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Is that Nick Rekieta meeting Ben Stiller?! That's pretty cool Nick! 🤣

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You answered the question yourself... little Mexican girl... bro Spiderman is pretty much a staple in modern Mexican culture. How Americans idolized Superman, Mexicans idolize Spiderman.

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@thetruthoflife You want to know why you're a retard my guy?

  1. Pretty sure buddah never considered himself a savior or a messiah.... and you sir are no buddah, so stop being a disrespectful lil bitch.
  2. You have posted here constantly with little to no response (there's a reason)... you know it's kind of understood across society that repeating the same action and expecting different outcomes is crazy or at least stupid.
  3. You know how hard it is to try to understand your broken grammar bullshit? You would think that the "savior" or "messiah" would at least be able to communicate to people in their own language properly for fuck sake.
  4. Ahhh you're not going to talk to the "current owner" (🤣 who the fuck says that?! 🤣.... fucking "savior karen" over here wants to speak to the owner! 🤣) Guardians.. etc.. for us now 😭.... because you didn't get attention?.. Did lil piss baby "savior" (Karen) get their fee fees hurt 😥? Well damn.
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Separate comment* Again bullshit.... Over the past 10 years I've been solely focused on raising my kid and giving him a good life, that view has not changed whatsoever. That's typically how conservatives hold their values.... usually with their children and legacy.

I don't give a s*** what the f*** that article says the left has gone so far into.... agreeing with war (pretty sure they were the ones against that growing up... I dunno... I mean am I wrong about that?... (... sheeeit.. come on... I know I'm not 😅))..., agreeing with riots, agreeing with dismantling affirmative action which they put in place in the 1st place, not saying I agree with it but for something you put in place you would think you would f****** hold on to until you're dying breath.

These fucking people are out of touch, pathetic, desperate losers (hypocrites).... hold on to that, and tell them in your tweets, memes, and outright calling them on there shit...

K1nglurk signing out. 😅

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Honestly I've seen a couple of vids of air bombardment on a residence and a school (fucking not cool) in Ukraine. I understand Russia had agreements (and I agree all contracts need to be respected) and people reneged on that deal, but fuck man... that some bullshit. I know where I stand in this and yes I understand war and casualties but these people I saw were just chilling and then boom.. come on.

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I am deeply saddened and I wish Canadians the best of luck..... God speed Canucks.

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"It doesnt stop until you make it stop." That being said stay safe out there and keep a level head (which it sounds like you do). Don't want to end up hearing about a dude at the cricket being a martyr lol..... Don't let that anger adrenaline and caffeine get the best of you. Luck to you brotha.

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My wife has it. She had some body aches and now it's all head stuff. She had the flu a few years ago pretty bad and "thought she was going to die".... said this ain't shit compared to that.

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Option 3 Let these retards destroy themselves... like they always do... I'll just leave this here (live in dfw) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_R%C3%A9union_(Dallas) .... and bro 🤣 pls read... almost textbook socialist/communist progression. Oh French Settlement is an industrial district in Dallas County today.

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Rekieta brought up a great point today.. The jury has ruled... they were not victims(protesters, bystanders, activists etc) they were assailants.

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Forgot Harrison Bergeron

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Burn it the fuck down Boyz 🤣

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Jewish folks have been the "oppressed" for "millenia"... bitter much ( I don't know if all these folks think that way or is collusion with each other but that's kinda what it looks like jus sayin) "Everyone should suffer as my people (but not me) have suffered"... we've all been through some shit so Fuck you.... and good luck

12 steps #2 and 3

Step 2: Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Step 3: Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

No! If I will not bow before "god" I will not (and my family will not) bow before you.... PERIOD.


Two sayings that have hit me hard over the past year...

"We are animals 1st and humans 2nd".... and "it doesn't stop until we make it stop"