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There are internicine power struggles and disagreements over the particulars of how to implement the progressive vision, but at the highest levels(WEF and the like) there is an organized cabal that is very open about what their end goals are.

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He needs to end democracy, expropriate the ruling elite, crush the corporate media, abolish NGOs, and persecute the regime's collaborators.

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It's pretty clear the White House is just a front. I'm not sure who is calling the shots, but it isn't anyone at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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The revealed preferences of the Branch COVIDians does not match their stated beliefs. If people thought there was still a pandemic, they wouldn't be out and about the way they are. If the masks worked the way people claim they do, they wouldn't be comfortable sitting down for a meal where everyone has to take their masks off. No one that you meet truly believes any of it.

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Does the White House count as a NGO yet? It's obviously not governing anything.

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Can you imagine the administration of the Holy See allowing something like this in the Sistine Chapel?

Yes, the pope isn't Catholic.

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Why do we need to stop this? If it wasn't for the media, no one would think they were in the middle of a pandemic. There are no popup hospitals manned by the national guard; in fact, many nurses, paramedics, and doctors have been fired recently, which would be unusual for a healthcare system that was currently overburdened by a novel disease.

For comparison, the Plague of Justinian killed so many people so quickly they filled the Theodosian Walls with bodies. Now that's a pandemic.

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I have no doubt that our nation’s criminal justice system operates justly for white people

That's a bit incongruent with the rest of the article.

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Even if prices do go down, it's only temporary because there isn't more supply coming on-line; in fact, they are considering stopping more pipelines, and any pipes that don't get shut down will be bombed by eco terrorists with full support of the feds. Progress!

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Sexual liberation is a conservative value.

Gay rights is a conservative value.

Trans rights is a conservative value. <-- You are here.

Pedo rights is a conservative value.

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Anyone have good sources that were following the trial? I've heard that it was a shit show with CNN contributor Richard Spencer representing himself. Supposedly, the judge had to stop Spencezoid from reading poetry, and Richtard got into a disagreement over the esoteric nuances of white nationalism with one of the witnesses.

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Why can't we ever get high quality trolls, or at least entertaining ones? This is just sad.

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This isn't the hill to die, just go with it.

Not this hill either. We'll get them next time.

This hill ain't it.

Skip this hill too.

OMG why are people running us over when we aren't even on a hill‽

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Plenty of protestors/rioters died in democrat on democrat violence. There was a hilarious video of some BLM shitstain walking to back his car after fucking up some "Nazis" with a bat, then someone called him a Nazi and he got turned into a vegetable.

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Speaking of idiots with guns who feel scared, memba when a bunch of BLM shot up a car with two unarmed black kids out for a joyride in the CHAZ? Anyone have a definitive record of all the people killed in BLM riots.

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Brush up on critical race theory and then run hard with it. As much as lefties mock normie cons for not understanding CRT, progressives are eqaully ignorant.

Of course I support CRT. Derrick Bell is right that integration is black cultural genocide.

Haven't you read White Fragility? Showing empathy for minorities is recentering whiteness. In order to be anti-racist you need to accept that you are a white supremacist and stoically step on minorities... denial is white fragility. Now go crush those coloreds.

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Progressives didn't accept an apology. Zimmerman got shot at by a deranged lefty. The narrative moves on and lefties have short attention spans.

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There was a large showing of good guys with guns that deterred things from getting too out of hand.

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