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“Mud monster” sounds like a euphemism for a giant, nasty shit.

So the joker took a dump, sculpted his shit into a small version of himself, then called it his son.

Sounds about right as the ideal for parenthood in the minds of retarded progressives. I’m sure he’ll molest his mud baby in the next issue to make sure it turns out gay or trans.

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A better word than "nonconforming" is bound for extinction. Not every variation of masculinity is viable.

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The only speech that requires free speech protections is controversial speech. If hate speech is excluded, you don’t have free speech.

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The myriad of natural predators that have hunted humans over the ages have been kept at bay and brought to heel by the very men you so gleefully demonize.

Your welcome for the safety you enjoy. I'll expect no thanks from ingrates like you, of course.

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This Lay's ad sucks.

I don't want your faggot chips anymore.

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I snagged a few years of Game Pass for the price of Live when the one for one transition was going on. I doubt I'll renew Game Pass once it expires, but if it's still active when Starfield comes out, I'll definitely play it.

Whether I buy it after that depends on how much fun I'm having leading my Red Legions to the stars in space Skyrim.

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That sounds like a mighty cucked response to me.

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Looks like progress towards equality to me. Still a long way to go though before female journalist deaths can rival the mighty male journalist murder rate. Better luck next year, womb havers.

What happens when 9 men die for every 1 woman? Better yell and scream about protecting women, I guess. Women most affected, like always.

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Why pin the debt to one guy? Why not some random chicken, then beat it to death?

Works for jews and sins. Surely debtors are more gullible than god.

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Who out of all the people I killed can stand up in court now and make a claim against me, your honor? Who?

Certainly not the families of the people I killed. I made sure they knew what would happen if they showed their faces in this courtroom.

So clearly, the charges should be dismissed. And with all due respect, your honor, if you don't dismiss them right now, you're gonna get the same thing those kids got.

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The only good ESG statement is a statement affirming the fact that ESG is shit.

Show me the company making that statement and I’ll show them my money.

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Too bad it’s not skipping its North American release too. Looks like some globohomo bullshit.

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Wonderful. I guess I’ll save my white male dollars for something else then.

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It was both. There were sites where ground penetrating radar found anomalous readings that could have been anything. No graves have been found at all at these sites. The readings might as well be old tree roots.

Then there have been a few cases where derelict grave yards have been pointed at as unmarked “mass graves.” Then, under further scrutiny, it turns out the grave site was a community burial ground that was known about by everyone, native and Canadian authorities alike, but had fallen into disrepair and the makeshift wooden grave markers had fallen down over time.

That’s the problem with ridiculous over hyped claims like this. You make one claim, like no graves were found at all, and some activist points to an opposing case where a derelict grave site is being claimed as a mass grave. There’s not enough honest reporting going on to make an educated statement to refute the claim on the spot though. If the media were willing to report the truth even when it contradicts the acceptable narrative, everyone would already know it was just a normal grave site, but they’re not willing to report honestly.

You make another claim, like the graves that have been found have always been known about, and that they were just normal burial sites from a time where the average mortality rate was much higher than today, and another activist will point to another example of a site that’s being claimed as a “mass grave” when no body was actually found and no evidence of foul play exists, but the only reporting going on in the mainstream media are fluff pieces taking accusations at face value.

It’s all just misdirection meant to muddy the waters and make it harder to see the truth. There’s a grievance they want to push, and mass graves alluding to genocide lends weight to that grievance. It doesn’t matter that it’s not true, they just want their grievance validated. And the entire cathedral is willing to lie in unison to see the narrative made reality, no matter the damage it does to Canadian credibility on the world stage. If such a thing ever existed.

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That's the implication with every single cunt on twitter saying "we need to know the whole context." No you don't, idiots. And there are quite a few responses like that in that thread.

The smaller, younger kid likely didn't say or do anything to warrant being brutally assaulted, but even if he did call that whole group of kids niggers, they proved he was right by the way they responded.

Words don't justify violence, unless you're a violent piece of shit incapable of formulating a proper verbal response, and eveyone that tries to pull that justification is just as big a piece of shit.

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They misspelled superfat.

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Speech is only free if it's free for all those that speak it.

Selective enforcement of "free speech" isn't free speech.

You fail, fuckos.

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I will only ever vote for politicians that supported the freedom convoy. Now and for the rest of my days.

I thank you for showing me people worth voting for. It's rare the CBC does anything right, but every now and then, even if by mistake, they do something worthwhile.

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I wish for the continuity of the white race. I know that makes me a bad person. I don't care.

The future isn't with liberal white women. It's with the conservative ones.

Enjoy your infertility.

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