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A ban wouldn't work, if these companies value their money over literal humanity then hit them in the area where it hurts the most.

Actively force them to close the loopholes and if they stop being proactive in hunting down predators and illegal content; then make it harder for them to survive with fines- which will then be donated to the various charities which actually help the victims (instead of going into the greedy gov'ts pocket)

Bans don't often work, they just force them to cover their tracks and people will just have to jump through additional hoops to access it- What you'll end up getting is PH and various big x rated websites will disappear and dozens of unregulated ones will popup in its place; which would just make it worse and almost impossible to control.

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I do get their point, platforms should protect people from being unwillingly doxxed if they're actively choosing to be anonymous. HOWEVER; as this specimen literally uses his name as his handle, then he should be fair game and the post shouldn't be removed.

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Basically "i'm fat and stinky why won't people date me?" embodied in a post.

Bonus points if they're trans

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Finished it literally a few hours ago, it had so much potential but was unfortunately let down so much by its absolutely terrible writing.

If it had some competent writers I would actually recommend it, the core gameplay is pretty fun and the visuals are great.

But my god, there were so many points where the writing just made me cringe and made me immediately disconnect and actively resent it even more. Theres a flying elephant detective in in (acted by one of the few actual male VA's) who acts like a cunt all the way through; For some reason they added him in the final area of the game with this line which is now etched in my immediate memory..

I'm in the mood to crack some skulls after that fuckery in the Temple of Bhaal. The city watch will be glad to oblige me.

I'm no writer, I'm not even that good at English but fucking hell I hate this line so much

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Currently watching a playthrough, the game looks like a snoozefest. There's no parts of it which are actually making me want to play it.

I might download it when I eventually get gamepass to play everspace 2. Otherwise $5 bargain bin sounds more tempting.

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I felt a bunch of it felt forced, especially around the voice acting part of it. They wanted to go down the full dialogue route (Excluding the main character) so they needed a large amount of recorded dialogue, thus alot of va's. But I couldn't help but notice that pretty much all (80% at least I'd say) of the characters which you end up interacting with are Female, in some cases with absolutely terrible voice acting. The big bad of act 2's second in command is a female orc, who talks to you in a voice which has no voice modulation on it at all, its the least threatening lieutenant i have ever encountered in a video game.

I have just met the cringeworthy drag queen (as someone mentioned in a different comment), it's in the circus in act 3. It's dialogue made my skin crawl as it tries to flirt with your character, i'm going to do its quest then probably drop a fireball on it.

The story is exceptionally mid, the first act starts off interesting. A huge world that I wanted to explore, which came with somewhat limited choices regarding how to handle the region and to progress; There are actions which follow you throughout the entire game which I thought was pretty neat, but this added to one of my biggest gripes. I finished Act 2 thinking I could do what I wanted after the big finale for it was over, I wanted to do a bunch of quests in the area and clear up a bit. But nope, you do the finale and you're basically forced into going straight into Act 3. To which it then guilts you for not doing certain things, to which I thought were resolved as part of the big finale.

The gameplay is fun, currently rocking wizard, cleric, fighter and barbarian. Even in the hardest difficulty I can steamroll most fights now. Can even 1-turn some boss fights if I get into a good enough position. Some things are annoyingly locked off unless you have a specific class or a character which can do special things.. For example (at least in act 1) theres a bunch of little mouse hole things where with the right spells or abilities you can get through. My wizard has only just unlocked the spell to at level 9-ish.. And I haven't seen one since.

I haven't finished act 3, but this just feels like a Divinity original sin game but wearing a Baldurs Gate skin suit, doesn't have good dialogue nor a well written story. The only memorable bad guy isn't even in it for very long and it feels like the two characters they've brought in from the older games are somewhat shoehorned in before you can do anything significant with them.

(Spoilers ahead) As above I mentioned that the story is mid, there's no huge plot twists, no huge revelations, the character development outside of the companions is pretty limited. I kind of wish the big bad of act 2 was the actual main bad guy; He had a purpose to his actions but going into act 3... The entire plot is basically Baldurs gate 1 but with additional steps.

(Major Spoilers ahead) BG1: Sarevok the big bad poisons an iron mine and taints all of the metal coming out of it whilst he floods the market with his own to make an absolute fortune and to destabilize the country; he then attempts to get the ruler of the city assassinated so he can step in and take control with the iron throne. All of this is to aid in his ultimate goal of becoming 'the one'

BG3: The plot so far: The big bad, to who I can't actually remember the name of because he looks like a 00's emo kid who didn't grow up; teams up with two other 'chosen' of the three gods of chaos. They then control a big ole brain to make an army of undead to assault the city- Then emo kid will jump in and save the day thus becoming a hero and taking over the city...

And that's it. I'm waiting on the whole bhaalspawn plot to show up at some point soon, but now i'm in act 3 I just want to finish the game. I can't be arsed clearing areas any more after the dirty it did to me in Act 2. And, I wouldn't load a save as the finale had some 5 epic yet very difficult fights in to which two were close calls.

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I wonder how long it'll be until they start going the opposite way, reducing the female characters in these games...

On paper it looks and sounds great true "equality" but because they're meltbrains they'll implement that for literally everything to the degree where players will be gunning down more and more women in a normal playthrough.

Calling it now that soon we'll start getting articles how these games normalize violence against women; with the only way to combat it will either be to remove the quota thus failing their true equality utopia; Or hard code it that you'll be killing more men instead, which is pretty much how its always been til the woke justice brigade hijacked the industry.

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That really didn't take long at all did it, they banned book burnings literally the other week. Now quoting the not-Quran is hate speech.

And this has risen due to Christian views of homosexuality of all things, I guess they don't want to know what Iran and various other countries to do them in the name of their holy scripture...

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Most scientists agree with taking this mod down don't ya know?

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It's Bethesda, so give it 2 years until we get a decent game after you install about 200mods. Give it 6m to 1y for the bugs to be fixed.. and the special edition/remaster/dragonborn edition.

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Is that a recent thing? Newest articles I've found in reference to this is from 2017

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The UK should pay that when the Africans, Arabs, Portuguese, Norse etc etc pay them reparations for the centuries of them being enslaved.

Funny how the Africans try to claim slavery is the reason why their country is shit (spoilers, it isn't) when The UK had slavers for centuries but still then made the largest empire in the history of the planet.

How about Africa pays the UK indefinite sums of money for abolishing the slave trade when they did? But I guess they'll also just selectively ignore all of the descendents of slaves who now live in compared luxury to their ancestors mud huts.

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I think it's a bit unfair claiming that they don't have anyone to fix these bugs. They most likely so but they'll be in crunch trying to keep the claim of the least buggy launch of a AAA game.

And considering how broad and many paths Act1 (at least) has. I wouldn't be surprised if they fix one and make four more because of this.

It does fall on panic pushing updates and not properly quality testing patches before release. They might be but as PC gaming is such a broad area with so many varying hardwares; at least from the above quote they mustn't have encountered it.

Not defending shit patches for an overly hyped (not) Baldurs gate (3) but bugs getting created because of quick update life cycles is common in and software development when they panic push updates weekly. So I wouldn't treat this as an outlier. It's just a bunch of employees most likely running ragged trying to get it all fixed whilst they're being whipped by their managers

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This is the thing I really don't get about BG3, they complain about this, they give the game a preemptive GOTY and then go on about spending hours in the character editor.

I downloaded it on a demo basis and will buy it at a discount in the future if I want to play it again. But the character editor is shallow as fuck, the presets which you can't mold at all are varying levels of ugly; I had to download a mod to give me more choice of presets because I hated seeing the basic presets in the cutscenes.

So I don't get how they can complain about people making mods for areas where the game is clearly lacking. I personally don't want to play as a camp looking male or an androgynous looking female; especially when you have to tolerate their face for potentially days worth of gameplay.

Definitely not advocating mods to go full degenerate mode like the various Bethesda games on nexusmods though.

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I've actually been using this on my latest play through of about 20hours or so. So far I haven't had any issues and the changes just make sense.

It should be a go-to mod for anyone going for a "realism" run as it cuts down on the forced and unnecessary garbage they throw in games nowadays.

It's actually pretty good, the arms merchant in goodneighbour gave me a good laugh. But the fact that nexusmods banned him for this mod but they allow all levels of moddable degeneracy shows where they stand.

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The scholars concluded the "malicious responses" indicate that fascism has become a common ideology in engineering and computer science academia.

Interesting mental gymnastics here, apparently if you joke on a survey then you're immediately a fascist.

one transgender researcher who was "already in therapy for anxiety and depression regarding online anti-trans rhetoric."

Not surprised!

The paper claimed that "managing the study’s data collection caused significant personal distress, and time had to be taken off the project to heal from traumatic harm" of having to read students' responses in the survey.

Traumatic harm the only harm that might come from edgy survey responses is what the surveyor will do to themself.

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She also said it’s the first time anyone (in person) has treated her “as if I am not a woman

Big ole doubt on that.

But realistically, they were treated as a trans-woman which they even use.. Its not a man, nor a woman but a trans-woman and women bathrooms are most certainly not for them.

But no... Send the staffer to the gulag I guess?

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Meanwhile, Daniela Martinez, a 29-year-old bartender from Bayside, is getting the surgery as she’s “definitely looking for my Ken.”

How can a bartender afford 120k for surgery? She's not even that bad looking even though it looks like she's already gone under the knife a couple of times before

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I don't get how this isn't attempted murder, he clearly went to the protest armed which alone shows enough intent that he wanted to use it.

Can't claim self defence because he stabbed someone in the back..

I guarantee if this criminal got shot in a Rittenhouse V2 after stabbing someone in the back the media and courts would still try to defend him.

Honk fucking honk

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It's pretty long, has a bunch of interesting talking points- To which some have status and a bunch are just a bit odd.

After hearing him being dragged through the dirt from the MSM then to actually hear his talking points, I'm not actually surprised that he has a large following of males who are otherwise lacking in positive male role models.

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Surprised no-one has latched on to this individual only having one job which "didn't last long" in her life.. she's 46 and gets marked every week.

I doubt her fella earns enough to keep a household going, so why is the British taxpayer paying for this shite?

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Biotech felt more like a decent dlc compared to the other two imo; ideology just feels like a bunch of mood adjusting variables and royalty just feels like a more in-depth empire mod.

You could probably emulate all three with a bunch of varying mods, but I'd say ideology and biotech are more worth it.

I've only just started a run where I'm using the royalty stuff, it's pretty fun but kinda feels thrown together and doesn't feel like it adds a whole new dynamic which every run should incorporate. Whereas the other two most certainly do

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+1 to Rimworld, theres a Youtuber (MrSamuelStreamer) who has far too many hours on it; but for each season he builds a new mod collection on steam. They're pretty fun to follow along with and can vary from pro-human androids to ultratech (not)vampires.

I'd also recommend Risk of Rain 2, Roguelike action game which supports 4-player coop. Has modding support too, which brings new items, characters and even 4+ player multiplayer which is pretty cool.

A couple of other notable recommendations are the brutal games project zomboid (top down zombie survival) and kenshi (Similar to rimworld, colony type builder but 3d and pretty difficult).

And one to keep an eye on: Shadows of Doubt, cool voxel and randomly generated detective game. Bit too early on at the moment but has a lot of future potential.

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