him at that point), having that on your shoulders at 19 is a joke.

Lots of tactical things happen all the time which I think are stupid, for example the English defensive shift after scoring 2 minutes in. It sucks, it doesn't work, yet it isn't rare.

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Well, right, the past tense figures heavily in a lot of how we understood distribution, dissemination, etc to work, back when the online world felt more innocent. I don't think it requires anything remotely near the same level of outlay or opportunity cost that it used to, to amplify 'promising' voices or whatever.

If the main difference is 'ease' I'd say that that difference is long gone.

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I understood that you're a libertarian from a couple of posts back and I consciously refrained from saying stuff along the lines of 'well what about roads??' etc. As you say, rational minds can disagree on those things but there's a problem to be resolved there.

The challenge of this century will be about access to information, about any individual's control of information regarding themselves, and about the ability of any individual to make themselves visible in an entirely digital sphere. It's naive to continue to address it in the model of street-corner bakeries or imagine that this is somehow not in the same realm of phones, roads, mail, etc.

Disagree with regulation all you want but we live in a reality where a regulated framework is seen as the norm. I share some of the concerns of an overreaching govt, but if your principles only obstruct your political allies and do nothing to your opponents, then there's yet another problem.

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