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It’s the little things, honestly.

I’m at the cricket. Atmosphere is… Very “controlled”, let’s say.

This is Australia, right, and it’s cricket, so… Masks (but no vaxx mandate, otherwise I wouldn’t be here, obviously!), security fucking everywhere, literal propaganda messaging coming over the big screen every break, and every few “overs” (“Stay safe! Wear your mask! Behave or we will throw you out! Report anti-social behaviour to this text line”, etc)…

I’ve seen people arrested, and beach balls confiscated, amongst so many other “warnings”, and fuckery by security, and I’ve only been here a few hours…

I no longer give a fuck. Especially post-#Djokergate, and so I have stopped complying

Mask off, and I fuck with these authoritarian tyrants at every last opportunity. Booing, swearing, I give them as much shit as I can, without being arrested, especially when they come for people near me (including a kid, for trying to rescue a beach ball before the security guard popped it). And when the woke ads, or “safety messages” come over, I boo as loud as I can, to drown it out. “Wear your mask or we’ll evict you!” - Yeah, get fucked, cunt!

People fucking LOVE it. Some have taken off their masks, because I have. Others have them down. Whenever I fuck with the authorities, others cheer and join in. Or laugh.

Oh, and my father is so disappointed it is genuinely hilarious. Makes me happy. I live to see him “disappointed” in me. 🥲

It’s the little things, honestly.

Do your best to be an example to others, and let’s fucking end this… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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"It doesnt stop until you make it stop." That being said stay safe out there and keep a level head (which it sounds like you do). Don't want to end up hearing about a dude at the cricket being a martyr lol..... Don't let that anger adrenaline and caffeine get the best of you. Luck to you brotha.

bamboozler1 [S] 8 points ago +8 / -0

Haha cheers bruv!

Nah honestly, England are so appallingly shit that this will all be over in half an hour, long before I have time to mess with more cops and “crowd control”, lol…

It’s actually embarrassing to watch, but at the same time, I ain’t cheering too hard for “Aussie”, coz fuck this country, after today, ahaha…

I’m honestly at the point where I would love to just go to the pub, but of course, “pandemic orders”, they’re all shut, since like 6PM, lololol… 😑 🤡🌏🤷🏻‍♂️