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Who told them to write this letter? The last one was requested by the FBI(?) to give them pretense.

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The federal level can be fixed. A witty man once said the only way to reform the British Foreign Office was to place a live coal under it and ready the fire brigade to contain it. Our witty friend's solution is necessary today for the State Department, although obviously without the fire brigade.

While DeSantis is good for Florida and provides a safe haven for many, he is too loyal to the system itself and too timid with power. He isn't going to declare himself the living constitution or even threaten to use his supporters to physically remove the opposition.

There is no incremental reform of DC. Either the current regime is removed swiftly and completely, or not at all.

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You keep looking at the non-governing elite responsible for enacting and enforcing regime policy and assume they are governing.

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The largest demographic against abortion is married suburban women, and he is still more concerned about the AWFLs who will NEVER support him. This is just another mark against him that proves he must be surrounded entirely by regime lackeys at this point, to the extent that he is indistinguishable from a regime asset.

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I'm calling for a complete shutdown of faggotry until we can figure out what the hell is going on.

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"Culture is downstream from law," is an oversimplified rebuke of populist delusions about power. The culture of the governing elites, which is derived from their base values and what Pareto calls sentiments, is enforced downwards onto the ruled through both formal laws and unofficial policies. The main point is that culture flows downward from the sovereign, which is he who decides the exception, to the populace. In order to change the culture, it is necessary to change the governing elites.

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No idea what happened in Vegas, except that it wasn't what the media claimed happened and it certainly wasn't a dude who owned a legal machine gun using a bump stock.

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The few episodes I've seen would've been easily recognized as demonic pandering a couple decades ago.

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The people's opinions do not matter and have never mattered. Culture is downstream from law.

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The heroic warrior monk is now a retarded simp cum necro-trans-whaman. That's an impressive amount of subversion.

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It's amazing that Disney managed to make something that isn't overtly harmful to children, especially considering the degenerates doing the voice work.

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Had to look that up. I want to just laugh at the absurdity of it. It's whimsical and childish, but, given the current state of the world, it could be some "love is love" tranny bullshit that denies biology. On the other hand, it dodges any weird furry shipping out there involving Zipper, so they might be getting ahead of kids accidentally stumbling on porn.

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All sexual identies are gay. Simply identifying as straight concedes ground to the degenerate framework. Make it a Fathers Celebration Parade(pride is haram).

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Does Putin have any spare nukes lying around? Because I'll walk it in if that's what it takes.

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The Pope is indistinguishable from a satanist and the tolerance of pedos is horrific. My point is just that the Catholic church is the Buffalo shooter and politicians/academia are Waukesha.

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The only reason pedo priests are highlighted is because it is a vector to attack the church. There are plenty of places with higher concentrations of pedos, such as Capitol Hill, that will be ignored or actively covered up, and people have been canceled or killed for investigating them.

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Have they removed and condemned Cuties or any of their many other degeneracies, particularly the sex laden cartoons that they pretend aren't targeting kids? Have they created any wholesome content that counter-signals the DIE agenda? They are firing the deadweight and pulling back from overt hostility, but will continuing pushing subversive messages more discretely. There is no compromising with evil, no discussion to be had with subversion.

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It doesn't require being a Muskovite to see that, however this plays out, progressives are going to lose a key stronghold of their power... and that's a good thing.

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Based Santorum. The sexual revolution, and its consequences, has been a disaster for civilization.

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"Leaked DHS plan details how to assist baby killers with burning down supreme court, murder justices, and attack churches" is more believable.

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It's less about exposing them than demolishing their political formula. I'm most concerned about people believing the system works and re-engaging with the progressive dialectic. For example, CNN and NYT are failing right now, which is good. Trump back in the White House would bring them to life, which is bad.

There is value in forcing them to drop the mask because foxes are terrible at direct violence of that nature, and they only have to hesitate once for the game to be over. As they ramp up the pressure through more duplicitous means, the more places start simply ignoring them, and they do have limited resources to enforce their will at the lowest levels. The problem of hyper-centralizing power is that they lose perspective to see what is actually happening on the ground.

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DeSantis has also spent a lot of time securing his power in Tallahassee. He doesn't have that support structure in DC. Washington will be far more aggressively hostile and he risks the recapture of Florida by progressives.

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There is no voting out of this, nor a worthy candidate if it could be done. DeSantis and Trump will be equally blocked by the managerial state if they try to actually do anything significant, and neither has indicated they are capable of overthrowing the regime. DeSantis shouldn't run because he is far more useful as the King of Florida than the Squire of DC. It's also weird that Trump still has support after so thoroughly abandoning his people.

The best case scenario in a Trump run is for the laptop class to obviously fortify him out again. There is a large portion of the population that is completely disillusioned with all institutions of power and those institutions are beginning to doubt their own legitimacy, since the progressive narrative that they are rebels clashes with so obviously being in power. The worst case scenario is a Trump win, as the token gesture would renew faith in the system for everyone.

Regime change won't happen until the current regime blinks at a moment of crisis when a new set of elites is prepared to usurp them. This nightmare doesn't end until there are tanks in Harvard Yard.

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