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In before ban from Jewish mods who took Roman/Christian latin names to fool the goyim into thinking they weren't JIDF and MOSSAD. More "white supremacists" born Cohn. Just like Lauren Southern was born Simonsen. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Collin This containment's sub go to as "real news". https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2015/11/17/breitbart-news-network-born-in-the-usa-conceived-in-israel/

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And that religion is called Judaism. Not hard to press F3 use search and find them all championing Judaism while bashing Christianity. Forum manipulation is just what they do in Israel. Per USA Today and the BBC they pay children/students to shill.

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Remember though, you are an "anti-semitic" conspiracy theorist if you see MOSSAD in 9/11, notice Weinstein's stalkers were ex MOSSAD, notice the Epstein MOSSAD connections and understand that the worlds elite are blackmailed into submission through vices.

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Who cares. Robert Jordan was a freemason who modeled the Aes Sedai after the RAINBOW lesbian female freemasons/witches, Order of the Eastern Star.

The entire work is subversion, with the hero being the Dragon (Lucifer), who becomes a god and the Dark One being God, whom Robert Jordan worshipped as Saturn, The God in Wheel of Time is the dualistic "creator" and the "Dark One", just like it is in Judaism who flies the Star of Saturn as claims it to from David. It was called the Star of Chiun in Israel and outlawed. The knowledge and worship of GOOD AND BAD also know as the left hand and the right hand path of the occult, Kabbalah, masonry etc.

The Forsaken and darkfriends want to live forever, like Christians. The "dark one" or God wants to destroy the serpent, which represents time. They believe Saturn exists outside time, which is why Rand brings him into the caged world with time and death. There he could be killed, but Rand realizes he is God as well as the Dark one. Now that Rand

Rand's possible visions of the future show a Christian like paradise from the Dark One which he rejects, because he gives you nonsense about how Aviendha wouldn't be happy as a non warrior. Absolutely retarded logic.

The reason for the CUBE being sacred in freemasonry, Judaism and Islam (their leadership is just as controlled) is that it is time, trapped in the box and a folded up cross. Jesus said he is going to destroy time. This destroys their power, their influence and they think they can become God like Rand, because that is what the Dragon promised Eve.

This is why the Aes Sedai (phonetically eye/I said I, AKA I am god) wear the serpent ring. Jordan's wife Harriet is 100 percent a witch/Order of the Eastern Star and of course she was going to go with the most progressive thing as would he.

Burn the books. Jordan and his wife probably preyed on little girls and he wrote a book about accepting light and dark to be like God. Rand literally now has an evil eye and a good eye on his freakin face and he has become a god lighting that stupid pipe.

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The JIDF and MOSSAD were too obvious. Simply posting on other accounts.

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It will never be finished and the showrunners shit the bed. Here is how the show failed and what was going to happen. First off Jon IS the real hero, but that is again subverted expectations and we will get into that in a second.

Plot points that lost meaning in the show and I don't know how these idiot youtubers fail to understand GoT. It's Dune in a fantasy setting. . Most important is Jaime. Jaime does kill Euron like the show, but there is no Night King in the books. Euron is the Night King role in the books and the big visible baddy. Jaime's dream tells you what you need to know... https://youtu.be/9WuO4qQK_8g

Jaime's mother is the woman and just like Ned's dream, this tells you something important. Jon's parentage was always supposed to be easy to see. It was a misdirection and in the show, which Martin was involved with heavily early, they even show Jon's mom as a virgin Mary like statue. He also rises from the dead like Jesus. He's the hero we want, he's the hero we expect, but Jaime is the Azor Ahai and traditional hero we get. He's also a Targaryen as is his sister who gets off sexually to fire in the books and whose the spitting image of her crazy father.

TYRion whose name is not without purpose is the only real child of Tywin. He wants his son to be a great hero like Tyr from Norse mythology and he doesn't want his children to be laughed at, but that is what he gets. It's also why he hates Tyrion so much.

Jaime is Tyr in these books. The prophesied savior (but still not the ultimate hero). He loses a hand like Tyr to a cage a Stark wolf, Bran. Bran is Fenrir and probably not the "good" character you think he is in the show. He is more like Leto II in Dune. A demi-god, but still a ruler we shouldn't follow and he is possibly not even Bran anymore and really Brynden Rivers. Jaime will also kill his own sister like the witch foretold the "little brother" would. This will cause him to burn alive or some crap as the champion of the fire god and the twins represent duality, just like the fire god in the show who is really rooted in Saturn worship (good and evil), which included symbolic fire sacrifices to Moloch of children. Something you also saw in the show.

Anyways Jaime beats Euron, but Dany is still the worse villain because we love her, just like we love Paul Atreides. So that all happens like the show, though the descent of Dany would take longer and be more fleshed out if the showrunners didn't rush it to get to Star Wars, which is a job they dropped out of anyways.

The ending of the show is the same, but Bran is not supposed to bring comfort like the show. The true hero is then revealed. It wasn't Jaime who did horrible things and who fit a messiah prophecy, even though he grew as a character and that was awesome. It's Jon. Why is it Jon though? It's because he leaves the power behind. He is finally free of the "wheel" that Dany wanted to break. His sister isn't. Tyrion isn't. All these people will have babies that will kill each others babies for power. Jon goes off with the FREE folk, just like the FREMEN in Dune give you the same message.

Bran? I think you are left with the idea he will eventually fail (like Leto II in Dune ) or even told he is really Brynden at the end and a villain like Fenrir who Bran and he represents in the Tyr story. None of it matters to Jon though. He's done with this crap. That is how to be a true hero in Dune and In GoT. Stop following leaders and power. These idiots are never going to stop killing each other until we all voluntarily give up aspirations of power over others.

“Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely, absolute power attracts the corruptible.” ― Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse Dune

So how did the show go off the rails? Euron wasn't fully developed, they ran with a zombie king instead, then they had to make Euron a bit character and finally they had a woman kill the zombie king cus "strong wahmen". The show failed the second they ran out of source material.

One final note about Jaime. He's meant to challenge us as a reader. We love Jon who ultimately commits incest and we excuse him for the act due to the nature of the Targaryen's and that their attraction is probably biological. We judge Jaime the second he comes on screen, but by the end, he has the same excuse and everything Jaime did, he did for love. Without his love for his sister he may have been the ideal knight. Again this is the duality nature of Saturn (which is what Judaism really is as the Star of David is the Star of Saturn/Chiun). Jaime is the good side of the deity, while his sister represents evil. It's safe to say Martin is a Freemason, just like his friend Robert Jordan, whose Wheel of Time ending pushed duality as well. The dark one and the creator are the same. The voice that spoke with capital letters in the series is always the same person, per Brandon Sanderson. Rand ends up with literal duality in his eyes, because he has become a proper Freemason Saturn worshipper and become like God, knowing good and evil.

Anyways...now you have to wonder. Are these books written to push for a world peace where everyone works together and no one seeks power? Or are they meant to push for an easier to control public who doesn't seek power, so that others can more easily grab it. Dune also had "third eye" cough Aes Sedai, cough Jedi in them. Selfless servants of all, like the Masons try to say they are, but they hold the real power, while you are told to disarm.

Anyways have fun with the indoctrination. You will begin to notice it everywhere. Duality, Saturn cubes (folded up cross).

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And who were the last 3 CEO's of Disney?

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Show me the party that was against sending a billion dollars to Israel to protect itself against rocks, when we ALREADY PAID FOR THE IRON DOME previously. Please mention AOC, when she is Jewish and celebrated Hanukkah lol. That is called controlled opposition.

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