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Yea... let’s trust the CDC with numbers. Where did they get this information? From what I can tell, it is from a completely volunteer survey that I bet does not go outside major cities.

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The safe space should be their damn home cause they should be fired!

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The commission is a way to kick the can down the road and say to their base “We’re looking into it.” They know it would open a can of worms that they could not control if actual communists (not these champagne communists/make believe socialist) get ahold of it.

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If they do anything in Hoover, police will need to stomp it out or someone will be shot. The phrase “You loot, we shoot” is never a threat.

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Judge might hear it, but not much the union bastards can do. Alabama is a Right to Work state. If the employees say No, then it is a No. Amazon gave them plenty of time (several months to vote) and the RWDSU’s only real complaint is that Amazon had a drop box outside the facility.

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They do this but allow thots to sit in hot tubs in skimpy bikinis and show their ass. Twitch is turning into Only Fans Lite.

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If the toxicology report comes back clean, probably went crazy from concussion ramifications. The doctor he killed was probably the one trying to help him.