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He was also spreading knowledge about the CCP Flu and vax to the ignorant masses.

I know it's information that's literally 8+ months old and self-evident to all of us here, but we aren't the ignorant sheep that needs enlightenment.

What's he supposed to do here? I'll give him a break. They'll pursue legal remedies as per typical mode of operation if it's feasible.

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O'keefe has given us plenty of ammo, but there's not much he can do about the entire msm and big tech suppressing every piece of information that goes against the left. I mean we had a laptop full of incriminating evidence right before the election, and big tech + msm 100% killed the story without breaking a sweat.

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Forgot Harrison Bergeron

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"ugh, you guys, don't you know this is literally 1984? You better stop this or I will quote some more orwell at you"

YES THEY DO KNOW THAT'S LITERALLY THE FUCKING POINT YOU MORON. These people look at oceania and think "Wow, we could do so much climate justice things with that arrangement!"

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man reveals staggering revelations to western society that has had nothing but a largely censored news stream

post soyjack memes deriding him on a reddit spinoff

Thank you NihilistCaregiver, truly your approach is the way to take.

You're a cuck and a faggot, the <20 upvotes that your post gained is pretty much all you will ever amount to impacting the world

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