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I hate Somalis. They are one of the shittiest of blacks.

We often lump blacks together but I'd take west Africans over Somalians.

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When I was 12 I was super excited over an old playboy cause we were already exposed to porn

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So important.

I never liked capeshit. And all these other brands, products, and entertainment companies can suck my balls.

Instead of Netflix I read. Instead of sportsball I go outside. Keep relegating yourselves to zero cultural influence.

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Very interesting thread. I've found that generally people skeptical of covid are also on the right because the mainstream is lefties now. That contains a lot of religious people but at the same time many religious people are also older folks that are heavily invested in the mainstream narrative.

Basically it's counter culture versus those that still believe in the system.

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Women are better at putting up with shit and just working. It's really amazing how badly women can be treated and they just keep plugging along.

Look at the middle east. And women defend their servitude. Look at societies throughout history where men would rebel and fight and die, women just tolerate whatever shitty conditions and keep working.

They are really good at just accepting their lot in life and plugging along.

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These are still good because it develops patience, vocabulary, and grammar.

Reading tweets degrades your knowledge of English.

Even reading pop fiction is better than consooming TV bullshit.

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There will be a special program you can pay into to get viral anal swabs and exempt you from mask mandates on planes.

Separate anal swab needed for trains*

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Why not all of those things?

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Stop censoring discussion. Or we make a kia3 and you can sit around here jerking off alone like all the fags on reddit kia?

They already hate you. Being a good little janny won't change that. So enjoy the open conversation here. It's rare in 2021

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I hate them all. Rule following masked loser vs raging sheboons. Grab my popcorn

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Okay rabbi.

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Ya imagine if we ran out of food with hundreds of thousands of Japanese interned in american camps. They would have died. The only difference is the Japanese wouldnt control the media to keep whinging on about it for the next 100 years.

Now do the French that threw boat loads of undesirables out.

Or the Swiss that stole all the seized wealth and assets.

Or the brits who starved out the empire for wartime supplies.

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I can't really comprehend what you are saying but its a good community. I think they've got some good opinions about Jewish elite subversives and how Hitler and the nazis are singled out and smeared for basically doing the same thing everyone was doing in 1940. Also the holocaust seems a bit overblown at least and probably faked to a large degree.

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Medical exemption. Just claim massive anaphylaxis from previous vaccine.

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I agree. But at this point I just laugh at humanity. We are seeing the dual nature of tragedy and comedy at play. A situation so ridiculous, a psychological prison so deeply imparted, that we Cana only laugh at its absurdity.

If we don't laugh, we lose our minds in the face of irrationality.

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