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Of course any of the rainbow warriors are cool, except Blue for obvious reasons.

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And yet kiddo is still alive, further proving that a SEAL is only good at finger fucking his own fartbox.

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SEALs just have good PR and are the low men on the totempole for a reason. MARSOC is better and they are newfags to spec ops, although the bar for all spec ops get painfully lower everyday.

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he was a SEAL for fuck sakes

Further proof that he's a mentally weak faggot.

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It definitely includes shitposters. Parts of the report talk about sophisticated propaganda and how they basically don't know how to do anything about it.

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I'm currently in a major Dem stronghold hanging out with insane lefties. The city has recently attempted to reinstate a mask mandate, and nobody even noticed. When I crack jokes about the absurdity of coof, carefully crafted to not directly insult the branch covidians, the former mask police laugh.

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While its funny that the memes are true, it does play into the therapeutic state's need to pathologize everything, as the Soviet Union did. The "extreme right wing" is mentally defective and needs to be locked in gulags hospitals for their own good.

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Europe is literally occupied by the US, particularly Germany. As the saying goes, "NATO is about keeping Russia out, the Americans in and the Germans down."

The cost savings doesn't pan out in practice either. There is a reason for the term europoors. The purchasing power and standard of living of the median citizens in the richest European countries is on par with the median citizens of the poorest US states, and that's accounting for welfare benefits.

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Propaganda for western audiences in order to curry favor with imperial overlords.

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We're going to end up needing AI to design the tests to distinguish AI. We are so screwed.

Spez: Time to follow Land and help the basilisk.

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It could possibly come to the same conclusion and generate something not in its dictionary, or it could accidentally glitch into gibberish.

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There is a thought experiment called the minimum Turing test. You and an identical android are standing before a judge. You will both be allowed to speak one word, and based on that word he will execute one of you for being an AI. What word do you use to prove you are human?


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There will always be an elite class, although it varies in structure.

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Forget the first amendment and who is or isn't government because these people just don't care, and is somewhat less important. The important thing is that the most powerful people from all sectors are colluding to suppress demonstrable truths. Legalities are a side-show to the fact that the entire elite class is engaged in a war against reality itself, and there is no better grounds for their absolute replacement.

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Nuremberg shall be a stern warning in comparison to what needs to be done.

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They had to reverse engineer the B-2 for this because everyone forgot how to build stealth flying wings. The real Adeptus Mechanicus is a lot less cool, and more retarded, than what we were promised.

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This is the foundation of Wilhelm Reich's Mass Psychology Of Fascism which was the basis for Ardorno's Authoritarian Personality. Antifascism is indistinguishable from child rape.

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You don't even need to get into the shady details of studio accounting to see that is an absolutely retarded argument on its face. Reedy Creek is Disney, so any debt accumulated by Reedy Creek would be Disney debt. Even if there was some hypothetical way that Reedy Creek, which is Disney, could magically accumulate debt that wasn't Disney's, the government could declare that debt is still Disney in the process of taking back Reedy Creek because it is the government, creator of rules, the monopoly on violence, the origin of force.

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